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While everybody seems to be busy with registering .com domains for their business and personal domain preferences and in registering with different domain hosting service providers available in the web these days, i am looking for things to enlighten myself with the matter trying to see if there seems to be any difference between these dot domains and other related factors that might just have more positive effects in terms of ROI for any online business. I never noticed or took in to consideration that these domain specific terms really could could give great advantages that most webmasters have disregarded. Most would never bother to see and notice at the same time that these plain and simple domain differences and preferences have numerous devastating effects, especially in the business that you have in the online world.

Trying to see some of the advantages and disadvantages that these domains offer, i have tried to do a little research on the their characteristics and their natural and organic effects versus human preferences in clicking for the domains in their numbers of searches and of their personal choice. When it comes to rankings and chances at appearing in the SERPs of the different search engines, webmasters have to be as sensitive at domains and human clicking behaviors by visually looking into these domains and trying to presume to be one of the regular internet surfers and visitors of the web. For example, type in any search query and when you see .com domains and .info or .org domains, doesn't it strike you in a way that you would rather prefer to click on the domain in your desktop with a .org or .info rather than the .com ones? Try and answer this simple question as an intellectual visitor. This way, one can simply notice that effortlessly, these dot domains have great effects in terms of marketing value and ROI in every online business that anyone is planning to establish in the web.

dot com Domains:

"Despite the fact that more than 64 percent of Internet users coming from non-English-speaking countries and Asian speakers comprise 33 percent of the online population, only 11 percent of .com or .net registrations come from Asia, argued the Hong Kong-based DotAsia." according to earthwebnews

Since the dot com domain is the most commonly used domain in the internet these days, therefore, it makes the dot com domain to also be the most preferred domain to use in the domain registrations for both business and personal uses of webmasters and online business owners. This fact serves as the point of determining that since the majority of internet surfers are used to typing out and appending the .com domain to most search box query, then this makes it more of a target for most domain seekers who would want to register an online business name in domain and hosting service providers and in seeking for effective ways of marketing a business by starting in domain registration and hosting of a .com domain. Disregarding the fact that .com domains are the most frequently used domains and also the most rhetorically appearing in the web these days, making most .com domains to be one of the least to click into when a query of websites appear in the SERPs as compared or .org or .info or .biz or .net by an intellectual internet surfer population.

This fact is of course in basis to the fact that most searches would yield results that display .com domains rather than .org or .biz and other more prestigious domains to look at by an educated internet surfer. The .com domain therefore as for my own opinion, is the type of domain that i would consider as somewhat some of the domains to avoid in my educational queries as an intellectual internet visitor and as an online business marketer in registering my own domain at the same time.

.org and .info Domains:

Try for example this query in your IE browser >>>-- "dot com domain characteristics" ---<<< where many .org domains can be found. And when you type in most any search queries, don;t you notice where the .org, .info, .edu are placed on rankings? Isn't it true that most search engine crawlers and bots also give priority to those types of appended domains? See for example this spammer and black hatter's site
and look for the fake links that he has provided through those auto generated backlinks in the comments section. Those are plain and simple .info and the other links are .org links that search engine crawlers and bots sees as an important page? Would you believe that this plain and simple blog with only a few backlinks used to rank #4 in the Google SERPs for its target keywords with up to 9 million competing pages? Yes it used to, back when it was not yet discovered by Google. But now? it's nowhere to be found in its original placement in the Google SERPs first page.

This is just to show the fact that most search engines do prefer as priority listing specially if the age of the site is a factor, the .info, .org or .edu or .biz or .net rather that the .com. Black hats have found a way to manipulate the search results by using these crawler popular domains in their continued roaming around the web and in the internet population.

Of course there are certain rules to using these dot appended domains as your URL but the most important thing in this article is that it is actually for the webmasters to realize that there is enormous amount of potential traffic in considering the these factors that i have stated above. I may not have provided so much details in this post but let me make you realize that the most important thing to consider in choosing your domains before having them registered for hosting and application is also the most left alone and disregarded and unnoticed yet so very reachable and simple.

