We came and we finally arrived today in Villa Krizelna Resort in Bulacan, San Rafael. T'was a very nice experience being here. The owner, Ms Tess Ampo is such a nice person to have accommodated us in a grand manner. The resort was fun and full of nice view and attraction for the kids especially. Cottages are everywhere, a sign that people love going because of the aura of being close to nature with lots and I mean lots of fruit-bearing trees inside.

She toured me inside to show me what amenities the resort had and I must say not just from a point of view of a blogger but from a customer who is just looking for summer fun in a natural venue. Fun to the max. If you are looking for a resort in Bulacan, Villa Krizelna is definitely worth visiting. This place won't disappoint you, promise.

You can read more information about this resort or see their contact details on their facebook page here - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Villa-Krizelna-Resort/115908971781604

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