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Feeding the Body Mind and Spirit the Right Way

I asked so many people along the way in this life of mine and all that I get from them is the answer that all they need isn’t money, nor wealth but 'tis health and a happily comfortable life with a balance way of living from food, fitness and facts about the body mind spirit thing. Some of them even said that what goes in your body will be seen in your body. Therefore they say that we all should treat our body right so that it will give us what we need in return for a happy and comfortable living.

Self Improvement and Respect

Everything else as what most people say starts with your self. If you know how to treat yourself the right way and respect what your body, mind and spirit needs, then by all means go ahead and you will surely live your life the way that it should be - happy, healthy and comfortable. It's actually all that we need anyway when we look deeper into our purpose in life. A few self improvement programs may help you with this matter.

Personal Development Programs

Getting in to programs that help your personal development be on the way to prosperity not in terms of money but in terms of your positive life and living standards which in turn what makes us live a happy life is the best gift you can give yourself. All our lives we have always thought of people around us when all the while, what should be is that we make ourselves become prosperous in all areas so that we can overflow and give in return is the best thing to do. Wouldn't be always be better if we have something to give all the time? This is what personal development is all about. Give your body the strength only to be able to help others in need. Eat the right food and have a regular fitness program. It makes you feel great and alive.

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Beware of Towing Hold UP

Tonight, I was able to watch about an interesting video clip about how the Philippine towing service works and should work according to the MMDA system of towing. There was this towing service that has a very unique towing service system that people have been ailing to expose the illegal way of towing in the Philippines, particularly in Quezon City.

The gimmick of this towing service is that when they see a truck or any vehicle in the middle of the street, they will approach at once the vehicle and a towing worker will automatically set himself in the driver's seat and without the permission of the driver and MMDA, the truck will be towed back to the MMDA towing center.

According to the MMDA, their system of towing the vehicle is illegal as the system should be this way. A vehicle may not be towed if the engine of the vehicle is running and can still run, the driver should be first called with the use of a car buzzer 5 times, if the driver is still not around the vehicle, the towing service again will make a second 5 beep to catch the attention of the vehicle's drive and if still, the driver will not show up, the vehicle will still not be towed unless a call is made to the MMDA office allowing the tow service to take the vehicle. This should be the right process of towing.

Another wrong system of the towing service is that after a vehicle is towed, it should be the sole responsibility of the vehicle owner to only talk to the MMDA (Metro Manila Development Authority) service personnel about matters regarding the towing charges and no one is else is authorized to do otherwise. Another wrong way of treating the towed vehicle owner is that the actual fees charged are in the due restriction of the towing service. It should be the other way around which is that only the MMDA has the right to make and set towing fees which amounts to a standard of only about Php 1,200. 00 only and no more no less regardless of the distance that the towing traveled.

More or less, this is how it all works when it comes to towing and towing system and service of the MMDA.

Computer based training technology has helped literally millions all over the world in terms of computer literacy and knowledge dissemination. It also helped the business industry to cope up with the need to literate the professionals that they employ not only with paper works and office matters but also knowledge on some basic data entry computer based training programs such as excel training.

Another important part of educating the business population is to help them learn via online education about leadership skills and be able to get a PMP training or project management training to be able to get a professional certification. This way, the business sector learns the latest trends in business and at the same time get involved in the online popularity of learning these basic computer technology teachings and get to apply them when they get in the industry.

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A few weeks ago, I was able to interview a black belter. An workmate from Laguna branch of the industry that I am working with and it turned out to be something very interesting and I should really avoid naming her here in this blog but I would like to specially mention that I really enjoyed reading from the concerns that she gave with my interview.

NO! It didn't last a minute but a few days. It must have taken her a few long hours thinking of the answers to the interview which I only sent through e-mail in wordpad. The interview might not be a person to person one but I surely did enjoy it. Looking at people's minds is a game I will never run out of passion with. I must admit that I really love reading people's minds and it amuses me to find out certain things about them when I talk or meet them in person or in the web.

It really is a very good feeling to know that you can really read people's minds even if it's just a little bit of the part of their thinking habits. I also love seeing through inside of them in a way I make on my own. Well, whichever way it is that I do just to see through them is no longer important because to me what's important is that I can find a way to see through them and knowing that they also knew me, makes the feeling even more amplified and very good. Sometimes it makes me think that it is the fountain of youth that this gift I have is put to use and is properly utilized.