.biz Domains:

Try checking these references out for some help and details in choosing your .biz domains and other preferences. domains are by the way what we call as TLD or Top-Level Domain intended for businesses and this serves as a distinguishing factor for most ineternet surfers in order to not confuse them into going or clicking for the right or wrong informations they are looking for. According to wiki, .biz is a phonetic spelling of the first syllable of "business." This .biz also acts as an alternative for the domain that is already available in the .com top-level domain with the administering party as While .biz domains are for distinguishing business sites, the .info on the other hand is for the informative sites while ICANN is the managing sector with regards to assignment of domains and IP adresses in the web with the implementation of certain policies to follow in the registration of these assigned domains.

One way link is considered as the best form of link that any website should have if only to target popularity, ranking and traffic to any site you are maintaining. One way link building can be achieved in so many ways but the most important of all is its plus factor and positive advantage when it comes to SEO friendly terms with the different search engines. Another factor that contributes to the positivity of one way link building is that you can choose which sites you wanted to link to and in return you will be the one to choose the best sites you want to have a link with. This way, you can be able to avoid "link farms" that contribute to either loosing page rank or not gain any rank at all.

Link Farms:

Link farms are sites that are considered as "free-for-all" sites to link to. Linking to these so called link farms may make you loose the importance of your site instead of gaining one because it is easy to get recognized by search engines these days. Since there is no particular topic importance and concentration of links to only related sites pointing to yours, then the tendency of search engines is to see these link farms sole purpose to be to artificially increase the number of links (link popularity) pointing to your site. Since there is no value at all to consider with these types of links for the search engine users or surfers, then chances are your site will be deemed as useless to visitors. Of course these are hard for search engines to detect at a certain period of time but chances are in the long run, you will have to suffer for that and you might as well avoid it no sooner than outright.

One Way Links:

Whereas, one way links are bound to stay for the longest time possible, you should try avoiding link farms as much as possible. One way links also gives you the advantage of choosing which quality sites you would want and choose to be relative to your site and link to. More so, getting linked by other sites means that your content is worth the time for the other site's visitors in terms of juiciness and importance and that they can benefit from it. On the other hand, reciprocal links are as much easy to drop at any time if they feel that your link will no longer serve their purpose and strategy in their business and improvement of their business model.

Reciprocal Links:

Reciprocal links are links that are much more easier to remove at any time for the other party whenever they feel that it no longer fits their business model and needs. This therefore makes it even not as much of a sought after link building tactic to use for your website.

How do You Other Sites to Link to Yours?

Providing a good and juicy content helps keep your visitors and keep them on your page as long as they find interesting what you have to offer them. The technique is to able to burst amounts of informations that you know your target visitors may find interesting and worth a stay for their reading. Content is still king in these terms.

Manila, Philippines: After the launching of the Ituloy AngSulong SEO keyword ranking contest, the Philippine SEO will never be the same again. Many Filipino webmasters have resorted to improving their link building techniques and professionalizing the ways and means of getting relevant links for their websites whom they prompted to enlist in the Ituloy AngSulong SEO contest. For this purpose, they are hoping to win the contest and build prestige beside their names as a trophy in SEO.

Posting Relevant Informations:

So many great ideas and tactics with respect to the link building process as the contest goes along had promising effects to webmasters all over the search engine world and world wide web, not just here in the Philippine SEO local scene. One good tactic i have learned from the contest participants is link building by using the most relevant information distribution as linkbait. This is achieved through posting the latest search results and data about the contest keyword, "Ituloy AngSulong" from the big three search engines Yahoo, MSN and Google and regularly updating it in a daily basis to the least. Like the search engines, human webmasters are always on the lookout for any relevant and useful informations in the web with respect to their interests and likings, therefore if they find them relevant and important for their use, it becomes a source for them leading to accumulation of links and popularity for the other party. Specifically, let me mention the site itself ( for purposes of reference to future readers of this blog. The site's author was able to archive and pool out data of sites ranking up to a 238 range as of today 11- 27 - 06. The basis of the rankings i believe is by computing the accumulated rankings total from the search results in the big three search engines and adding them up to get the total score (rank) which will then serve as the actual rank of the participating site. Presto! in any contest, a source to look at in any time to be available is a good help and there goes the link and the popularity thing in relation to SEO and marketing.

