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A lot of people in bad credit are loosing hopes to get a loan. The reason for this is that they do not have any idea that there is still a possibility for them to make bad credit loans even if they have bad credit. There are actually lots of bad credit companies that are offering people with bad credit to make a loan regardless of their credit status and while searching in the internet, I found out about, a bad credit lending information company that has different categories that people can actually choose from.

Some of the popular bad credit categories and information that they have deals with credit cards, home loans, auto loans, personal loans and credit repair. From these different categories you will know where you specifically fall under and be able to understand how you can actually make a loan even if you have bad credit.

A very good advantage on their service is that you will have an initial knowledge about the possibilities of applying a loan even when in bad credit status. This is also a good start for your to recover from bad credit since bad credit loans gives you another chance to prove to the credit industry that you can still be able to gain back good credit status after being able to pay all debts in a staggered basis on your bad credit loan.

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Marhgil Macuha - A Custom Made Filipino Problogger

There are many probloggers here in the Philippines but Marhgil Macuha is a little bit different from them all. Presently employed in a telecoms company with a work that is very much related to computers, Marhgil Macuha is actually a problogger by nature.

Marhgil Macuha Secrets To Problogging

Combining with and aggressive intelligent approach to his blogging system, Marhgil Macuha tries to teach people including his office mates as he blogs about making money online whenever he is on a blogging break at the office while his officemates are having their own version of a break with a cup of coffee in the table.

Making Money Online Schemes by Marhgil Macuha

His making money online schemes were all that effective as he shares an important detail of his life regarding his problogging career with "mcbilly", another problogger who decided to make an interview using his own blog for Marhgil Macuha. The blog review explained how Marhgil Macuha earns a $300.00 check each month only through some free blogging accounts such as blogger where you do no need to pay anything from hosting to domain to anything that an average blog has to pay for before it can be made available in the internet.

He mentioned in the interview that he is mostly earning from his blogspot website that deals primarily with text messages from teenagers.

Thanks to TiOheM for giving me a chance to know him personally. Someday I might give you all guys my own version of your life in the internet world and in your own world. See you all and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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VisionBedding is the webs largest source of photographic beddings. A photographic bedding is done using the latest in production technology wherein a picture is specially dyed into a blanket, bedding, pillows, or dog beds which results in a superb high quality custom photo product. The resulting products can be machine washed and dried without having any effect on the design and the process used does not affect the fabrics texture as well. There are over 500 styles, design, and color of pre-designed beddings to choose from or if you wish you can even have your entire family beddings personalized by providing VisionBedding any picture that you want them to put in your chosen bedding, blanket, pillows, bed spreads, duvet covers, etc.. All photo blankets, throws, beddings, photo pillows, and dog beddings come in different sizes.

All custom VisionBedding products are made of top quality fabrics that are soft, durable, and extremely breathable and 100% made in the USA. So if you want to give a gift, one that will provide an amazing and unique atmosphere that will fill every room in your home, and one that will blend with every family members unique personality, visit VisionBedding for your Personalized Baby Gifts.

Nowadays, selling online is a business necessity because it enables a merchant to promote or sell his goods or services through the internet where a merchant can reach a much wider audience and people world wide can transact business with them through E-commerce. But in the online business, most transactions are allowed through credit cards. They are accepted as payments for goods or services sold.For a merchant to do so, he should be able to accept, authorize, and validate credit card payments online.

For a merchant to be able to accept credit card payments online, he must first apply for a Merchant Account and a Payment Gateway in a bank of his choice. A merchant account gives a person or a business establishment the capacity to accept credit card payments and transfer the payment into his own bank account while a gateway authorizes and validates credit card payments while the customer is still online. Or, a merchant can look for a third party payment processor which is an independent company who can facilitate credit card payments received by a merchant without a merchant account and gateway thereby cutting out the need to deal with a bank. A good example of a payment processor is PayPal.

Sounds complicated, not anymore. Ashop Commerce, a leading provider of hosted shopping cart software offers a complete E-commerce solution for merchants to transact business online through Shopping cart software is a web based administrations that allows a merchant to build an online store capable of accepting credit card payments online, customize the design, features, and all the contents of an online store.

Two-way Traffic by Smorty

Writing about your opinion with the use of a blog especially if you are a blogger is never a hard task. In fact, as easy as it sounds, you can actually make load$ of money out of it through get paid for blogging schemes like what Smorty is providing for both the blogging industry and the blog advertising community. Smorty is a two-way traffic for both companies looking for services related to blog advertising and bloggers who are looking to earn extra cash out of their blogs while enjoying what they do best.

Blog Advertising Pays for Any Online Business

As amazing as it sounds, this new scheme is actually making a big hit these days for many online businesses trying to break into the search results and generate traffic through blog advertising. Since in any online business, blogs play a big role for advertising and promoting any business, it has become a must for both big and small companies (established or not) to put up a campaign using business -through-blog advertising exposure. At the same time, the articles that the blogger will post through his blog/s in the form of a review are on the advertiser's full discretion to approve and disapprove anytime they were submitted. The option with post approval is primarily for the advertising business owner alone while the blogger gets to choose what he/she wants to accept as a campaign to make a review for.

On Blogs and Campaigns

On the other hand, blogs within Smorty channels are deployed each a campaign for their get paid to blog scheme to accommodate online business looking to advertise on blogs. Proven to have great positive effects and search engine advantage in any online business, this blog for money scheme is also what most bloggers would be looking forward to earn extra ca$h especially this holiday seasons.

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Prime Care Giving and Nursing Services by Better Caring

While my parents were in Italy, they used to tell me that old people back there don’t stay with their relatives or sons and daughters. Instead they were sent to home for the aged institutions. The reason according to them is that people there have no time to care for their old because they all have work to attend to in order to live a decent life and will probably visit them on weekends. If this is the case, there’s a new way to avoid this from happening and is a prime for care giving and nursing services.

