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The Pinoy Money Talk Fun SEO Blogging Contest

Pinoy Money Talk... is this another blog or another make money online strategy? NO! this is all about a contest, small contest that is, in relation to their upcoming 3rd Year Anniversary.

Pinoy Money Talk blog is offering a $ 75.00 USD as prize of the contest to the blog who will make it to the top of Google SERPs by March 14, 9:00 pm. This is near so I guess I have to work really extra hard on this one in terms of link building.

Pinoy Money Talk blog positioning contest is yet another fun contest to join as the pinoy blogosphere is continuing to increase blogging awareness for people who love to write their ideas and make blogs another venue for making money online.

When Pinoy Money, Talks, friends in the blogging community are always abrupt and quick with their blogging techniques. I may be too late but let me see if this will give another exposure to the Pinoy blogging community.

Pinoy Money Talk and Contest is going to be more fun than I thought as I just joined while others have their blogs already indexed by the big G. Let's see now who's got the trust of big G. Meet you all in the top of the SERPs guys!

Pinoy Money Talk Blogging Contest, here I go.


ohh.. u support garry's seocontest2008 entry.. hehehe :D

good luck sa PMT contest.. ako wala na.. may diperensya ang makina ko.. hehehehe :D

11:24 AM  

Yes, and I support anyone who needs it. If you need one, just tell me and I'd gladly give you support as much as I could also.

7:26 PM  

Join ka din sa Tnomeralc seo contest.

9:34 PM  

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