News as Reference:

Another relevant tactic i find so effective at this point of the Ituloy AngSulong SEO keyword ranking contest is using a site that provides news and relevant and latest happenings in the Philippine SEO community and the Ituloy AngSulong keyword ranking contest in particular. Proof that to this day, news posting is still one of the most effective marketing advertisements and strategy that any link builder has to be knowledgeable in to be able to make it big in the link building industry and in SEO in particular. This tactic also posts as a good and in fact one of the best ways of linkbait effectiveness.

Keyword Stuffing Technique:

But the most interesting of all the observations that i have seen through my regular and intermittent visits with the different Ituloy AngSulong SEO contest participants is the odd but effective way of the old times..."same old black hat keyword stuffing technique". This technique is not actually a black hat's way but tracing from the older ways of how the search engines see the different pages in the web, i guess this tactic is still one of the most effective. It was used before as one of the primary ways to get search engine rankings in the search engine results pages of your target keyword. These days, it was believed to be a long lost myth as the search engine bots,crawlers and spiders of the different search engines have been devised to be sensitive to spamming and on ways to control this attitude by the early webmasters therefore deeming this technique as obsolete and would more likely take you and your site/s that uses it to get banned, disregarded and blacklisted by search engines. It seems that there is no proof to this theory about how the search engine bots, crawlers and spiders behave but it could be accounted for the importance of a site's page that these bots..etc. reads these keyword stuffing schemes somehow as a relevant information for the search engines, therefore seeing it as a relevant website instead of a spam source if the keywords are in its proper places or the keyword density is at a considerable rate for the bots and crawlers.

As an actual experience, i have seen keyword stuffing as an effective way to get the rankings that you need but only in short time or period because sooner or later, the search engines and their batch of crawlers will see your site as spam source leading to blacklisting and drawback the indexing of your sites pages.

MSN Loves Blogs:

This is just my own observation with respect to the on going Ituloy AngSulong SEO keyword ranking contest. As i have observed these past few weeks of regularly visiting the ranking sites in the Ituloy Angsulong contest, i believe and would assume that MSN as a prestigious search engine really loves blogs and its organic chracteristics and is fast at indexing as an engine when it comes to blog sites.

On the other hand...

Google is Fond of Well Optimized Websites:

Yes, Google, unlike the other search engines is the more professional engine because i believe that all ranking websites in relation to the Ituloy AngSulong SEO keyword ranking contest is an engine characterized by professionalism and well rounded and SEOptimized pages with a balanced algo with respect to blogsites and their contents. Furthermore, a sites age factor is very necessary not just for the other two engines (Yahoo and MSN) but would mean a significant algorhytm plus factor with Google making it easier for their Googlebot to se the importance and relevance of any website the more.

And on the other hand...

Yahoo Is The Fastest Link Indexing Engine:

Based on my personal experience, it is absolutely true that Yahoo indeed is the fastest among the big three search engines to find relevant links of all sorts because the engine itself in terms of indexing links has the most numbers therefore making it the fastest to crawl up the link building efforts of every webmaster in the SEO industry. I have said this because not just based in the statistics of the contest itself but also on the websites that i handle as a link builder i have seen the great power of Yahoo in terms of indexing link building efforts, be it from forums, press releases, news releases, blog commenting, deep links indexing, directory submissions, feeds submissions and different link building tactics.

I have built an enormous amount of backlinks in this business site that i have been promoting lately which is primarily in to the microscopes business for a long time. The links below are just some of the derivatives of and product of our link-building jobs for the microscopes company.

Established as a microscopes dealing cooperative based in the U.S., is a combination of a business and an organization at the same time that helps the scientific community by providing cheap prices of different microscopy equipments and gadgets from just the ordinary student microscopes to the most sensitive industrial microscopy equipments like the electron microscopes.

I have been the link-building outsourcing team leader for the cooperative for just about three months now and i can estimate that the job i have done for their busines is at a certain point where we have already built enormous amounts of backlinks just by directory submissions able to achieve high rankings in the SERP's of Google, Yahoo and MSN or the big 3 search engines.

By searching for the keyword microscopes alone in any of the search engines we were before nowhere to be found in their SERP's but to this date, we have been able to achieve better visibility in competing for the microscope keyword alone. Hardwork of the team has contributed to this point of our link building efforts and hopefully, by the end of the year, we are targetting to be on the top page as the #1 result in every surfer's search for the keywod microscopes where we are competing with about 1, 155,125 in MSN, 9,670,000 in Google and 3,870,000 in Yahoo.

