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The Interview with a Black Belter

A few weeks ago, I was able to interview a black belter. An workmate from Laguna branch of the industry that I am working with and it turned out to be something very interesting and I should really avoid naming her here in this blog but I would like to specially mention that I really enjoyed reading from the concerns that she gave with my interview.

NO! It didn't last a minute but a few days. It must have taken her a few long hours thinking of the answers to the interview which I only sent through e-mail in wordpad. The interview might not be a person to person one but I surely did enjoy it. Looking at people's minds is a game I will never run out of passion with. I must admit that I really love reading people's minds and it amuses me to find out certain things about them when I talk or meet them in person or in the web.

It really is a very good feeling to know that you can really read people's minds even if it's just a little bit of the part of their thinking habits. I also love seeing through inside of them in a way I make on my own. Well, whichever way it is that I do just to see through them is no longer important because to me what's important is that I can find a way to see through them and knowing that they also knew me, makes the feeling even more amplified and very good. Sometimes it makes me think that it is the fountain of youth that this gift I have is put to use and is properly utilized.


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