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Christmas is good for us not just because we, me and my team won a SEO contest and we finished 6th in Google search engine and 9th in MSN but failed to be in the top 10 in Yahoo. This is good and Jeff Manese, my partner gave me the chance to learn more. I also learned to be a little bit more perfect in doing SEO and link building for our entry site. This contest, the "promotional items corporate gifts srednarb" gave us both the opportunity to be more than what we thought we can be.

On the other hand, family is also good because we just celebrated our reunion and I on the other hand had celebrated reunion with a few college mates and friends in college. This is what I always wanted and it happened all here in 2009. I had a lot more to thank myself and people who love me for being there all the way in all my success and failure although failure is very few.

The only lacking achievement I want to experience is to learn more on my coding and web design. This year, I am looking to do that without needing to spit out money. If I can do this, I will be the happiest webmaster ever in the Philippines. I am not sure why this blog came to be the diary for this concern but I must admit it's been a long time since I treated this blog as my pet blog. 2009 will be witness to aggressive blogging and SEO in a well planned use of resources.

Thank you 2008 and welcome 2009.

I must admit that I like the new interface of Wordpress if I am to speak about the appearance but when we talk about usability, I'd rather prefer the old interface for the sole reason that it is a little bit harder for users to see and seek for the right buttons to click to be able to make changes to a blog.

If this case will continue, many users I'm sure will have a hard time getting the feel of the said new interface. It's like some promotional item or token that Wordpress is looking for its users to appreciate. The moment I saw the new one I already saw what difference it will bring to users of the said CMS and blogging interface. I'd like to see what happens next with this new interface as it could also be that users were not just used to the totally new interface.

This short post is dedicated to giving a tip for those who are joining SEO contest using their niche blogs. If you haven't any experience and you intend to do this, I would like to warn you that this will destroy your blogs overall characteristics and if you are receiving a lot of visitors to it, there is also a big chance that you will loose them all in no time. The reason for this is what you can find below so please read more.

As you promote your blog that used to be niche blog, the promotion that you will make destroys the overall arrangement and importance of your blog. If you have built it for 2 or 3 or how ever many years it took you to place your posts where it should belong. Don't be surprised that you will loose it all in no time. Promoting your niche blog for a contest where there is a target keyword will totally change it's original strength from a niche blog into another blog that tackles more on the SEO contest keyword that you are right now targeting because of the contest.

I hope with this short post I made will make you realize what you are up to when you join a contest. I also hope that it will not have to make you join a SEO contest just to find out. I have been to as much as 4 SEO contests and I should know. It took me 4 years to develop a blog only to loose its strong rankings and visitors in just a few days of wrong decision.

Srednarb launches promotional gifts and corporate items concepts and is now open for viewing if you are one of those businesses who is looking for some interesting promotional gifts as well as corporate items concept. At Srednarb, you can get relevant tips, guides and leads with your marketing effort for your business and you can also read some articles there where tips can be found to make the best promotional items to give away to your clients or customers.

If you already have your own concept for your product scheduled to be given away, then at least visit them because it is totally free and no obligation to know what works and what doesn't at Srednarb Promotional Items and Corporate Gifts Concepts.

Today I was surprised that Google e-mailed me and labeled my new blogspot with being a spam blog. OMG, how could that be when I still have no content for that blog at all. The only thing there is the title and the other page template stuff which is automatically generated by blogger for all blogs like the date, labels, author, comments and so on.

I guess this is a sure sign that Google now have people regularly working for them at Blogger and all new blogs now will be screened and checked all tfrom time to time for spammy moods from titles to initial content posted there. If they find anything fishy in, the people who look at it and make the review will automatically disable your blog and worse maybe up to your blogger account.

My autobiography led me to the captivating Capiz contest today because it is bound to finish tomorrow in the afternoon where I have an entry that is going to the low positions when just the other day, I am on the top 3 spot of the results. This could be the decisive point in promoting a blog post that has not optimized title tag leading to the main page or the home page.

It is indeed an advantage for blogs to have an optimized home page for a contest but the organizer for the captivating Capiz contest did not allow the home page of the contestants as an entry. He just allowed the inner pages which made it even harder to optimize for when we are already in the verge of the last few minutes of the contest.

Everybody is surely doing a lot of last minute deeds to convert a little spot up the results with the main keyword which is captivating Capiz. I just want to wish my own entry good luck and I hope that this short post will have little say on the contest entry that I have before the end of the day because tomorrow is but another day to cope up with.