McDonald's hires PR agency

to invite Fr. Ben Moraleda and Gary Granada

On the evening of October 17, I got a call from Ms. Bonjin Bolinao. She said McDonald's was sending a letter to Kaalagad, inviting us to a dialogue. She also asked me if it were possible to indicate in my website that McDonald's already sent a letter to Kaalagad (we received the letter the following day). I promised her that I will publish her letter in my website ( I believe the only way we may have an honest to goodness dialogue where public concern is concerned is for the public to know the facts. So I'm publishing and circulating this letter, as well as my reply to Bonjin, in fairness to everybody.

If you haven't yet, please read for a backgrounder

My Ordeal with the Arrogant Managers of McDonald's


16 October 2006



Fr. Ben Moraleda, Spokesperson

Mr. Gary Granada, Volunteer

Dear Fr. Moraleda and Mr. Granada:

On behalf McDonald’s Philippines, we would like to invite you to a dialogue with senior McDonald’s representatives on Thursday, October 26, at 9:30 AM at Top of the Citi restaurant, 34th floor, Citibank Center, Paseo de Roxas, Makati City.

McDonald’s would like to discuss with your group their efforts in addressing the various issues that you have raised. They would also like to formalize their commitment to your cause of reducing the use of harmful substances in the quick-service industry.

Thank you for your attention. Please confirm if you are available on the said date and time. Should you have further queries, please contact Mr. Stevie Martinez at 889-8332 loc. 131 or 0918-9258163.

Thank you.


HCN Bonjin Bolinao

Managing Director

DDB Phils.

Ad Verbum PR


And here is my reply to her letter (thru e-mail):

19 October 2006

Dear Bonjin,

I just read your letter dated 16 October, 2006. Thank you for the invitation. Because we are a consultative community, Kaalagad is currently consulting its members and staff as well as our partners in order to come up with an appropriate collective response.

Offhand, I would like to share with you my personal view. (Kaalagad is drafting its official position.)

I am of the opinion that your letter is insincere, insensitive and mercenary. It is insincere because you write as though October 6 never happened. No mention of the incident, no need for apology, no need to explain why McDonald's acted the way it did.

It is insensitive because you picked a venue which is one elevator ride from McDonald's's bosses' office, while we have to commute all the way to Makati from Quezon City. To add insult to injury, you picked the very same building where we were harassed by your security people and shabbily treated by your managers.

It is mercenary because I see PR written all over the page. It is not even signed by McDonald's but by an ad agency. We are not a 'market' that your college advertising textbooks may have taught you to regard. We are not a 'segment' of the market that you can simply 'sample', 'profile' and 'contain' if need be.

Don't treat us like we are a PR problem. I cannot take this veiled insult sitting down. So, to cut the crap, I will excuse myself from any possible dialogue with you or your client.

I have a very simple, doable and straightforward suggestion to you though. Why don't you and McDonald's use everything within your enormous financial and media clout to discredit what I am saying:


1. McDonald's is arrogant - don't make them more arrogant.

2. McDonald's uses styrofoam - don't encourage them further.

I urge you to publicly discredit those two statements. And I shall be very happy, even eager, to be discredited and proven wrong if you really mean what you say. Show proof in all your stores and offices that contrary to what I am saying, McDonald's is a humble giant that puts public welfare above profit. That way, we all win!

I will publicly broadcast those statements. I know it sounds laughable for I can't even afford to pay for one column-centimeter of news item. A little-known folksinger versus a transnational ad agency of a transnational megacorporation is a like playing chess blindfolded with one rook less. On the other hand, I believe there are lots and lots of people who simply seek goodwill and solidarity. And I suspect many of them are fond of spaghetti and brewed coffee.

This will be the last time I'll write to you regarding McDonald's, hell I don't get paid for writing letters like you do.

Lastly, please do not take this letter as a personal affront. Like you said over the phone, we have common friends. I hope we are on the same page then, for instance, in taking the illegitimate Arroyo government to task over the specter of state-sponsored summary executions and brazen political opportunism that has become the norm in this country.

