Search Engine Marketing Today

There were lots of big changes in how the search engines index results as well as how it sees the links that we build for a webpage to promote it to the top of the results pages in Google, Yahoo and MSN. Search engine marketing has really shifted into a different arena but it was made a little bit easier with the use of functionalities that we never imagined in the past could ever come up today.

There are social bookmarking and networking sites now where you can get a pool of people you can market your product or services who have the same interest as your business. There are als a lot of free classifieds that you can post about your business and market it there totally free from any cost obligations. Link directories have turned from paid to free because of the fear of being penalized by Google for selling links.

Tomorrow I wonder what comes next after millions of visitors flock to your business website using the best functionalities of Twitter? So what's next with search engine marketing of today?


Search Engine Marketing is the process of marketing a website through the Internet via search engines, through paid placement or paid inclusion, or by improving ranking in organic or natural listings.

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