Payday loans is probably one of the best ways to get quick cash advance for use in paying bills in the house while you are waiting for the next payday to come to pay the loan. This type of loan offer convenience of applying right in your home and avoid the eyes of the viewing public. Furthermore, quick cash advance through payday loans are very easy to get as most of the time, there is no need to fax any document plus requirements are pretty simple and very easy to produce.

Requirements would only concentrate in just three main points in order to get the loan. First, you have to be employed in a company for at least 3 months consecutively. Second, you must be earning at least $1,000 per month and the last is that you have to have a valid checking account that is open for at least 3 months. If you pass in these 3 easy-to-produce requirements, then you are good to go and apply for a payday loan.

Payday loans are also one of the quickest ways to get instant cash advance in a secure online transaction. Once you get the loan approval, you automatically get the money through electronic deposit in your checking or savings account. You also get the comfort of not needing to go over the painstaking process of waiting online just to fill up an application form to get a loan. With cash advance payday loans, you can pay the bills in no time and get the money to use for paying almost effortless and very convenient.

Some cash advance payday loan lenders even offer waiving payments to the next payday if you have other more important payments to use your salary this month. This will only incur a very minimal payment interest. But if you pay on time, them most likely, you will have no problem as the earlier the better because some lenders would even give less % interest if this is the case.

Making money online is really very cheap these days. All you have to do is to get your own blog and create as many contents as you can until you reach a certain amount of contents that may be enough to get you what you need - contents, visitors and rankings in the SERPs.

I have actually read so many money making schemes today and some of them may not be as effective as they were before when Google did not yet impose penalties to websites and blogs that are in to selling links and PR to others. I need not name them all but to this day, they are all but a bunch of link selling schemes that became some sort of an underground movement since Google implemented the PR slap to those caught in the act taking part in selling links.

Anyway, there are other money making efforts that you can delve yourself into if you are still interested to go with the tide. There are those blog machines if I may call them who offers blog review service and you can actually get paid by blogging only for the topic of your choice. If you are a person who loves to write and loves blogging, here is your chance to earn from that love of writing and this can actually make you earn at least a hundred $ each month depending upon your frequency of accepting jobs.

Free Hit Counters for Traffic Data

Free Hit Counters are great to use for any type of website as there are many uses for a web hit counter for webmasters, bloggers and web enthusiasts. A very important one for example is the availability of data on your number of visitors to a website where you place the web hit counter. This data is used to make an analysis for your websites and see what you can do about the traffic that you receive for a given time.

Web hit counters provide you with accurate real-time website traffic statistics equipped with detailed visitor tracking and analysis. Most bloggers and website owners rely on this in traffic analysis and conversion goals. You can learn how it may be able to help your online business trigger conversions from plain visitors to potential customers and clients. Visit, a website that gives you FREE web hit counter and learn how to be able to know and discover your visitor data and track them in real time.

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Scratch Card - A Great Way to Win Prizes

Fundraising ideas such as those that I learned about today are some of the very interesting venues that I have been in to this day. There are also much too many to mention about these fund raising ideas that I can think of but this one is something that really caught my attention and interest. Scratch Card is a great and if I may think about it a very interesting way to have some fund raising ideas that can clearly make you look a second time around and wonder how it could generate a certain amount of money to be able to finance a fund raising campaign or something worth of attention.

Other Names for such Fund Raising Ideas

A Scratch card may also be called as magnet card from which the prices are actually hidden from the eye of the bearer and is located right at the center of the magnet. It may also be called as an instant win game and some people even just go crazy over playing them because they can be a pretty easy way to win instantly as a game. This is also the same reason why some people call such fund raising ideas as customer rewards or instant win game.

Uses for the Scratch Card

I heard there are some companies that use the scratch card as a way to give incentives to their employees. This is their way to show off gratitude of service to some outstanding employees out there to serve the company with all their heart and concern. Some interesting use of the scratch cards or magnet cars is by giving them away as a form of customer rewards system that are given to regularly patronizing customers who make a regular purchase of either a service or a product. This is another way to show gratitude to people who give your business the earnings needed to survive in the arena of competition. I have also seen this scheme in some big and small products as a form of incentive to buying customers in many groceries. This is also an interesting and effective as a fund raising idea for some public service associations out there who are looking forward to pool some extra cash for use in serving the public.