Tell you what, I hang out at Conspiracy (Visayas Ave, Quezon City, across Shell, beside Equitable Bank, landline 4532170). My favorite singers Cooky Chua and Noel Cabangon (who by the way once did a commercial for McDonald's) perform there. Our mutual friend Conrado DeQuiros is a regular. You might want to check the place out. Please let me buy you a beer, no scripts, no agenda, but as real persons in a real way.


Gary Granada


To help collate comments on the McDonald's issue,
please log on to the


CLICK Institutions

CLICK McDonald's

Or go straight to the topic:


And please forward this information if you find it relevant and
appropriate, salamat po~~

Have you ever seen interesting posts about Mc Donald's? here's one from the social and environmental activist Gary Granada who used to sing those wonderful melodies of songs and jingles of big multinational companies like the popular jingle of Baranggay Ginebra (Pagbigyan Nyo na Ako). This post i was able to obtain from other blogs and by virtue of the wanting for the truth to prevail i can say that i feel sorry for those people involved in this controversy from a blog post i read.

"My Personal Ordeal with the Arrogant Managers of McDonald’s"

"5 seconds"

"My name is Gary Granada, I am a Kaalagad volunteer, and I need 5 seconds of your time to help reduce the use of styrofoam in fast food chains."

"What was meant to be a nice and simple Saint Francis Day motorcade-march to McDonald’s yesterday turned out to be a nightmare. We were rudely treated by McDonald’s, to put it mildly. Weeks before, we already sought a dialogue with them to reiterate our concern for their reluctance to reduce their use of styrofoam, despite their pledge to seriously attend to it during our dialogue in 2002! (Jollibee said the same thing, and while we are not satisfied with their response, at least they made some effort to shift to other packaging and serving materials.)"

"We sent them a letter, went to their office, made follow ups, waited for a response. The most we got from them was ‘you wait for our call’. They never called, never wrote back, but verbally said they will assign representatives to receive our motorcade’s representatives."

"When we got there, their representatives turned out to be the Citibank Building’s security detail. Ill-mannered and impolite, they told us that they were told by McDonald’s that they were not expecting us. One of our staff went up to their 17 th floor office to find out whether they were willing to sit down and talk matters. Told to tell us to wait, we waited. The giant that it is, the bosses of McDonald’s apparently regard little children, nuns, mothers, priests and concerned consumers as their employees. We asked how long we were supposed to wait and got no straight answer. Finally they sent word for me to come up, just me, no one else. I thought these people must have seen too many spaghetti movies, perhaps they thought they had a hostage crisis. I was led to a conference room that could easily sit six or seven people and was greeted by two bright boys."

"Think about it. Naglakad kami papuntang McDonald’s, at pagdating namin doon, wala man lang bumaba para kausapin kami ng maayos. At pinatawag ako nitong dalawang batang managers!"

"It occurred to me that there were far more basic issues that plague McDonald’s than styrofoam. Like common courtesy. So I explained to these rich young rulers that the courteous thing to do was to go down, greet the delegation and ask how they may be of help. I even asked them where they were schooled, because in the public school in an obscure town where I came from, they manage to teach such things in Grade One. Their bloated bright brains must have taken up the space that was meant for their ears. It felt like talking to an electric fan."

"Meanwhile I insisted that somebody from Greenpeace, the Ecowaste Coalition, Franciscan Missionaries for Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation, and the JPICC of the Association of Major Religious Superiors of the Philippines (our partners in the activity) be present as well. They said they can only accommodate three people at most. Fine. So I said I and our staff will go down and we will send three people up. But at the lobby, the three representatives we sent were barred by security people from proceeding, again upon McDonald’s instructions we were told."

"It looked hopeless."

"We decided to wrap up the program when out of nowhere a condescending woman materialized and introduced herself as the media relations officer of McDonald’s. She said, ‘Why don’t you go to Jollibee instead, they’re number One.’ To which Father Ben Moraleda replied, ‘We did, and at least they are doing something."

"On the side, irked by her audacity, Fr. Ben quipped, ‘And please take that hand of yours off my shoulder, I don’t like you."

"And all that commotion for a very simple and very reasonable plan: that McDonald’s reduce the use of styrofoam by 50% within one year. McDonald’s has once again demonstrated its arrogance and incapacity to appreciate the sincere and constructive efforts of common folks to protect our environment. Unlike them, we do not make money doing what little we can to help make things a little better for everybody."