Exclusively focusing on developing, providing and delivering knowledge-based solutions and services intended for and related to the social care and nursing home population, Better Caring aims to spread the good news on matters of care giving and nursing home. Where people cannot find the right service regarding care, health issues and nursing, professionals from BetterCaring are always ready to lend a helping hand.

Nursing Home and Care

All of us will eventually need services related to care giving and nursing especially when we reach old age. So will our loved ones. This is due to the fact that we are more prone to deceases when old age comes. Where there are home for the aged institutions, there are better alternatives through professional services regarding health concerns, nursing home, care giving, care tips, long-term nursing home care and more at BetterCaring. All in the name of professional and unmatched resource and service for people looking for care solution.

Bed Availability

Bed availability is probably one of the first resources that you might be looking for when professional care services are concerned. This is also the same reason why at BetterCaring, you can find a completely optimized solution regarding this need. With BEDVACs (their flagship product) you can have a complete access to an online database of bed availability which is integrated with local authorities on care industry. This help product is updated on a regular basis to provide the best possible and accurate service regarding bed availability for people needing care services. This is an extra convenience for you when a need arises.

The next time you may need a complete solution regarding care services, just visit and find out what they have in store for you.

In times of emergencies or in situations when you badly needed cash but you feel uncomfortable borrowing money from friends or family members or you have a poor credit standing and you don’t like the idea of personally applying and waiting in line for a loan in your local loan officer, then your best option is to apply for a cash advance payday loans over the internet.

A cash advance pay day loan is a short term financial assistance given via the internet to persons who have a minimum monthly salary of at least $1,000 and the payday loan to be given usually ranges from $100 to $1500 depending on these factors:

  1. Current employment status.
  2. A monthly income of at least $1000.
  3. Possessing an active checking or savings account that is open for at least 3 months.

To apply for an online payday loan you must send to your chosen lender via E-mail an application providing detailed personal information, latest employment information, latest banking and financial information, and of course credible references. But remember that it is very important to answer truthfully and accurately your application questions in order for your payday loan to be approved.

The loan term on approved payday loans usually ranges from 4 to 30 days depending on the applicants next payday. A rolling over option is also given to applicants if they feel that they won’t be able to pay the supposed loan on or before the loan term expires which means that the given loan can be extended until the next payday from the expiration of the loan term but the resulting fees will be doubled.

Advantages of Online Payday Loans

Online payday loans present many advantages than the traditional loans given by other institutions. These advantages include:

  1. Faster processing of loan checks which will be deposited electronically in the applicant’s checking account.
  2. Applicants identity will be strictly confidential.
  3. You don’t have to wait in line in applying for a loan.
  4. Does not require a credit bureau report.
  5. A loan lenders contract written in layman’s terms.
  6. Minimum requirements are needed.

So for quick loans with very acceptable terms, apply for a payday loan through the internet and get your badly needed cash without the hassles of a traditional lending institution.

Getting your auto insurance quote is a painstaking process especially if you have to filter all legitimate websites that offer the best service. The same situation goes for online casinos because you have to filter through literally thousands of online casinos to be able to arrive at the best choice on where and what specific game to play. This is where helps you by providing the top 3 important factors from today's online casino and gambling websites which are bonus, trust score and experience.

Pro360 helps people arrive with the best choice and advantage on where and what game to play before taking chances at gambling on online games and online casinos with the use of the 3 factors mentioned above. With one of the pioneer in the online casino and online gambling review service (since 1997), it will always be easier for players to choose the right game and where to play in order to win with excitement and less hassle. You have choices from roulette, online poker (most popular these days), slots, craps and more to play with depending upon your interest of game and level of knowledge about your choice of game.

You can also find great tips from the first step before playing online casino and online gambling which is to sign up for bonuses by clicking the bonus banners prior to the start of game. The review on their website also offers ranking based information about each casino, their maximum bonus, editor ratings and player ratings which serve as a hint to help you decide before playing. The reviews also help players to know what is at stake and what to expect before playing any game and clicking on any casino website lead which also happens to be the most important aspect of online gambling.

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I have heard once about shopping cart templates being sold in a variety of designs and aesthetics for the user (merchant) to take a pick. What bothers me most about this shopping cart software is the exact purpose of the designs and for what specific target consumer they were designed to fit with in order to sell.

While I took my personal experience as the best factor to consider in knowing what e-commerce software should be primarily built for, I also took the liberty to share my own experience as a regular consumer using a shopping cart. This way there is no need to be bias in giving out my opinion about shopping cart software or e-commerce software usually used by merchants who sell online and consumers who buy the products that a merchant sells.

3 Factors on Buying Shopping Cart Software

The Test Drive – Test drive is not with a car but instead with the actual navigation and maneuverability of the shopping cart itself. The test drive of the product would also mean security with what you buy and this will determine the special overall qualities of a product where you can actually find out if it is the best in terms of features. A free trial is most likely advisable as offer.

Solution Offer – Solution offer means that everything the product has in line to boast of plus you will see here if the e-commerce software is actually designed for a maximum advantage of both the consumer and the merchant. A total package solution may include: affordability, user-friendliness, easy set-up, inventory control, layout and design, payment options, shipping and tax integration, web optimization, sales analysis, service and support, repeat customer accommodation, affiliates, sms alerts, database system, hosting and best of all security.

Search Engine - Friendly – If you have all the best solutions, security and utility based in the web, you can be sure that indeed, the shopping cart software that you are taking a look at is one of a kind in the industry.