3 Weeks to Go for Capiz

3 more weeks to go and the captivating Capiz contest will soon be over and yet another SEO contest is up for the second edition of the Busby SEO Challenge. There will be more of these I believe from the looks of if and how effective the launching of the first Busby SEO contest.

As the last 3 weeks approach, I can see that there will be a stiffer competition between my entries and my competitors because they also want to take refuge in the top spot that I just took from a tough competitor before in the Pinoy Money Talk SEO blogging contest. I want to win this one and I will do anything to see to it that my position is what it will be at the end of October 26 which is the last day of the captivating Capiz contest.

The Autobiography of an SEO Flea will soon be interviewing a lot of people in the SEO arena in the Philippines for more interesting posts and as what this blog is originally targeting. It is a long ago dream to be able to feature here some of the best in the SEO business and it would make me a proud SEO blogger to do just that and have a dream come true soon so those of you who are out there waiting for the go signal, you might want to go check this blog every once in a while just to see if I have done this deed.

I hope that I will not let this pass until next year when I see myself to be one of the busiest SEO blogger in the Philippines. I also hope to get in touch with some of the greatest in the this business and have them promote their services using this blog. See you soon who ever you will be - the first blood target for getting featured here at the Autobiography of an SEO Flea.

Cebu SEO Contest

Cebu SEO contest brought a lot of confusion both to the participants as well as to the organizer who happened to be a Cebu blogger. Although this is the case, the said SEO contest continued to ring a bell and created a lot of buzz in the SEO Philippines and blogging community.

There are only a few who joined but it seems that the last few days is the most important part of the Cebu SEO contest because of the controversies that engulfed all the contest participants. This is not the first time in a SEO contest and this will not be the last, I bet. There will be more as I see that there is another big SEO contest that will probably get there soon on the air. This SEO contest will be the biggest so far for an SEO contest in the world.

There are only 4 days left before the final verdict will be here. The SEO contest participants are all eager to see who will win the Cebu SEO contest but it seems that the top 3 slots in the Google results do not want to give in to each other and they are all doing everything to be there and not to let personal judgement go on top of their minds.

There is another dispute regarding the SEO contest and this has something to do with psychological warfare of the one of the contest contestants. Accusations were thrown and there are a lot of other side bets that the other camp working individually will not allow. There will be more I know as we go along the nearing end of the Cebu SEO contest but I do not know what comes next.

Everybody wants to rule the top spot but only can do that and I don't know yet if this will work for an SEO experiment as well. Let's just see what happens.

Today, there is nothing left for me but the Cebu SEO Contest. I have nothing to do but take care of unfinished business on this contest. I want to maximize all effort to help myself learn more on this.

I am also helping a friend who also joined the contest but since I saw that he is right now ranking high, I guess there is not much to do but to let all deeds go. I've been out of the internet for 4 consecutive days and I don't want to let all loose just like that.

Today, me, the SEO Flea learned a very important lesson. No to trust the search engines with all your resources in link building. The reason why I said this is because I used to go all out with all my resources in the early years of link building but today it is a lot different for me as an SEO and Link builder.

Playing in a SEO contest used to be based primarily by the numbers. By the numbers what I mean is that the more links you have for your entry in a contest or a challenge, the better chances you have at ranking little by little but in a slow sure phase. That has changed the way link builders behave in the internet using resources in order to build links for a client or personal webpage or website.

Everythink in link building and SEO as well as all SEO contest were never the same again. The implication on this can be seen to have started since the biggest smack down of 1997 by Google. Link building, SEO and SEO contests has never been the same again since and I am glad that this happened because it made link bulding a lot easier for me as well in building links to inner pages. Chances are bigger in getting links these days and we all owe it to Google.

What specific SEO companies does Cebu hold today? I do not know so much about the place but I would like to get a little information about Cebu SEO companies from the readers of this blog, The Autobiography of A Cebu SEO Flea.

So for those who happens to read something from this blog of mine, I would just like to ask for a favor from you guys out there about Cebu SEO companies that you happen to know. If there is anything you know, I am willing to accept them as a big help. You can use my comments section if you like. Just leave a message.