"5 seconds, that’s all I ask of you to help reduce the use of styrofoam. Sa mundo ng mga mayayabang, papansinin lang nila tayo kung tayo ay maninindigan. Take 5 seconds to think twice before choosing where to dine or order food."


"I feel sad for that woman and those two young managers. So young, so successful, so ahead of their game, so privileged; so rude, so arrogant, so lacking in character, so bland. And I have since stopped wondering why their burgers taste the way they do."


It will take a bit longer than 5 seconds, but it will go a long way if you can email this page to friends. Thank you for your time~
–Gary Granada (
7 October, 2006

Two hundred and more concerned citizens of the Philippines has filed another impeachment complaint against the lady President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. See details in for the updates on the case.

The impeachment was based in the statements made by the parents of the missing U.P. students stating that there was enough basis for the impeachment case and that is Palaparan's involvement as the administration's newest favorite butcher. the complaint was pushed forward with the help of 8 organizations and 200 individuals who signed the 21-page complaint. Many sectors expressed their support in the complaint including Bagong Alyansang Makabayan, lawyers, Protestant Bishops and pastors with a roman catholic priest, some government personnel, a retired army colonel, some local government officials, vendors, school teachers, professors, doctors and health students, OFW's, student leaders, and other victims of human rights violations under the administration of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo regime (according to the Bantay Impeachment 2).

The different organizations are confident because they said in a statement that the president's SONA speech will be one of the greatest evidence to be used in the case filed. They also said that "it could be used in a basis that Mrs. Arroyo is an endorser of political killings and terrrorism in the country as committed by Palparan and his troops " said Ocampo.

There were also rumors of bribing the House of Representatives votees were being bribed for the administration's favor of turning down the complaint and possibly proving it to be lacking in substance. The most possible way to this is throught he poork barrels of the representatives which to no avail is one of the links to the allegation.

This proved in the last years impeachment where the lower house personnels who supported the impeachment had experienced two negative effects. That is either they lost their position or lost their CDF's in a way so legal through a mandate of law giving senators, congressmen, and even municipalities their CDF and IRA allotments. This is stupidity made legal by the law and is really a virtual example of how the government supresses the voices of the people by way of%

Joe Satriani

Joe Satriani - Always with me, always with you

the greatest guitarist i've ever seen so far...

whisful thinking by M@tt (15 years old)

is it really you matt?

Recently, i was accused of plagiarizing on one of my posts in my regular blog site. I featured a calendar of events list on the "latest events in the blogging community". Events in nature are not as originally one's idea in the first place to be used in a post. I believe that in order to post such event provided that you did not organize it yourself means that the idea is not even anybody's to call it thier own except for the organizer/s themselves, right?

This fellow blogger i found is so sensitive that he never even bothered to at least ask of my why i featured th events that he featured also in his post. The day after, i guess he decided to make a post accusing me of plagiarizing or copying without permission or authority. I admit that what i made was a mistake and to tell the truth, i sent outright an e-mail to the commentor who provided the comments accusing me of copying the posts he had previously posted in his blog site. At first i thought the fellow accusing me and the e-mail address i sent an e-mail with is the same person but later i found out i made a mistake.

The e-mail i sent was a letter of apology and sorry to the person but the person i e-mailed sent me back an e-mail saying it's ok and that i ought to check first what i was copying before i post it the next time. She even bid me goodluck in her e-mail and it made me at once delete the part i copied in my post to show my sincerity. But to my surprise, i found another post as saying
that i reprimanded the victim. I immediately asked...What is this? and began wondering why the big deal. I made a mistake and i was sorry for it and thouhgt it was over until the post i read.

I later on found that the accuser is not really the same person as with the e-mail sender. Again, my mistake but what i cannot forgive is the uttered words that he posted "the nerve". My god, how sensitive that blogger is i thought and i decided to make a comment on one of his posts to explain myself and again, to my surprise, he never even admitted that i sent the e-mail so what i did was send him the copy of my APOLOGY with complete details.