The best part is that even in a quick look, these reasons are probably the best for a merchant, especially if you are new to the online selling industry. You can find all of these in one single package for shopping cart software. It is where the best shopping cart is. – home of the best e-commerce software.

The First Philippine Search Engine Marketing Conference

It's finally happening in the Philippines! The First Philippine Search Engine Marketing Conference. The venue will be at the Hotel Intercontinental, Makati in #1 Ayala Avenue, Makati City , Philippines. There will special packages waiting for the early bird and those who have special qualifications such as students and government employees. The conference will last for two days and will feature some of the biggest names in the Search Engine Marketing business here in the Philippines and in the United States.

SEMCON List of Speakers

Below are the following list of great and talented speakers of the SEMCON Philippines. Since this will be the first ever here in the Philippines, it is expected that this effort will be a success, making the reservations end even earlier than the actual date of the conference at September 15 while the event is on October 9, 2007.

Aaron Wall of SEO Book - Made popular with his teachings in the SEO Book, Aaron wall is a popular blogger and search engine marketing specialist and has been part and parcel of many ezines today by virtue of his works and reputation in the SEO world.
Prashant Mehta - Yahoo Vice President for Monetization and Sales on Emerging Markets.
Jonathan Casuncad - Currently the Search Engine Marketing Manager of Netbooster Asia, a French-based company targeting the Asian region with office here in the Philippines. Jonathan is also one of the best in the Philippines and a pioneer in the Search Engine Marketing arena since 2000 and has worked for several companies in the Philippines, helping them earn the top positions and convert visits into sales with their business sites.
Benj Arriola - The world renowned champion of the past world SEO contest on "global warming" awareness. Benj is a chemist at heart and loves computers where his SEM career started to boom back in the year 1997.
Giovanna Villanueva-Wall - CEO at
Jayvee Fernandez - Channel Editor for Technology at B5 Media Inc.
Elymar Apao - Professional Search Engine Marketer at He used to be Marketing Manger of Amphil Tech Inc.
Rhiza Sanchez - The artist guitar chic who loves to shoot with her new Nikon D40 for her free time. Rhiza is SEO project Manager at MBS Tek Inc. and a graduate of University of the Philippines (U.P.) in Diliman, Quezon City on BA Communications Research.
Michael Turner - CEO at Harvest SEO, a search engine and internet services company based in Cagayan De Oro, Philippines.
Todd Malicoat - Internet Marketing Consultant at and in to pay per click management and campaign.
Derek Callow - Regional Marketing Manager of Google in the Southeast Asia Region.
Joel Sangria - Online Sales and Operations Manager of Google Southeast Asia.
Hans Koch - Known for his Click Fraud report in the BBC and his Clciking Who in Wired magazine, Hans is also co-founder and search architect of Syndeo Media.
Marc Macalua - Founder of SEO Philippines.
Andrian Lee - The Marketing Director of Philippines & Emerging Market at AsiaPay Philippines.
Jay Estaris - IT Director and CIO at Century Properties, Inc.
Faith Ponte - Marketing and Web Services Head at Bigfoot Global Solutions Inc.
Dustin Andaya - IslandRose.Net Marketing Director, the largest distributor, retailer and whole sailer of roses in the Philippines.
Abe Olandres - Popular with his common name which his friends and web partners as Yuga, Abe is a Problogger at and a well respected professional of the blogging community.
Regnard Raquedan - Reg is a local Ambassador for the User Experience Network (UXnet) and User Group Manager of Adobe User Group in the Philippines and has enormous background in web design and development.
Jose Carlo Medina - JC is the Director of New Media, Level Up! Games, the leading game publisher in the Philippines.

If you want to avail of discounts and other packages, you can visit the actual website of SEMCON and see the details.

Web Free Hosting is Offering Free Web Hosting Services

We are currently offering free web hosting. For those who are interested in getting a slot on our list, please visit Web Free Hosting and you will find out about the details of the free web hosting offer. Or you can try and see some of the amenities below.

We offer absolutely free, professional web hosting services with the following features;

  • 50MB Disk space
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  • Free CPanel with Fantastico
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  • Unlimited subdomains
  • Popular scripts included in Fantastico
    • WordPress 2.2.1
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  • Many more!

When you sign up for your free web hosting account, you would also be receiving free SEO analysis and recommendation for you website along with free manual directory submission to over 2,000 free web directories.

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Sam Casuncad on Search Engine Spamming

How do you really define "spamming"? Is there a context to this "one vague word"? Is there really such a thing as spamming or is this just used to judge people and label them as one. Getting back in the early days, where the race to the top of the search engines is by way of spamming them and gaining the top of the charts would you really still rely on doing so? These are just few of the questions that i would like to clarify for the benefit of clearing things out, specially the cobwebs in my mind these past few days. If in the early days, spamming is a way by which you could gain the prestige of your website/s being on top of the SERPs, today, spamming has become the culprit to many negative labels to many webmasters and i guess it included me this time. Yes!!! I (Sam Casuncad)have spammed just to gain positive results and i do not in any circumstance deny and regret doing so, specially if it has taught me the biggest lesson in my SEO career. And now my question is if there is a single SEO here or anywhere in the world who hasn't spammed at all. I bet most would deny because of its reputation as a word these days. Luckily, i started to believe a saying from a friend and a brother that "You don't become an SEO until you have spammed". This might sound wrong to most and maybe many would even criticize this post someday

Sam Casuncad - Spamming for a Newbie in SEO

Although not only newbie SEO like me would sometimes resort to spamming the search engines, spamming is still spamming for me but there is a big difference between the ways to spam using black hat high tech tactics and the ways to spam using honest promotion. Nevertheless they both fall on the same case which is "SPAMMING". The only difference between them is that, spamming way of a newbie is much more appearing an honest spamming and deserves at least a second look before being judged. Although of course it is still a way not to be followed by any as I would suggest upon learning that there are people who would seem to love bringing others down rather than teach them how to do it better so as not to spam. There is of course another difference between teaching a lesson to spammers and putting them down. If you put down an aspiring newbie SEO like me (Sam Casuncad) and if you teach me a lesson the hard way by giving my name a label you see fits me, I do not blame you. I just got carried away and got over excited about my ways to getting on top the next day and did not really intend to spam as much as other professional spammer would. But is it enough to destroy an aspiring newbie SEO knowing that he did use an honest way to do so unlike those black hat spammers we have encountered almost every single second in our blogging life?

