I just can't help but post this one out here in this blog. I have always loved minimalist templates by Wordpress and I must admit that although I have seen a lot of them out there and I am using one of them in "fire wind" I found another great theme today.

The minimalist theme was almost all white and great for use with AdSense blogs because of the natural structure where you can put the ads and allow them to be seen by visitors easily.

The minimalist that I am talking about is the Chroma Green Screen theme which can be downloaded at wordpress junkies. This theme is also the most downloaded theme back there so I decided to post it here for others to see and know that there is a great theme out there waiting for them to download. Go check it out!

So how do we call this? Is it being smart or is it trying to fool people. I'm not sure because today, a friend had concerns about refund for a no-connection because he relocated. The parties involved - Smart Bro and my friend.

Do subscribers really have no right to ask for a refund upon a relocation when in the contract they are being offered relocation options? You decide which is which by reading this Smart Bro Being Smart post and decide if this is s smart move or a foolish move by Smart.

IE 8 was launched a few days ago but the problem is, right after it's initial launching, the said updated browser IE 8 is hacked. Microsoft acts upon it quickly and according to some reports, it took them about 12 long hours before the cure was done or was it..

This is was the buzz in many forums and one announcement about the launching didn't know about what happened as the author of the blog I just visited is saying he is in fact very excited about the new update.

Yahoo featured last March 12 at the official Yahoo Search Blog about the new features that they are after at the Searchmonkey and I believe that this is another great move to help users make their way easier with websites, documents as well as for those tech gaming geeks out there who loves the flash videos.

You can now read more of what's happening at the Yahoo backbone yard using their Yahoo Search Blog. There are lots of promising developments going on in there and I would like to give emphasis on this because we will soon see and experience more of what should be done as promised by the new CEO of Yahoo last year upon freezing the salaries of their employees to channel funds to the search engine's improvement this 2009.

Project Silkroad by MSN

So if you didn't know, at least using the SEO Flea Blog, you will see more about what MSN is up to. It's the Project Silkroad.

You can know more about this new baby project as it was featured in the official MSN Search Weblog today courtesy of your loving SEO Flea.

Read more here about the project and know more of what's been cooking at the backyard of Microsoft behind what you didn't know.

There has been major turnaround in the social media site recently. Early last year, a big scoop busted out geek users for StumbleUpon being sold by eBay. Early this year, Magnolia lost its database and found out to be totally irrecoverable now.

Another scoop shocked all of us with the dofollow social bookmarking sites like Mr Wong turning into nofollow as well as Kirtsy. Whatever the true score behind is, nobody still knows about. Today, I was surprised to see in my Yahoo Mail that Furl is merging with Diigo and I'm not so sure why such an established social media site and probably one of the first ones ever decide to merge with another?

These are the questions that only their respective bosses can answer but from all this, I can only see one thing - Social Bookmarking is Nearly Dead!

Tnomeralc web design toys was launched two weeks ago but the thing is it is so far hot today. Different concepts were up for grab and to each his own with respect to techniques from each other. What I am not sure is that if any of the participants will take a leap further up as fast as they used to before when social bookmarking sites can still be exploited to the max.

Today, everything is different and I am not sure if this will take effect even if there are lots of ongoing debates in different forums on why blogs and sites get penalized and drop from the serps all of a sudden. Anyway, for those who are up with the challenge, I just want to wish you all goodluck as well as my entry. May the best concept win.

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