Now, so much for the explanation, here's the bottom line,---if what he claims is that i really committed plagiarism in my post then why did he not bother at all to check the dates of the events which in his post is dated 2005 but in my post it is dated 2006. Now if you are an ordianry citizen and more so if a lawyer, could you really accuse me of plagiarism if what he said is "you copied the post word for word". Didn't it even come to his mind that it was really an honest mistake no to be taken so seriously as just to make a different post for day other than his normally posted ego-centric selfish of being a great librarian. That he should have at least bothered to have the nerve to e-mail me straight and ask why i did what i did. I bet he really does not have the balls...he he he.

Again, it taught me a great lesson not to go racing with time. Be careful with people and with what you copy in the web. That before you commit on accusing anybody, be sure to be precise. 2005 is very different than 2006 and therefore if i were really that bad a person i would have made him post the date in an e-mail with open H1 and close H1 to make him see the mistake i made is not really a palgiarist's intention.

My true intentions as i have said to him is to boast of the blogging community events and i made an honest positive mistake (honestly). If i could meet with the guy in person i would still ask for forgiveness from him but the question is would he do the same thing with me with regards to his wrong accusation?

The only purpose of this post is to explain myself and nothing more. I do not need to provide the links to explain myself clearly, the small bit of detail would later on tell it all.

A pc is Burning!

It made me laugh at an article posted about a certain fire caused by a desktop, laptop, or a pc. The critics were arguing through posting comments and made multiple posts just to satisfy their bursting emotions about the topic.

I made a comment also attempting to stop the arguing scene because it is senseless to argue about a topic without the proper or even the basic knowledge and facts taken into consideration in doing so.

I had the greatest time of my life posting the comment i had in mind as if i were the mediator and the true authority when in fact what i posted i believe is the most basic and they also know it but failed to bring it up because they let emotions topple the dictations of their instincts.

I could have said to them, hey guys, make some sense, use your hypothalamus, just to end the arguing atmosphere. Anyway i really enjoyed it, and maybe tommorow they will come to their senses and think it over and say, what have i done or maybe thanks a lot Sam, you really made our day.

If i were a policeman, i'd take them and make them convicts of the blogging community. If they were face to face, they would have killed each other using their words. What a site it would have been.

Based on my personal experience in my blog site, i have noticed some variations with respect to the way that the Big Three Search Engines (MSN, Google and Yahoo) do away with their own methods and standards of crawling the billions of pages and websites each day looking for changes and newly uploaded ones to index. Sure thing, there has to be some sort of a pattern or a system that justifies my claim in this unexpected experiment.

Who knows even the staffs at the biggest search engines are unknowingly following these certain principles? That is through the indexing of spiders and bots far from their attention and knowhow of the algorithms it implores on pages and websites aside from the fact that they all have a criteria and sets of standards in doing so. I treated the changes made with respect to my blog site as an experiment.

It is unintentionally undertaken and without specific considerations,tools and knowledge that after all of the major turnarounds that had happened to the site, the algorithms had unimaginably affected the site per se. This involves the PR, and appearing in the Search Engine Results Pages. Thank god it got me to a positive effect.

I began to notice the chronology of events only after the implementation of a new theme and giving a new title head after two months of getting indexed by search engine bots and spiders.

First Citation:

May 2, 2006 - Me and my brother had a conversation saved in a notepad with a size of 6.75 kb (all conversation). He was telling me that he now had the web site ( up. Without hesitation, i viewed it and was really excited about exploring the site's features. To my surprise, it was a log-in page that i saw. Don't know anything yet that time about any blog site nor any idea at all of how they serve the purpose.

May 5, 2006 - My website ( with a title head: "Offshore Search Engine Optimization Outsourcing" was formally launched by my brother with drops of sweat just to jerk me out a little bit to pursue further my internet life where i am destined to belong. This is not the exact date that the site had a post in it though because he wrote a "hello world!" post in it (May 2) just to start testing. The site was launched using the default wordpress theme at first. In a matter of about two weeks of regular writing, i began to see the fruits of my labor (appearing on SERP's). I first thought it was that easy and began psyching up myself making me write up to 3 posts/day sometimes.

First Appearance In MSN:

A little over a week more, my site began to appear #42 in the MSN SERP on the following keywords: "Offshore Search Engine Optimization" and #48 on the keyword: "Search Engine Optimization Outsourcing". Got me shouting. Yes! That time there were only about 7 posts caused by ISP problems and i erased a post or two.

