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Ed commented I think the other day on me winning the contest he launched for giving his blog a name and this is my first as I am not really that much of a blogger myself and more on SEO stuff.

Although this is just a small contest, I admit it was really fun and I hope he does another one for me to win it again. I thought that Ed is going to announce the winner in his blog but I was surprised when I visited the other day not finding about the announcement on me winning the contest. It's OK, just some thought.

Even if this is the case, I'm thankful to Ed Arevalo for giving me the chance to be part of his blog - Music Picks (the new name) by a music lover...blogger (tag line). For this I am giving him a link love from my home page on another blog as a permanent link. Thank you ED! Will e-mail you on what prize I will choose for the grab after this post.

Yes! It's initially out in the market, the biggest merger in the world wide web called as the Yicrosoft Merger. Watch while Google starts to tremble from this merger that hopes to soon materialize.

With the biggest merging of the two titans in the search engineland, this is a true shock to the webmasters and will probably bring about newer ventures in SEO and search engine marketing for many people in the lookout for this new hype.

Watch out for this hype - Yicrosoft Directory, as it will bring about a new era in search engine marketing.

The Pinoy Money Talk Fun SEO Blogging Contest

Pinoy Money Talk... is this another blog or another make money online strategy? NO! this is all about a contest, small contest that is, in relation to their upcoming 3rd Year Anniversary.

Pinoy Money Talk blog is offering a $ 75.00 USD as prize of the contest to the blog who will make it to the top of Google SERPs by March 14, 9:00 pm. This is near so I guess I have to work really extra hard on this one in terms of link building.

Pinoy Money Talk blog positioning contest is yet another fun contest to join as the pinoy blogosphere is continuing to increase blogging awareness for people who love to write their ideas and make blogs another venue for making money online.

When Pinoy Money, Talks, friends in the blogging community are always abrupt and quick with their blogging techniques. I may be too late but let me see if this will give another exposure to the Pinoy blogging community.

Pinoy Money Talk and Contest is going to be more fun than I thought as I just joined while others have their blogs already indexed by the big G. Let's see now who's got the trust of big G. Meet you all in the top of the SERPs guys!

Pinoy Money Talk Blogging Contest, here I go.

Social media abuse is getting more pronounced these days as there were many account holders ( this includes me) are using them to get traffic and gain advantage over rankings of competing sites. This could be another era for many webmasters to face in the near future of how Google will handle this excessive content population of these social media services.

Some of the most popular sites that offer services takes any account holders to the zenith of the SERPS if they use social media wisely and with the right timing or time frame. I heard and actually used this and experienced the same change in rankings in some of my niche websites. After implementing the use of social media websites to put more relevance to a niche website, immediately after a few more hours, my site/s are already there on top of the SERPs and belonging to the elite top 5. This is something really amazing because I have been observing the movement of the rankings and my site never got toppled for almost 2 weeks now and this is really something good for me.

Social media sites from my own belief since they all give what I call as artificial traffic, I rendered them all useless in both SEO and earning by traffic drive but when this experience got in to me, I immediately widthrew my opinion regarding these social media sites. They indeed work for us all towards a positive result in both SEO matters and earning. Rankings are traffic driven, therefore, it is necessary to now about how to do it and I'm glad that I got what I need and learned what must be.

Mark Jimenez Got Dugg

Mark Jimenez is a great and a helpful person, contrary to what most people would know about him, he is the type that would sell his own watch just to be able to have something to give to the poor. he personally proved this with the launching of his Hulog ng Langit Foundation that has literally helped so many people, particularly the poor ones.

With the Hulog ng Langit Foundation, Mark Jimenez, a.k.a. Mario Crespo, initiated a historical event in sponsoring the grandest and most attended baptismal ceremony in the Philippines and in the Philippine History.

Having done this with all his heart, Mark Jimenez indeed captured the heart of the majority poor in the suburbs and all the while vanishing in the city, he is out of town and busy giving help in any form he can. This is truly the type of person that Mark Jimenez is inside.

Today, I took the urgency to take a look at what's happening at the SERPs of Google in the keywords seocontest2008 and I was not surprised to see an entry from another friend on the #2 spot in the first page with the said keyword.