This is just my way to explain myself on the latest case of spamming i (Sam Casuncad) have been involved lately and no more. I am really sorry for it but I do not regret doing so because it has taught me the biggest and most important lesson in my SEO search for answers to questions. Unluckily, I have been put down by some people and I do not blame them because of the nature of my mistake. A mistake is a mistake and however I try to explain myself would i guess do no justice to what I have done. No sorry would take things back also for me. This is just to clear things out with how I feel for some people in the SEO community who would prefer taking down others rather than teaching them a lesson the better way to avoid spamming. If my (Sam Casuncad) mistake made me unprofessional as an SEO, my question is how will you consider labelling yourself then by saying these words below?

  • Isn't that amazing - it must have been delayed a little to coincide with the release of Vista ;)

    The stupid thing is there are so many ways for a professional SEO to build up their links just blogging with useful professional advise, they shouldn't need to spam links to ruin their reputation.

    ("The problem is now that anyone who looks up the guys name in Google will most likely find this post in the first page of results."

    Maybe I should also tag it slightly more so I have a few more potential landing pages.)

"Now, does the word in bold letters make you the more of a professional SEO and the better one?" Just a question though...Who ever you are, i do not intend to make others see that you are at fault here, "NO YOU ARE NOT AT FAULT". I am the one who made the mistake and i should suffer for it but I only wish my mistake would have been not enough to destroy my (Sam Casuncad) reputation as a newbie in SEO and coming from a professional such as you. You yourself have been on my shoes and I believe you also started as a newbie and you must know how it feels for me having been labeled as UNPROFESSIONAL SEO. I admit, I am no professional and i don't know how to use professional ways to spam. Nevertheless, I would like to thank you for teaching me a lesson. This post has no relation to the feeling of getting even with what you did to my name permanently and if you seem to enjoy doing it, then I have no right to question you about it. This is all about how I feel and I know I deserve this one as a little respect from other professionals in the SEO community and from myself. For now, I’ll take this as a challenge.

Today, I learned that if you get to work in Dubai, you will receive your salary for the month without any tax deduction. This means that if you have a work contract that indicates you will get paid at a certain amount, then that same certain amount is what you will get in full without any deduction from taxes by the Dubai government.

No wonder I have a friend who had been working in Dubai for about 5 years now and all he does is to work and not worry about his salary. I learned from him that there is no tax value for all salaries of any worker in Dubai as it is prohibited by their labor law.

This is something big for the overseas workers. Despite the fact that the world in suffering from economic crisis, there is a place in the world where compensation from work does not get deducted of tax at all. This is really something different for a job.

Latent semantic indexing, a term rarely discussed, a topic never opened. Although most of the SEO personalities today, doesn't know much about the latent semantic indexing and its effects in SEO and keyword optimization (also known as the semantic analysis in terms of SEO technique use) many have wondered and tried to see if this theory analysis is actually being used by Google in their indexing standards.

Today, Google as per observations that i noticed, is constantly changing their algorithms in their engine. To what reason, no one really knows and that is the reason why i am talking about it as a theory that Google is possibly using this method of indexing (latent semantic indexing) for providing the search results that they are displaying in their SERPs. Another thing i noticed while observing the algorithms that Google is displaying is that the leading engine is actually making it hard for link building efforts and SEO, therefore turning everything into the hard life for most webmasters this year. Before, i used to use my blogs with building up links to clients vying for my link building services through having them on my home page's blogroll and it only took about 2-3 days for the engines to crawl the links and have then put on their engine results for their "link:domain" query. But while doing it this time, i noticed that Google is making it even harder for link building efforts to hail on building up links using the old and new blogger accounts and wordpress accounts that i have. It is now under countdown for 4 consecutive days and still no result for the links that i have put on my blogroll even up to this time. Question is, could this be the time for the major search engines to turn the tide for spam link building and irrelevant link building and conserve on the thrash links being systematically achieved through link building by many SEO and SEO personalities? Could be possible and who knows...

As of this very moment, I still haven't seen any change to the links that i built up for 4 sites that i am taking care of for the clients i have in link building. I'll just play wait and see for the moment and see if something comes up with this new latent semantic indexing experiment.

Since i don't know anything about dead links or broken links in any SEO terms, allow me to simply explain this thought and knowledge just as brief and short as i can. Broken links or dead links are actually links in your webpage that leads one way or another to nothing. It means that you are linking to a virtually non existing webpage or website. This broken links to most may not have a devastating effect to your online business but the fact is that these broken links or dead links are a great hindrance to search engine bots in terms of crawling and indexing a webpage or website in a continuous manner without interruptions and factors that could cause the bots to stop the indexing and crawling process.

How Dead Links Can Harm Your SEO Efforts:

Link management is a very important and a very essential part of maintaining any website or online business today. Since links are the most important factor of a website or webpage, therefore, it should also be regarded as the holy grail of SEO and of website maintenance and management. These links are very crucial in almost all aspects of a website's continued building up of complete trust from search engines and should always be taken care of to maximum handling sensitivity. PR (page rank) for one is a common knowledge that the search engines base their trust rate on every website or webpage existing today in the search engine index in terms of numerical value basis. The total accumulation of links is the best factor where these search engines base their trust rank and page rank. If in any case these links wont favor the standards of any search engines, these could cause either change of the algorhytm implemented therein by the SEs. It could either go your way or could go against your way on the other hand.

