Based on my personal experience in my blog site, i have noticed some variations with respect to the way that the Big Three Search Engines (MSN, Google and Yahoo) do away with their own methods and standards of crawling the billions of pages and websites each day looking for changes and newly uploaded ones to index. Sure thing, there has to be some sort of a pattern or a system that justifies my claim in this unexpected experiment.

Who knows even the staffs at the biggest search engines are unknowingly following these certain principles? That is through the indexing of spiders and bots far from their attention and knowhow of the algorithms it implores on pages and websites aside from the fact that they all have a criteria and sets of standards in doing so. I treated the changes made with respect to my blog site as an experiment.

It is unintentionally undertaken and without specific considerations,tools and knowledge that after all of the major turnarounds that had happened to the site, the algorithms had unimaginably affected the site per se. This involves the PR, and appearing in the Search Engine Results Pages. Thank god it got me to a positive effect.

I began to notice the chronology of events only after the implementation of a new theme and giving a new title head after two months of getting indexed by search engine bots and spiders.

First Citation:

May 2, 2006 - Me and my brother had a conversation saved in a notepad with a size of 6.75 kb (all conversation). He was telling me that he now had the web site ( up. Without hesitation, i viewed it and was really excited about exploring the site's features. To my surprise, it was a log-in page that i saw. Don't know anything yet that time about any blog site nor any idea at all of how they serve the purpose.

May 5, 2006 - My website ( with a title head: "Offshore Search Engine Optimization Outsourcing" was formally launched by my brother with drops of sweat just to jerk me out a little bit to pursue further my internet life where i am destined to belong. This is not the exact date that the site had a post in it though because he wrote a "hello world!" post in it (May 2) just to start testing. The site was launched using the default wordpress theme at first. In a matter of about two weeks of regular writing, i began to see the fruits of my labor (appearing on SERP's). I first thought it was that easy and began psyching up myself making me write up to 3 posts/day sometimes.

First Appearance In MSN:

A little over a week more, my site began to appear #42 in the MSN SERP on the following keywords: "Offshore Search Engine Optimization" and #48 on the keyword: "Search Engine Optimization Outsourcing". Got me shouting. Yes! That time there were only about 7 posts caused by ISP problems and i erased a post or two.

After 15 More Posts:

From May 18-June 2 - Totalling of 22 posts by this time, i now can be viewed on the first page of the SERP's based on the two keywords stated above in MSN search at #10 and #8 respective of the target keywords, starting to now dominate the Indian-filled domain page. I believe i am the first Filipino to come near the territory of the great outsourcing tycoons on this page without using any marketing tool. Take note, i rely plainly in the indexing capabilities of the search engines plus the natural organic characteristic of blogs when it comes to rankings.

After Putting Google AdSense:

This time my site appeared at #142 and #148 respectively in the same keyword target on Google, some days it's #168 and #162 . In Yahoo, there is still no sign as i hover down, page by page and started to strain my arms looking for a possibility of appearing in their SERP's. Take note, not even on other related keyword/s. In MSN search i started to appear #4 and #2. I must admit enjoying the site so much this time as i put the specific search IP address in my favorites/bookmark list of sites. The happiness took some time until another major change was bound to be undertaken by changing the title head this time along with obtaining a new theme said to have a better marketing value.

My Last Post on Offshore Search Engine Optimization Outsourcing:

June 29, 2006 - The last post made on my site titled "10's of Tons of SEO Bloggers" before my brother decided to shift from the original title head "Offshore Search Engine Optimization Outsourcing" to simply "Outsourcing". By this time, my site's status is if i may say at it's peak. I am #2 (twice became first) and #3 on the same targeted keywords in MSN and #48 and #42 in Google and still nowhere to be found in Yahoo. i guess i got tired of trying to see some changes in the SERP's of Yahoo that i almost decided not to look at it since. Until, two days after the main title was changed that my fingers got the hunch to clicking for the Yahoo search. At last, at page 17 #168th and #174 i found a relief and took a deep sigh to see my site. i shouted, Yahoo!

Here's a saying for this type of situation: "Better late than never" wheeeeew. It's as if i'm in cloud 9 this very moment. Yahoo over there! Better work it out!

My First Post in Outsourcing:

June 30, 2006 - To this date, my first post was made under the head title "Outosurcing" (Offshore Search Engine Marketing Quality in the Philippines) and still for about a week, the ranking of my site is still uncontested at #2 in the keyword "offshore search engine optimization" and #2 in the keyword "search engine optimization outsourcing".

Claim my blog at technorati:

This same week, i had my blog articles and posts registered for claiming at technorati. This i believe helped the site a lot to maintain rankings in the SERP's and at the same time even without having the actual site IP address appearing in the searches, i still have it in SERP's with the help of technorati in realation to posts tagged with the specific title head.

A little over a week, i began to see the changes to my sites appearance in the virtual SERP's. In the keyword "search engine optimization outsourcing" i dropped to # 4 from #2.

Having Quality Optimized Titles or Categories:

In the keyword "offshore search engine optimization" i still have it at #2. To explain this, i had to go back to the posts that i made regarding the titles. I thought it must have been because of the optimizes titles for the original site and the age of the site itself that caused it not to drop at once in the SERP's. I found out that i have 18 posts in - SEO Philippines and 11 posts in the Search Engine Optimization News and Events. Now, where does that lead the experiment? Simple, provide your site with quality optimized pages and titles or categories. The picture below which i got from another quality experiment done by Serge Bondar proves another theory so relevant and important for the webmasters in any field.


Conclusion to the Experiment:

  1. In any website, changing categorical titles have a devastating effect in search engine indexing and rankings.
  2. One of the best qualities of any blog site is the implementation of changes at will and therefore, optimization of titles is the most important factor and major role player in it's organic rankings.
  3. Themes, formats, arrangements, and the like in it's implementation should be done with care and sensitivity.
  4. In any blog site, it helps to rank if you have the time to write as many posts as you can with consideration of the specific size as basis in the picture above.
  5. Google AdSense helps you rank.
  6. Consider site age in expecting any ranking.
  7. Register your blog at technorati.
  8. Stick to your target keyword specially in posting any article in your blog site.
  9. At least a basic knowledge in html is needed to attain a better post quality of your blogsite.

About a week ago, Google has updated their PR ratings and i found my site a green bar above at PR3. Yes. Yes. Yes...

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