Today, there is nothing left for me but the Cebu SEO Contest. I have nothing to do but take care of unfinished business on this contest. I want to maximize all effort to help myself learn more on this.

I am also helping a friend who also joined the contest but since I saw that he is right now ranking high, I guess there is not much to do but to let all deeds go. I've been out of the internet for 4 consecutive days and I don't want to let all loose just like that.

Today, me, the SEO Flea learned a very important lesson. No to trust the search engines with all your resources in link building. The reason why I said this is because I used to go all out with all my resources in the early years of link building but today it is a lot different for me as an SEO and Link builder.

Playing in a SEO contest used to be based primarily by the numbers. By the numbers what I mean is that the more links you have for your entry in a contest or a challenge, the better chances you have at ranking little by little but in a slow sure phase. That has changed the way link builders behave in the internet using resources in order to build links for a client or personal webpage or website.

Everythink in link building and SEO as well as all SEO contest were never the same again. The implication on this can be seen to have started since the biggest smack down of 1997 by Google. Link building, SEO and SEO contests has never been the same again since and I am glad that this happened because it made link bulding a lot easier for me as well in building links to inner pages. Chances are bigger in getting links these days and we all owe it to Google.

What specific SEO companies does Cebu hold today? I do not know so much about the place but I would like to get a little information about Cebu SEO companies from the readers of this blog, The Autobiography of A Cebu SEO Flea.

So for those who happens to read something from this blog of mine, I would just like to ask for a favor from you guys out there about Cebu SEO companies that you happen to know. If there is anything you know, I am willing to accept them as a big help. You can use my comments section if you like. Just leave a message.

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