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Social media abuse is getting more pronounced these days as there were many account holders ( this includes me) are using them to get traffic and gain advantage over rankings of competing sites. This could be another era for many webmasters to face in the near future of how Google will handle this excessive content population of these social media services.

Some of the most popular sites that offer services takes any account holders to the zenith of the SERPS if they use social media wisely and with the right timing or time frame. I heard and actually used this and experienced the same change in rankings in some of my niche websites. After implementing the use of social media websites to put more relevance to a niche website, immediately after a few more hours, my site/s are already there on top of the SERPs and belonging to the elite top 5. This is something really amazing because I have been observing the movement of the rankings and my site never got toppled for almost 2 weeks now and this is really something good for me.

Social media sites from my own belief since they all give what I call as artificial traffic, I rendered them all useless in both SEO and earning by traffic drive but when this experience got in to me, I immediately widthrew my opinion regarding these social media sites. They indeed work for us all towards a positive result in both SEO matters and earning. Rankings are traffic driven, therefore, it is necessary to now about how to do it and I'm glad that I got what I need and learned what must be.


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