Today I was surprised that Google e-mailed me and labeled my new blogspot with being a spam blog. OMG, how could that be when I still have no content for that blog at all. The only thing there is the title and the other page template stuff which is automatically generated by blogger for all blogs like the date, labels, author, comments and so on.

I guess this is a sure sign that Google now have people regularly working for them at Blogger and all new blogs now will be screened and checked all tfrom time to time for spammy moods from titles to initial content posted there. If they find anything fishy in, the people who look at it and make the review will automatically disable your blog and worse maybe up to your blogger account.

My autobiography led me to the captivating Capiz contest today because it is bound to finish tomorrow in the afternoon where I have an entry that is going to the low positions when just the other day, I am on the top 3 spot of the results. This could be the decisive point in promoting a blog post that has not optimized title tag leading to the main page or the home page.

It is indeed an advantage for blogs to have an optimized home page for a contest but the organizer for the captivating Capiz contest did not allow the home page of the contestants as an entry. He just allowed the inner pages which made it even harder to optimize for when we are already in the verge of the last few minutes of the contest.

Everybody is surely doing a lot of last minute deeds to convert a little spot up the results with the main keyword which is captivating Capiz. I just want to wish my own entry good luck and I hope that this short post will have little say on the contest entry that I have before the end of the day because tomorrow is but another day to cope up with.

3 Weeks to Go for Capiz

3 more weeks to go and the captivating Capiz contest will soon be over and yet another SEO contest is up for the second edition of the Busby SEO Challenge. There will be more of these I believe from the looks of if and how effective the launching of the first Busby SEO contest.

As the last 3 weeks approach, I can see that there will be a stiffer competition between my entries and my competitors because they also want to take refuge in the top spot that I just took from a tough competitor before in the Pinoy Money Talk SEO blogging contest. I want to win this one and I will do anything to see to it that my position is what it will be at the end of October 26 which is the last day of the captivating Capiz contest.

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