After 15 More Posts:

From May 18-June 2 - Totalling of 22 posts by this time, i now can be viewed on the first page of the SERP's based on the two keywords stated above in MSN search at #10 and #8 respective of the target keywords, starting to now dominate the Indian-filled domain page. I believe i am the first Filipino to come near the territory of the great outsourcing tycoons on this page without using any marketing tool. Take note, i rely plainly in the indexing capabilities of the search engines plus the natural organic characteristic of blogs when it comes to rankings.

After Putting Google AdSense:

This time my site appeared at #142 and #148 respectively in the same keyword target on Google, some days it's #168 and #162 . In Yahoo, there is still no sign as i hover down, page by page and started to strain my arms looking for a possibility of appearing in their SERP's. Take note, not even on other related keyword/s. In MSN search i started to appear #4 and #2. I must admit enjoying the site so much this time as i put the specific search IP address in my favorites/bookmark list of sites. The happiness took some time until another major change was bound to be undertaken by changing the title head this time along with obtaining a new theme said to have a better marketing value.

My Last Post on Offshore Search Engine Optimization Outsourcing:

June 29, 2006 - The last post made on my site titled "10's of Tons of SEO Bloggers" before my brother decided to shift from the original title head "Offshore Search Engine Optimization Outsourcing" to simply "Outsourcing". By this time, my site's status is if i may say at it's peak. I am #2 (twice became first) and #3 on the same targeted keywords in MSN and #48 and #42 in Google and still nowhere to be found in Yahoo. i guess i got tired of trying to see some changes in the SERP's of Yahoo that i almost decided not to look at it since. Until, two days after the main title was changed that my fingers got the hunch to clicking for the Yahoo search. At last, at page 17 #168th and #174 i found a relief and took a deep sigh to see my site. i shouted, Yahoo!

Here's a saying for this type of situation: "Better late than never" wheeeeew. It's as if i'm in cloud 9 this very moment. Yahoo over there! Better work it out!

My First Post in Outsourcing:

June 30, 2006 - To this date, my first post was made under the head title "Outosurcing" (Offshore Search Engine Marketing Quality in the Philippines) and still for about a week, the ranking of my site is still uncontested at #2 in the keyword "offshore search engine optimization" and #2 in the keyword "search engine optimization outsourcing".

Claim my blog at technorati:

This same week, i had my blog articles and posts registered for claiming at technorati. This i believe helped the site a lot to maintain rankings in the SERP's and at the same time even without having the actual site IP address appearing in the searches, i still have it in SERP's with the help of technorati in realation to posts tagged with the specific title head.

A little over a week, i began to see the changes to my sites appearance in the virtual SERP's. In the keyword "search engine optimization outsourcing" i dropped to # 4 from #2.

Having Quality Optimized Titles or Categories:

In the keyword "offshore search engine optimization" i still have it at #2. To explain this, i had to go back to the posts that i made regarding the titles. I thought it must have been because of the optimizes titles for the original site and the age of the site itself that caused it not to drop at once in the SERP's. I found out that i have 18 posts in - SEO Philippines and 11 posts in the Search Engine Optimization News and Events. Now, where does that lead the experiment? Simple, provide your site with quality optimized pages and titles or categories. The picture below which i got from another quality experiment done by Serge Bondar proves another theory so relevant and important for the webmasters in any field.


Conclusion to the Experiment:

  1. In any website, changing categorical titles have a devastating effect in search engine indexing and rankings.
  2. One of the best qualities of any blog site is the implementation of changes at will and therefore, optimization of titles is the most important factor and major role player in it's organic rankings.
  3. Themes, formats, arrangements, and the like in it's implementation should be done with care and sensitivity.
  4. In any blog site, it helps to rank if you have the time to write as many posts as you can with consideration of the specific size as basis in the picture above.
  5. Google AdSense helps you rank.
  6. Consider site age in expecting any ranking.
  7. Register your blog at technorati.
  8. Stick to your target keyword specially in posting any article in your blog site.
  9. At least a basic knowledge in html is needed to attain a better post quality of your blogsite.

About a week ago, Google has updated their PR ratings and i found my site a green bar above at PR3. Yes. Yes. Yes...

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