In terms of visitors, for example, if you have important links leading to other webpages and a visitor came across with your website links. After sorting out those links that your page have and eventually getting at that special information he deems he needs and ending up into a dead link or a broken link, then for sure, that visitor, upon seeing nothing at all would surely decide to go away and exit from your site and possibly never return anymore for the information that he needs. Believing that your pages does not genuinely offer good contents and valid links to important informations, other visitors upon finding the same fate on your links would also do the same thing which could badly hurt your traffic stats. This could cause your website to loose the traffic that any website needs to survive that battle of traffic generation to business. If you won't have any remedies to this problem at the shortest quickest possible time, i would predict then that you will go nowhere in terms of SEO and traffic.

Dead Links:

Dead links are links that lead to non existing website/s or webpage/s. It may either be a non-existing data or a non-existing page in the internet caused by so many factors. These factors vary depending on the case of the non-availability of the webpage. Some of them i can only mention were caused by expired domains, dns server problems, xml problems, mistyped url, 404 error, unacceptable 301 redirects, apache problems, too big a file or linking to sites that uses big images that takes too long to load in browsers and many more. All these factors you should keep in mind could cause you to loose the search engine bots from completely indexing your whole webpage. These broken links can stop search engine bots dead in its tracks, effectively preventing it from completely indexing a website.

How Do You Find Dead Links or Broken Links:

There are actually two choices you have in finding that culprit broken link. One is by manually looking for them and the other is by the use of a sitemap generation tool abundant in the internet these days. Since broken links or dead links are very hard to find as you have to manually go through all the pages in your website, then i would suggest that to simply find them out at such a short period of time, you ought to use the Google sitemap generator tool. This could save you a lot in terms of time and effort which you could instead use for other fruitful ways for your website maintenance. The data you can get and gather out of the sitemap will be used to pinpoint the exact location of the dead link and you could find the remedy of replacing it or fixing it at once which could work to your advantage. The Google sitemap generation tool data where the location of the url that the broken link is located can be downloaded at a short cost of $5.00 only as fee that can be paid through paypal.

Link Building Terms and Definitions:

Delay Filter - In aspects and matters of link building, delay filter is that theory where the site or any site that has just been uploaded in the web with an age as young as six months up to 9 months does not get the importance and trust that it needs to get to be able to make it to the link archives of the serps and avoid delay of getting indexed by search engines without any delay. The "Delay Filter Theory" states that if either properly optimized pages or unoptimized pages are made available to the search engines for crawl and indexing, the said site may either be on the top pages of the serps at its first month but after a few more weeks or so they say will eventually drop down from its original listing and eventually disappear because of what webmasters call as "aging delay" of "delay filter". This delay filter or aging delay that Google is implementing in some if not all sites is for the purpose of avoiding and minimizing excessive spamming. Originally, this delay filter or aging delay is used to block spams and is intended at blocking unwanted e- mail spams , phishing and viruses, according to, a website dedicated to providing anti-spam softwares and removing spams on your e-mails.

Do remember that the aging delay or delay filter is a natural algorhytm that is part of the Google dance where all you need to do is to be patient at the things that are happening to your websites because if you do anything drastic in hopes to remove your suspected dropping out of the serps by Google and other search engines, then you might as well suffer more on your rankings instead of gaining the respect from engines that you are ailing to get. The only thing and in fact the best thing to do is to just continue to do more of your regular link building measures and in no time you will surely go back to the top of the rankings. Link building is the core solution to everything in the web therefore it should be the first, the last and the only thing a webmaster should do at all times and without hesitation. It has been proven through ages that this will work, has worked and will never fail to work as long as you avoid the automated link building softwares that are out there. Take note: Avoid automated link building softwares as much as possible, instead go for manual submission.

Sandbox Effect - Oftentimes just called as the sandbox, this theory has dominated the many forums and forum threads that i have been able to visit a hundred times or even more . The sandbox effect or the sandbox theory is a webmaster's most favorite dumping trash can for the things that happen to their business or personal sites such as disappearing from or getting lost in the serps after ranking high on certain target keywords. The most common belief by SEO personalities and webmasters is that by obtaining too many or too much links at such a short period of time websites could get results that might cause it from getting banned or penalized by search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN for spamming.

Although this has never been proven as an theory or exact science, many have actually experienced this sandbox effect and have given so many headaches to most webmasters who are over eager at building links for obtaining higher rankings in the serps. The most important point of the discussion here is that in building the inks needed for a website to rank on certain target keywords, you must also be patient and keep at phase. Keeping at phase means that you should try and balance out the link building tactics that you have to apply for your sites. There are actually many ways to implement this and one is to have as many collections of sites for your link building spree like blogs, forums, article submissions, directory submissions, feeds, RSS, social book markings, e-mail marketing, viral marketing and many more.

The Difference Between Delay Filter and Sandbox Theory:

These two are very simple terms and yet many times have been mistaken as one identity. The Sandbox Theory is about getting penalized or disappearing from the search results pages (serps) because of obtaining too much links at such a short period of time while the
Delay Filter is about a new site that does not appear in the search results or has been struggling to get the rankings that it needs to be able to make it to the serp top pages. This period is said to last sometimes up to 9 months from as early as 6 months of not appearing in the search engine results pages. Basically it simply works like this, the sandbox is some sort of a penalty for spamming while the delay filter is some sort of a preventive measure being implemented by search engines, specifically Google. Prevention and sanction are two very different words both in terms of meaning and in terms of essence in SEO and in the web.

