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The Google Update is Out

The Google PR update is finally out! Nobody really expected to have the update to happen sooner as last year, it took a few more months than the usual. Google must have known that people and webmasters are no longer doing things against their way and they have already devised some sort of a program that will give them the advantage on knowing who is who is not doing paid link buying and paid exchange linking. Google is focusing on what they are looking forward to do and make happen.

Google Penalized Blogs that Have Paid Blog Reviews

I really do not know much about this but a friend told me in the forums that his blog that has paid blog review posts or contents are all penalized by Google and now have PR 0. This could be one of the ways to let us all bloggers know that Google knows and will know if our blogs are in to paid posting. This can be just an assumption and not necessarily an absolute truth because I also have a blog that I applied to a Paid Blog Posting scheme and instead of getting penalized, it got an increase in its PR from PR 2 to PR 3.

In line to the things that are all happening these days and as what Google have been campaigning for in the past few months, I would like to suggest people who may be able to read this that there is something that Google have been doing and letting the blogging industry that blogging can be fun and interesting but that they will not tolerate paid linking.


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