Advantage of Using Scratch Card as a Fund Raising Idea

Using scratch card as among all available fund raising ideas is best because it is a quicker way to raise funds and you may be able to use the generated funds as early as you need them. All that the patrons need is to devote a few seconds and the instant game is over. This enables the sponsors of such fund raising ideas to make the markup funds needed from the fund raising scheme to be able to finance any public project. Scratch cards are also interesting and easy to use for your fundraising ideas and schemes and won't take so much time of the patrons so there is no doubt that even the busiest people will take advantage of your efforts and at the same time they know that they may be able to help people for such a small amount that they need to pay for it. Scratch cards are also a cheap way to generate quick funds.

The Google Update is Out

The Google PR update is finally out! Nobody really expected to have the update to happen sooner as last year, it took a few more months than the usual. Google must have known that people and webmasters are no longer doing things against their way and they have already devised some sort of a program that will give them the advantage on knowing who is who is not doing paid link buying and paid exchange linking. Google is focusing on what they are looking forward to do and make happen.

Google Penalized Blogs that Have Paid Blog Reviews

I really do not know much about this but a friend told me in the forums that his blog that has paid blog review posts or contents are all penalized by Google and now have PR 0. This could be one of the ways to let us all bloggers know that Google knows and will know if our blogs are in to paid posting. This can be just an assumption and not necessarily an absolute truth because I also have a blog that I applied to a Paid Blog Posting scheme and instead of getting penalized, it got an increase in its PR from PR 2 to PR 3.

In line to the things that are all happening these days and as what Google have been campaigning for in the past few months, I would like to suggest people who may be able to read this that there is something that Google have been doing and letting the blogging industry that blogging can be fun and interesting but that they will not tolerate paid linking.

Take the LifeLock Advantage and Protect your Identity

LifeLock is not a prison but instead, it is security and matters on securing your identity and precious belongings like credit and credit card information with the most secure system of locking your life's most important part - personality and finance. This may be the first time that you will hear about such a service but the fact is has the most comprehensive, safe and advanced ID-security programs bound to protect you from online thieves and scammers.

Say Goodbye to Junk E-mails

As part of securing your online identity, their service are bound by terms that will give you the advantage of saying goodbye to unwanted junk and spam e-mails. For the first time, you can also rest assure that you will not be scammed by credit card hackers for your private online transactions. You can also request for free credit reports when you need one for a special use. Furthermore, you can say goodbye to unsolicited credit card offers with their exclusive notice whenever someone tries to use your credit card. Now that's some service that pays much more than what you expect and value for your money's worth to prevent data breaches in attempts to steal your identity.

Apply Now and Get Discounts

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Interesting Online Slots Gaming Center

Hopping around in different corners of concerns today in the internet, I stumbled upon an Online Slots website ( that literally cater to hundreds of thousands of people registering to play casino slots, win and enjoy online slots gaming. There are multiple slot machines and video slot games there that people can enjoy playing for fun and prize$.

Choosing the Slot to Win You $

You can choose from the top 5 slots gaming centers that they have there based on their bonus payouts and ratings. There are also different offers for you to avail of depending upon your own personal preferences when you play slots. Welcome bonuses are also in store for you if you play and register there to have fun while you have a chance a t winning millions of $ to your pocket.

24/7 Customer Service and Support also has a 24 hour, 7 days a week customer service for your different concerns regarding Casino Slots that makes their service very convenient and secure. Enjoy playing the greatest slot machines online. For more information, you can visit them at - your online slots center.

Who would have thought that computer games can actually help save the world from the threat of global warming? Yes! there are computer games that caught my interest today because they teach kids t about global warming and this actually helps them get a glance of how it is what it does to the world. It is called global warning computer games. A very interesting integration by genius minds in computer games from

Helping to save the world from global warming, this computer games downloading center provides a few unique computer games for kids and adult alike. They have varieties of games interests in different categories but the most interesting is that some games that you can download and play there are considered kid-friendly and user-friendly as they actually help to save the world from global warming. The game is called Global Warming. It teaches you how to properly take good care of the environment and this is probably the first and the greatest environmental game for kids.

Find other interesting games and visit for more of their unique and interesting computer games for kids and adults alike. You can find mac games and windows games in their lists.

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