What to Do to Avoid Sandbox and Get out of Delay Filter Implementation:

To avoid sandbox, simply avoid spamming the search engines and this can only be done by avoiding building up too much or too many links to your websites. For short, avoid as much as possible, using automated link building softwares, link farms, bad link neighborhood ( adult sites, gambling sites,
pornographic sites, etc ) and not following the rules of submissions to directories or any other link building sites that you feel might help you out on your quest for pure balanced and quality optimized links.

While sandbox can be avoided, the delay filter or aging delay is not much to be feared nor avoided because this happens by natural causes and this thought does not necessarily mean as a correlation to bad link building habits unlike sandbox penalty so be patient at this. The most basic tip that i can give to you to avoid this is just to continue building a balanced link or have a balanced link building system to follow your step by step target of getting to the top of the serps. Try to list down those collection of websites that you plan to use for link building. This way
you could at least see what choices you have and what waypoints to go to. The most important thing is knowing where you want to go in terms of link building.

Since we all know as a regular knowledge that article writing is one if not the best way to achieve search engine popularity and importance in terms of SEO and link building. Article writing can put emphasis and at the same time boost your link popularity schemes which is needed to increase the return of investment for you business site.

Designing your articles on its best form and to get the best rankings and satisfy the traffic that arrives at your sites or site businesses. "Remember that the aim is always to provide your readers the relevant article content that points to your web sites. " Also this i s i believe one of the best ways to get your business sites listed on the best search engines there is in the web. This enlistment through article writing is in fact one of the factors that can cause you the traffic that you need and one-way link needed to gain search engine trust. One good example of a good article from a home improvement site can be seen here. All of these is the essence of internet marketing. Below are only some of th tips that i can share in this post.

Article Submission Tips:

  • KEYWORD: Keywords are the most important considerations in an article and in article writing. Since this is a major aspect in article writing, first thing you should consider is the keyword density or the number of times that you have to mention whatever top keywords related to the site that you are promoting has to be placed in the article that you are to write. Not only the density is the consideration that you have to take note of but also the placement of those keywords within the inside content of your to be released article. For example, if you have a 500 worded article, how many time do you at least have to mention about the minor top keyword you are targeting to relate to your article writing? If you have at least 5% of those contents devoted to your target keywords, then i believe that this could be more effective than just writing on and on and on without the proper direction. You can also customize and test the effectiveness of your optimized writing by experimentation. This is done by releasing one time, say you have 3 articles at the same time for the same site with different varying contents and keyword density. If you get my point of explanation here, then this could be the start of your article writing career.
  • CONTENT: Since in an article, your only hope to get the traffic that you get and make them stay and like your writing, then the first consideration is to have a good and quality content. Getting quality contents can vary from facts and figures like "10 Effective Tips To Write Articles" or "Articles According To Press Release Sites". these are only some of the good examples since figures are very factual and reliable in nature and since news and press release sites are some also of the most reliable sources in the web, then that makes them a reliable adjective to your topic and content at the same time. Of course the last consideration is providing the readers the relevant content that leads to the business site that you are promoting in order to make your visitors stay as long as possible.
  • RESOURCE BOX: Nobody seems to notice this very much although this in fact is the most relevant and important consideration that an article writer should take in to consideration and keep in mind. The resource box is what makes your article become complete as an Ad or a total Ad because this is where you give the necessary information that the visitors or the article reader who got interested in your article can view the source of the beautiful article that you wrote. Keep in mind that this resource box is considered and tagged as a permanent listing in the classifieds. As much as possible, try to optimize or make your resource details as relevant as possible to the business website that you are promoting because this is how your traffic will be directed to you from the articles that you wrote.
Start getting the quality traffic share that you need to grow your online business, go for the quality articles written by article writing professionals and go release them in the web.

Fire Prevention Month

So this is the month that starts the signal of many fire prevention schemes both from cause oriented groups and the government. This is also the start of feeling the summer heat beating the skin to the max. I hope this time of the year we can lessen out the statistics of fire occurrence in our country. To avoid this, please read some of the tips that i have gathered from other sources in the web and i have them all listed below for that purpose.

Since we all know that in order for fire to start, there should be the presence of heat, fuel and oxygen altogether. without any of the three present as factor, fire cannot start at all. Therefore, in order to prevent fire and lessen its occurrence, we should avoid getting the three factors to be present altogether. Since one of the most fire prone part of your house is the kitchen where you can find all three materials needed to ignite fire is present which is fuel, combustible materials, and heat. This becomes one of the most common places where fires can possibly start mostly. This is a good place to start our fire prevention tips therefore.

Tips For Fire Prevention:

  1. Keep matches and combustible materials out of reach of small children.
  2. Gas tank controls should have extra protection to be out of reach and access of children.
  3. Check and be sure to turn off gas tank regulators after cooking process and covering it with a rag also helps lessen the risks of gas leaks to quickly spread out.
  4. Since most houses have circuit breakers located on kitchens, be sure to have a regular monthly preventive maintenance by a qualified service electrician to avoid loose connections on the terminal logs of your circuit breakers and avoid sparks from electrical wirings to cause fire.
  5. Always ready out some water filled container bin near your kitchen for swift and active response to possible sparks of fire.
  6. Check out gas leaks on your gas tank hose. To do this, use soap bubbles and spread them in possible suspected areas of leaks in the hose and regulator areas and if you feel that the texture were no longer advisable for use, immediately replace it.
  7. Avoid leaving high wattage consumption electrical appliances from over usage and always be alert when you use them. They emit high levels of heat and might easily cause fire.
  8. Never leave the kitchen when you are cooking because this is one of the high stats of cause of fire.
  9. Never put candles, oiled or gas lamps near curtains and place them in a secure area where the possibility of knocking them down is smallest. Be sure to put them down before goiung to bed.
  10. Eliminate fire hazzards by regularly disposing paper waste and flammable materials and maintaining good housekeeping.
  11. Never keep inside the house premises any flammable liquids like paint, alcohol, gasoline, kerosene and other painting materials.
  12. Avoid putting additional electrical loads like lamps, and other electrical appliances that could cause overloads without first consulting a qualified service electrician.
  13. Never leave lighted cigarettes anywhere else except in a safe and secured place only like a glass ash tray or thick metal ash trays and avoid putting them near fans that could cause it to fall on flammable materials.
  14. Keep a first aid kit handy
  15. The most important tip of all is to keep a record of the fire department telephone number near the telephone where you can make a quick call anytime.

