Last October 4, 2009, we witnessed one of the grandest opening nights for a reality tv show in the Philippines. Perhaps Pinoy Big Brother PBB Double Up is one of the best and grandest of them all but that night was a lot more different. I can say that there had been no time to waste with the relatives of the housemates who came inside the PBB Double Up house. It was quite interesting as it has been a tradition but that night did make a difference.

I'm glad because the "bakya" style of showbiz that was is little by little being left inside the closet. Traditional types will soon run obsolete and I am glad as well as the televiewers and fans.

Maja Salvador in PBB Double Up House
Maja Salvador was asked by Big Brother to visit the PBB Double UP house. The task is to make somebody happy as he is celebrating his birthday inside. Maja came in and Jason, the PBB Double Up housemate is very happy.

Maja Salvador according to him is a long time crush since she is 16 years old. Jason was at first given some gift by Kuya and the gift is a life-size caricature of Maja. Not knowing, Jason is about to be visited by the actress herself.

Jason at first didn't believe it, that his idol and crush is gonna come inside the PBB house. But when he started to hear the door knob of the confession room tick and the knobs move, a beautiful and sexy Maja Salvador came inside. In the eyes of Jason, he couldn't believe that Maja is in front of him. Still star struck all Jason offered is a seat beside him.

In the end, Jason was given one of the best gifts he ever received on his birthday and that is a kiss on the cheek of Maja and he also got a kiss from the actress.

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