When can you or do you really classify yourself as the best SEO (in the world)? This simple question can generate a big debate, I know but did you know for a trivia that there is an arrogant, self-centered, (pretending to be the best) SEO in A*******a? I will not name names and I will not name places or anything in this blog because I do not want to commit the same mistake as what the guy did in making fun of a Filipino who commented with wrong grammar in his blog whom he also called as a stupid SEO strategy.

Now, how can he say that? Is he the best SEO there is to say how a comment can be labeled so liek what he just did? Who is this ******* guy to say that a person in a filipino link builder can't write when he himself does not even know how to understand a simple friendly comment seeking for a legit link? Nah! it's no use, below is the comment (which was not published) that I put in this guys blog and it reads like this... Please click to enlarge.

I actually put a comment on his blog and got back to it seeing that he did not have the guts to publish my comment in there. I should have known earlier. Although he did post a sorry note in his (now ugly) blog. It seems he cannot do anything when he ruined his chance to make friends with fellow bloggers and SEO too.

Our team is after only the top spot of the Busby SEO Challenge 2008 contest. This is the only place we are aiming for and this is what we will get when the time arrives. The world's best SEOs are what we intend to surprise in our effort as newbies to topple the best in the SEO industry.

We are a team and we are together on this challenge but no one has seen everything that we can do yet. There is more to us and there will be more from us in the coming of the burst of quality links that will be bound our entry. Our main entry is very strong that it withstood the test of literally doing nothing for it in the past week but this time it will be a slow phase but sure click for the search engines to feed on.

We will be notifying the participants that we intend to take this seriously and we want only to be there where the best belongs and nothing else.

Our team is after only the top spot of the Busby SEO Challenge but it fell significantly in the results. It was after a week of programming and posting to other blog that out group own.

Efforts were all nothing compared to what the others were doing but so far, there are a few other interesting posts that Google liked and there's nothing we can do about that.

Here's to the Arlo Gilbert Autobiography. I hope this will give a little bit of what I am looking for in having fun and getting to learn a little bit from the jack of all traits Mr. Arlo Gilbert himself. Wa hehehehehe.

Software Production

The industry of software and software production have been living in the rich lanes as the requirement grows and grows each day while the computer industry and the internet battle for better usability also develops. This is the case with software and its continous development.

Softwares are in demand so they are also one of the most productive industry in the internet today. I just wish that more softwares will be given the proper attention to help computing and people for the better and not for the destruction of it's own arena.

What About RSS

So if blogs and the blogging industry were given so much time and attention this year and as the past years have dictated. Will this be the same with RSS and feeds?

I just hope everything will fall into place as we watch over the months pass by. Forums no longer have their appeal and directories who were found to be selling links were slapped before the end of last year, I hope there will be no more as of the coming year.

I hope RSS and feeds as they both go along so well with blogs will also be given it's own place in the importance given to blogs and the blogging industry.

Extra strength for the blogging industry and the power of blogs for SEO advantage as Web2.0 moves to favor social media advantage where the major players are blogs. Yes, it was blogs that are the superstar of the season while they were given more edge over static sites to propell the search results.

Web 2.0 is all about blogs and more blogs being given the perfect vision as an instrument for the making of the biggest change in the SEO industry. Expect more to come and expect more to leave the better effects over SEO efforts of webmasters. This year is very good for blogs, what will it be for them next year as the months pass so quick? Is Google going to be the same next year. Well, this could be an early yearender question but forgive me for this because I just can't help it.

The Manny Pacquiao vs David Diaz fight is on and nothing can stop it now. So it will finally happen, the Pacquiao vs Diaz fight and this time it's going to be a good one as Manny puts more weight on his body entering another division in the lightweight.

This fight is going to be another championship for the only and the first Asian boxer to have won in 3 different weight divisions. I am pretty optimistic as well as other boxing enthusiasts that the Manny Pacquiao vs David Diaz fight will be a new era for Pacman and the end of Diaz's career but no one can count out Diaz because he is a legitimate lightweight.

Introduction to SQL Solutions, Services and Server Tools

What comprises SQL solutions and how does it help online business grow and maximize profit? This is a short excerpt of what to expect upon using SQL solutions, server tools and more. Also take a hold of a very useful tool that SQL developers use in their work to maintain servers free from problems and to run smoothly for customer purposes and edge over competitors. How can an SQL consultant be of use when we are talking of all related services regarding SQL solutions and more. These are what to expect to learn from this post and I would like to make sure that as much as possible, to elaborate based on my knowledge about the subject matter in relation to business.

