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Music Picks by Ed Arevalo

Very rare does a person so inclined in blogging picks music as the topic to blog and brag about even if they are abundantly available in the internet these days. But this guy, a self proclaimed music fanatic decided to make a little twist to his blogging life by turning his music picks into reality with the use of his reviews and rants and life living as a music lover. Changing his blog from a self titled blog into his interest which is way beyond just all about himself but more on music.

Ed Arevalo once chose to be one of the ordinary bloggers bragging about his laminated likes in life and concerns in his deepest admirations suddenly decided to run and turn his blogging tide into music picks. The name.....Music Matters hit the rail but as what every blogger needs - identity, he decided to make a change upon finding out that he is not alone in his niche as a blogger with the name already in use. Ed decided to change and he must have been tired of naming himself and his blog so what he did is to launch a mini blogging contest dubbed as "Name This Blog" contest. The contest started last January 27 and ends on Feb 17 while the contest winners will be announced on Feb 24, probably to give a little time for deciding for a final blow.

I don't really know anything about this guy, Ed Arevalo but since this blog is all about people and matters about blogging and bloggers, I decided to take a note of what's going on in other people's minds. Also this blog hopes to introduce me to the blogging community and gain more friends in the blogosphere here in the Philippines.

Ed, this is my entry to your contest and I give your blog the name, "Music Picks" and the tagline: "Let Music Picks be your Food for the Soul".

This is probably the second time that I offered a thought of giving a name to people and blogs and if this doesn't win me, I'm still glad to be a part of Ed's blog.


Hi! I was invited too... Maybe you also want to win this iPod Nano. Just check this out.


2:49 AM  

Hi Sam! Congratulations, you won! Just email me your details like your name, address and contact number plus your choice between the two prizes at

Thanks for joining.

6:46 PM  

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