And now, the end is near for the second SEOPhilippines SEO contest. Tonight, the winners will be announced at the Metro Phi Resto Bar in Ortigas, Meralco Avenue. I was hoping that MSN would try and consider lifting the sandboxing of the site of a good friend. Sure, MSN did their part in the sandboxing of some entry sites for the Ituloy AngSulong contest proper but is it not enough that they have just implemented it right on time for the awards night where we were hoping for the win.

The site that i am talking about is the that used to rank in MSN's engine even days before the contest is bound to end. Just right in time for the last minute of the contest. I would like to thank Lakeside Technologies also for giving a chance those SEO struggling to be some of the best in the SEO umbrella to join and experience joining and taking part on the many link building tactics used and implemented in the contest. It's a pleasure to be one part of it all.

I have also learned so much about it although i did not really join in because that time i was busy with my own life trying to take part in the success of many clients handed over to me
by a prestigious SEM company here in the Philippines. Also that i am busy working out and learning AdSense and html at the same time.

So the most awaited Philippine SEO contest is nearing its end. Conquistadors have numbered from the latest to the oldest styles and techniques to do in their quest for emerging the best of the best in the industry. Somewhere along the way, i never really imagined that some of the neophytes and veterans of the black hatter and spammer legion have gone up from the brink of the underground to the pool of the contest in the open.

I will not, nor is there a need to pinpoint people that have joined in the contest to win using the black hat ways and spammers techniques. You know yourselves and we all deserve our own share of the pie as i have mentioned in my previous posts about a black hatter and a spammer conversation going on in the web. As Marc Macalua mentioned in the announcement of the contest start that all domains are in meaning all are welcome. Black or white, spammer or not, SEOs or SEO wanna be's everybody is in as long as they pass the initial needs to get in. The most important thing we all learn in this matter is to go beyond our ordinary thinking and be able to achieve meaningful milestones somewhere in our SEO life in the world wide web.

This is just a point of view and not a criticism of some sort for anybody and there is no need to magnify things so as just to make things more clearer in the beholder's eye. Whatever art any contestant is implementing in this most prestigious so far of all contests held here in the Philippines for the boost of the Philippine SEO and SEM community he will later on be held liable for himself. I heard one complaining that his site got banned by its host because of no reason or something he doesn't know of. This is bull****!!! No one ever gets banned by anyone specially by a host server unless he did something wrong these days. I don't know what's the cause and i am not interested in it anyway. One thing is for sure, he knows what he did wrong to get the pits for his site that used to rank so well in the SERPs and in the contest of Ituloy Angsulong keyword.

Well well, you just didn't do it right and you know pretty well who you are. I suggest that the next time you use your black hatter and spammer ways, you ought to first consider things and be more careful about it and be sensitive to your time frame. Although it is true that time is always of an essence you should be careful, really careful about it because if it is the most important consideration of both white hats and most black hatters and spammers too, it is also the most dreaded and should be sensitively handled and manipulated to reach your goal. The essence of using technologies that have helped many and have earned big bucks for most black hatters and spammers and white hats alike, is to be able to carefully implement them in a manner that you could first achieve your goal and get something out of your labor before the mangoes get dried and the fishes rot.

What could be worse than feeling helpless while wanting to do more for your site and finding out that you cannot and does not have any access at all to your account anymore. It's sad seeing your efforts go to waste and this should be the best lesson to learn in this situation. This is bliss to most, happiness to some and worst to any of us under the SEO umbrella. This is just some tip and not to be taken seriously for the sake of harmony and code of ethics by natural considerations of fellow SEO be it a black hatter, spammer, white hat or no hat.

I have heard so many myths about black hats and one got my curiosity ranging from the ordinary to the extreme. I found out that there's been a discussion about the black hat and a white hat in the net so i decided to go looking for it. Upon finding about the actual topic of discussion on the boards, i decided that i would go for the juice and not for the lesson. Lessons from a white hat or a black hat does not necessarily mean changing for the terms but getting the actual picture's details and getting them to be part of your learning. It does not necessarily mean that you can become either a black hat or a white hat after all the storms that you have had in your SEO life.

As one black hat quotes-" Man will always beat machine because there will always be someone smarter than the one that built the machine in the first place." and i believe that this is true in all aspects and angles we look in to.and because man built machines, wherever there is one, there is also a loophole in it ready and waiting for the big man of the hour. He who has the power to do and tweak everything that his playful mind would work in to his advantage always has the power and the fun in his hands.

On the other hand, there was what this one white hat quote that " true that black hats do give the search engines those algorithms that we white hats and black hats alike happen to undergo and yield in and at times fear to affect our online businesses but it still has to do a more devastating effect on white hats because they do not have the technologies to cope up with those changes." Now where does that certain quote leave us all? If one would just analyze things and take a closer look at the picture, it's as simple as this, which ever side we choose to be in, we all get the kicks and the share of the pie. But is it just enough to see the picture that way? Would you be content at just seeing things as it is? Well it's all up to you of course. Me, i always got content at going and riding along where the tide takes me, but now, everything has changed, I found out that it is sometimes necessary to do things the easy way because we humans have that within us, the tendency to go look for things to doing things the easy way to ease up on the burden. This is where technology comes in and this is also where great inventions and innovations have come to our world.

