A Dumb Accusation After All

Recently, i was accused of plagiarizing on one of my posts in my regular blog site. I featured a calendar of events list on the "latest events in the blogging community". Events in nature are not as originally one's idea in the first place to be used in a post. I believe that in order to post such event provided that you did not organize it yourself means that the idea is not even anybody's to call it thier own except for the organizer/s themselves, right?

This fellow blogger i found is so sensitive that he never even bothered to at least ask of my why i featured th events that he featured also in his post. The day after, i guess he decided to make a post accusing me of plagiarizing or copying without permission or authority. I admit that what i made was a mistake and to tell the truth, i sent outright an e-mail to the commentor who provided the comments accusing me of copying the posts he had previously posted in his blog site. At first i thought the fellow accusing me and the e-mail address i sent an e-mail with is the same person but later i found out i made a mistake.

The e-mail i sent was a letter of apology and sorry to the person but the person i e-mailed sent me back an e-mail saying it's ok and that i ought to check first what i was copying before i post it the next time. She even bid me goodluck in her e-mail and it made me at once delete the part i copied in my post to show my sincerity. But to my surprise, i found another post as saying
that i reprimanded the victim. I immediately asked...What is this? and began wondering why the big deal. I made a mistake and i was sorry for it and thouhgt it was over until the post i read.

I later on found that the accuser is not really the same person as with the e-mail sender. Again, my mistake but what i cannot forgive is the uttered words that he posted "the nerve". My god, how sensitive that blogger is i thought and i decided to make a comment on one of his posts to explain myself and again, to my surprise, he never even admitted that i sent the e-mail so what i did was send him the copy of my APOLOGY with complete details.

Now, so much for the explanation, here's the bottom line,---if what he claims is that i really committed plagiarism in my post then why did he not bother at all to check the dates of the events which in his post is dated 2005 but in my post it is dated 2006. Now if you are an ordianry citizen and more so if a lawyer, could you really accuse me of plagiarism if what he said is "you copied the post word for word". Didn't it even come to his mind that it was really an honest mistake no to be taken so seriously as just to make a different post for day other than his normally posted ego-centric selfish of being a great librarian. That he should have at least bothered to have the nerve to e-mail me straight and ask why i did what i did. I bet he really does not have the balls...he he he.

Again, it taught me a great lesson not to go racing with time. Be careful with people and with what you copy in the web. That before you commit on accusing anybody, be sure to be precise. 2005 is very different than 2006 and therefore if i were really that bad a person i would have made him post the date in an e-mail with open H1 and close H1 to make him see the mistake i made is not really a palgiarist's intention.

My true intentions as i have said to him is to boast of the blogging community events and i made an honest positive mistake (honestly). If i could meet with the guy in person i would still ask for forgiveness from him but the question is would he do the same thing with me with regards to his wrong accusation?

The only purpose of this post is to explain myself and nothing more. I do not need to provide the links to explain myself clearly, the small bit of detail would later on tell it all.


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