There is a newly developed cutting edge technology by Google and it has been generating hot issues about the possibility of a being able to communicate in real time using Google Wave.

Google Wave is a communication and collaboration tool in the web developed somewhere in Australia and the ones responsible for it has introduced the new product saying they have been developing it for years now to come up with an initial introduction to the public. Please see video below for more information about the amazing soon to launch Google Wave

A move to topple the odds over this last few hours of the challenge for the keyword Eriuqs Spires Health Recreation, this blog is supporting another entry of mine using the same experiment to try to see what works and what doesn't for a webpage.

This time it's a little bit different with respect to all other experiments I did. This hopes to make sure that sudden upsurge of links will come pouring in to my Eriuqs Spires Healthy Recreation entry. Let's see what happens right after I unleash the links just in time for the search engines to see that I have a great entry to win.

There were lots of big changes in how the search engines index results as well as how it sees the links that we build for a webpage to promote it to the top of the results pages in Google, Yahoo and MSN. Search engine marketing has really shifted into a different arena but it was made a little bit easier with the use of functionalities that we never imagined in the past could ever come up today.

There are social bookmarking and networking sites now where you can get a pool of people you can market your product or services who have the same interest as your business. There are als a lot of free classifieds that you can post about your business and market it there totally free from any cost obligations. Link directories have turned from paid to free because of the fear of being penalized by Google for selling links.

Tomorrow I wonder what comes next after millions of visitors flock to your business website using the best functionalities of Twitter? So what's next with search engine marketing of today?

I'm not really if everybody also got it in their Firefox homepage when you click on their browser icon. It used to be G0ogle on their browser page but now it's a little bit different called the Google AtComet with all the options plus the results of the query were all customized with only the most relevant (well at least according to the appearing results) will be displayed in front of your desktop.

I'm not sure why this is it today and maybe this is one of the reasons why some sites lost their traffic because those people who are using Firefox browser will now have a hard time viewing all the results from Google serps but on the page they have customized for their browser instead.

This means that if your page is not seen to be relevant to be included in the results, then, you loose the traffic that you used to get from the Google home page for search.

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