Two hundred and more concerned citizens of the Philippines has filed another impeachment complaint against the lady President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. See details in for the updates on the case.

The impeachment was based in the statements made by the parents of the missing U.P. students stating that there was enough basis for the impeachment case and that is Palaparan's involvement as the administration's newest favorite butcher. the complaint was pushed forward with the help of 8 organizations and 200 individuals who signed the 21-page complaint. Many sectors expressed their support in the complaint including Bagong Alyansang Makabayan, lawyers, Protestant Bishops and pastors with a roman catholic priest, some government personnel, a retired army colonel, some local government officials, vendors, school teachers, professors, doctors and health students, OFW's, student leaders, and other victims of human rights violations under the administration of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo regime (according to the Bantay Impeachment 2).

The different organizations are confident because they said in a statement that the president's SONA speech will be one of the greatest evidence to be used in the case filed. They also said that "it could be used in a basis that Mrs. Arroyo is an endorser of political killings and terrrorism in the country as committed by Palparan and his troops " said Ocampo.

There were also rumors of bribing the House of Representatives votees were being bribed for the administration's favor of turning down the complaint and possibly proving it to be lacking in substance. The most possible way to this is throught he poork barrels of the representatives which to no avail is one of the links to the allegation.

This proved in the last years impeachment where the lower house personnels who supported the impeachment had experienced two negative effects. That is either they lost their position or lost their CDF's in a way so legal through a mandate of law giving senators, congressmen, and even municipalities their CDF and IRA allotments. This is stupidity made legal by the law and is really a virtual example of how the government supresses the voices of the people by way of%


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