I would not elaborate more of the details of the contest as I am not among the participants there but my curiosity led me to take a look and see what's happening. A friend named G is on the #2 spot today with the keyword and I am not surprised as I took the liberty to make a comment in his blog entry saying that I will be posting a review of his site today,

I hope he stays there for long and see where this leads another great Filipino to soon win this global prestigious contest. I'm sure if guys here wins the contest, whoever the winner will be, will also bag with him an eternal trophy that hopefully will get him/her the numerous clients waiting to be lit under the search engine lists with a service and use of SEO revolutionary ways.

This guy, G is really a top contender upon learning that he has an entry. BTW, he also beat many of us in a small contest here in the Philippines and is declared the winner after a month or so of doing promotions and SEO. He even shared his secrets to us on winning him the contest. He is such a great guy and I really wrote this one with all my heart and support to him and all other entries from the Philippines. Good luck, G!

Ed Arevalo recently launched a blogging contest where in order to join, you must post a blog reviewing his Music blog and in the review you should be giving a new name and tagline to his which he wanted to give a new one.

Ed I am really fond of giving people names and this is something new for me. While visiting other blogs and seeing their posts, I came across again on your blog and this time I thought of another name and another tagline for you.

Here goes (title):
Music VLog (where V also means video and V is in a strike through so the title may also be Music Log)

"Music lover...Music Blogger" (haha. I got this from your own words, Ed)

Now you got an all music tagline and Title, Ed. This should rank you higher in the serps for your Blog about music.

It is now final, the Alibata contest ends on February 15 with no more 3rd checkpoint. The announcement was confirmed by SEOPh founder himself and he announced right in a forum that the contest ends on 15th and that there will be no more checkpoint #3.

The SEOPh founder apologized after having the contestants suffer disbelief of a sudden change in the 2nd checkpoint of the contest. Rumors had it in different views but at last, the true culprit is out in the sky.

T'was monetary reasons according to the major organizer and sponsor SEOPh. YOu can try and read from the actual announcement. Rumors and raw conclusions were drawn and started to spread due to an announcement here about the contest checkpoint which was again moved from the original date listed to another. There were many comments that I don't know if I am going to smile or frown because in the first place, I didn't pursue the SEO and promotion of my entry. But when I heard about the clamors of other contest entry owners I started to make a little comment of my own because I cannot let pass something that caught my attention.

At least this time all will be quiet and no more preempted conclusions on what was going on. Thanks for shedding some light on the contest and at least we can all sleep well and without anymore hanging cobwebs in our minds tonight.

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Very rare does a person so inclined in blogging picks music as the topic to blog and brag about even if they are abundantly available in the internet these days. But this guy, a self proclaimed music fanatic decided to make a little twist to his blogging life by turning his music picks into reality with the use of his reviews and rants and life living as a music lover. Changing his blog from a self titled blog into his interest which is way beyond just all about himself but more on music.

Ed Arevalo once chose to be one of the ordinary bloggers bragging about his laminated likes in life and concerns in his deepest admirations suddenly decided to run and turn his blogging tide into music picks. The name.....Music Matters hit the rail but as what every blogger needs - identity, he decided to make a change upon finding out that he is not alone in his niche as a blogger with the name already in use. Ed decided to change and he must have been tired of naming himself and his blog so what he did is to launch a mini blogging contest dubbed as "Name This Blog" contest. The contest started last January 27 and ends on Feb 17 while the contest winners will be announced on Feb 24, probably to give a little time for deciding for a final blow.

I don't really know anything about this guy, Ed Arevalo but since this blog is all about people and matters about blogging and bloggers, I decided to take a note of what's going on in other people's minds. Also this blog hopes to introduce me to the blogging community and gain more friends in the blogosphere here in the Philippines.

Ed, this is my entry to your contest and I give your blog the name, "Music Picks" and the tagline: "Let Music Picks be your Food for the Soul".

This is probably the second time that I offered a thought of giving a name to people and blogs and if this doesn't win me, I'm still glad to be a part of Ed's blog.

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