Take this other quote from a SEO, " I hope it does get harder to cheat the search engines because that will sort the wheat from the chaff and leave me more room to take a bigger market share." Isn't it true from anybody's point of view that the harder it is to cheat the search engines, the bigger the market share any white hat SEO has? Or is it the other way around? But getting the juice from the quote itself, i have seen so many times and was made to believe that it is always true that in the long run, it is always the white hat that wins until the inevitable happens that a black hat takes over the SERPs that one white hat has been inkling and working hard for to get his sites to rank high on. Where would that leave white hats and where would that take black hats. Since there is no end to all this, i would say that whatever i need to know i would take the challenge from now on.

It's all about having fun after all without having to blame anybody else for your fate and the resulting outcome of your actions. The greatest part of the juice in the picture is that you get to learn every aspect of the whole juice and not just limit yourself by looking at the picture not the art itself. Black hat or white hat, it's the art that counts that certain pictures or masterpiece has which nobody else sees but the beholder. It has always been that way which goes on and on and is responsible for all the great learnings and inventions in the world. Experimenting, motivation, innovation and finding ways to outsmart machines with the use of great technologies, that for me is fun and most of all achievement.

Search engines are getting worse for everybody these days and it is tiring and boring just to watch our fruits of labor go to waste and our sites get sandboxed, dropped or get outdated and outrunned by the technologies that those authorities implement. This thought makes those black hats thank that they are not trying to do things the hard way.

First, i'd like to give a little backgrounder about this specific topic which is "portal sites" or web portals that i would like to discuss in this post. I just came across this word just the other day and my curiosity led me to an umimaginably existing portal site that has so many pages in them. Could you guess what is the name of the site that has lived since the 1990's existence? i'll just discuss about his portal site later in this post. Some portal sites would even contain up to ten thousand pages and it made me wonder if such existence is really possible. I have not really seen any kind of portal site before this research enabled me on the knowledge but my interest made me wonder how one operates in the web.

I looked it up in the wiki and i saw this specific definition "A Web portal is a site on the World Wide Web that typically provides personalized capabilities to its visitors, providing a pathway to other content. It is designed to use distributed applications, different numbers and types of middleware and hardware to provide services from a number of different sources. In addition, business portals are designed to share collaboration in workplaces. A further business-driven requirement of portals is that the content be able to work on multiple platforms such as personal computers, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and cell phones."

I have stumbled upon the existence of web portals just the other day as what they call it in the early 90's before the existence of the dot coms. At first i couldn't believe that they existed according to the spammer who e- mailed me about using portals to earn a significant amount of income through marketing and from using them. Problem is, when i tried to look for links leading to the great information that the spammer said the site promised, i cannot find any of it and on details of how i could use the idea of building a web portal.

Tried to do a little research on the matter and i found out that they do exist after all hoping that this time, curiosity won't kill the cat. Surprised at what i found out, according to WIKI, these portals existed during the days where the development of the early web browsers were still on the way. Web portals in general as to my own opinion are one of the most user-friendly type of sites in the early days of the web. These web portals do cater to the undying needs of its visitors as to relevant-content-rich pages that somehow is designed to make the users and visitors stay at a longer time fraction of their web browsing. These types of sites would you belive used to have up to 10 thousand or more pages to offer to their visitors and these pages have each a unique content in relation to the other pages.

What interests me most is that one of the most popular portal sites during those early 90's era of the world wide web is still existing now and is still giving relevant content rich pages that makes the user (us) stay for a long time. Guessed what site it is? Just click the link to find out.

Portal sites like -----, provide personalized capabilities that gives the user the advantage of viewing the different pages without going away from the mother URL or domain and providing access to the contents therein that are relevant to a user's search and query in the early days and this serves as their browsers as the equivalent to IE or Google or Firefox today.

    Development of Web Portals:

These web portals were the most wanted place in the internet for marketers that are after of the portion of the traffic which enables them to earn income from. Such examples are America Online who used the Netscape Netcenter, the Walt Disney Company who used the and AT&T who used the Excite. In the early times, big network companies such as the CBS ( Columbia Bradcasting System ), popularly known in the early 90's also to be one of the biggest bradcasting companies in the United States is targeting Lycos also a popular portal site.

These portal sites (Lycos, Altavista, Infoseek, Hotbot, and Excite) at first started as either directories or search engines. Due to growing needs to expand their services and to make the users stay for a while more than the ususal, they were able to conceptualize and come up with strategies to lengthen the stay of users by providing what we now enjoy as free e-mails, chatrooms, messengers, games and news thereby increasing revenues and potential visitors and customers to market their services and products.

These portal sites died down in its overwhelming climax in marketing era when the technology of companies that are so called as the dot-coms came in the picture before the end of 2000. Currently there are many other types of portals that has emerged out of the bankrupted ones and the most successful that has been left to stand out successfully is Yahoo.

The dot-coms are according to WIKI -> " The period was marked by the founding (and in many cases, spectacular failure) of a group of new Internet-based companies commonly referred to as dot-coms. A combination of rapidly increasing stock prices, individual speculation in stocks, and widely available venture capital created an exuberant environment in which many of these businesses dismissed standard business models, focusing on increasing market share at the expense of the bottom line. " These dot-com companies is where we actually owe our tech situation these days because they were the ones that revolutionized and maximized the internet capability of great marketers.

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