SQL Solutions

SQL solutions may include the different as aspects that I have provided above and maybe even more depending upon your requirement based on your business. So far, there are a few SQL server tools that may come in handy for any type of business. Again, they may include SQL server tools, SQL consulting services, SQL developers, SQL server monitoring, SQL server performance and tuning, SQL server hosting, DBAs, remote DBA and services and more. What use does these subject matters discuss is what we are going to put into action here as we go along so I am hoping that you will yield in to my long sentences below.

SQL Server Tools

Each of the unique SQL server tools have their own unique uses when we are talking about servers and database. The most important part however is to understand that they all give a positive result when they are used for business advantage. What's best is that they literally cost lower that what most would expect compared to the return on investment. Below is where you can find some of the best SQL server tools with a little explanation beside each for the purpose of getting a hold on knowing their basic principle for use.

  • Optimize your Query -Optimize your query is a query optimization tool designed to help automate and make easier the process of query. With the help of this tool you may also be able to gather performance about your queries.
  • SQL Trace Analyzer - This SQL tool is used to quickly locate all performance bottlenecks , eliminate deadlocks and prevent long duration of locks. At the same time, this same server tool also monitors server performance through setting of trace schedule.
  • SQL Deadlock Detector - SQL deadlocks cause your server to slow down and the SQL Deadlock Detector helps you solve this problem to avoid downtime and slow data availability. This is a server performance tuning tool that helps you monitor and detect server deadlocks all the time, 24/7.
  • SQL Ultimate Debugger - debug you stored procedures with an SQL debugger. Developers have come to love this special SQL server tool because it gives them the advantage to inspect values of all sorts for analysis.
  • SQL Heartbeat - This server tool display the latest and current activity in your server. It monitors that IO activities, wait category, current cache hits ratio, IO system performance and also display locks and deadlocks.

3GB Social Community

3GB community is a growing social media site that offers its members the latest trends in social media and getting to know more about people from all walks of life. 3GB community currently in its network statistics about 700 members and is fast growing because of the great features that it offers to members. such features would include meeting new and old friends via invitation and search, photo uploading, album creation, group creation and joining, blogging, member - to - member chat, MP3's and its latest feature, the 3GB shoutcast.

With this new feature, the 3GB shoutcast, you may be able to become your dream DJ or be the listener of your own music trip. This new feature is the newest so far and expect that there will be more unique ones to come in the next few months as the development goes in a continued process aimed at providing members the most inviting and enjoyable experience ever from a social media site. With 3GB, the adventure has just begun and the excitement is still in the process of development as other unique and entertaining features are still yet to be developed with the fast technology offer of the internet.

Getting your blog noticed by literally potential other bloggers in the community is also one of the best opportunities that 3GB offers to its members as the newest blog entries get featured in the front page whenever you make a new post. Also awaiting the new members is the front page appearance as you sign up to become a new member so this is another advantage that you can take as a new opportunity. Be featured in the front page and become more popular than you ever imagined by simply logging in everyday and staying in front over others who are a little bit inactive than you. This means that as you let yourself to be more active than other members you also give your profile a boost as one of the most popular members. This means extra exposure and extra opportunity to get socially popular and noticed by others to be able to gain more friends and more contacts from all over the world.

So what are you waiting for, sign up now and be one of the first members to get all the possible advantages that is offering to its members and social mates.

Not only in Asia but also in Europe, nursing course is a popular career to take. To be able to earn big in this business, you must first know that you are to qualify for standards and have passed the annual nursing board exams. This will help you become a CNA or certified nursing assistant.

Achieving this however will not only help you get a better and higher paying job but also let the medical industry where you are to work that you have finished properly, a CNA training and has passed its standards. This also qualifies you to become a professional in the business as it will enable to get a related job easily.

If you are interested to earn more than what you can think of, you probably wonder where to go to. Well, I have just the right answer to your question because there is a place where you can learn everything about CNA training and CNA schools and be able to be one of the first people to take advantage of getting high compensation because of the nature of work of a CNA (certified nursing assistant) which as we all know is based on a job that offers more overtime all the time.

If you are out to know about such CNA programs, trainings and schools, then you can also know about those kinds of information if you visit them at for particulars.

The Philippines have a total of 4 entries to the new 7 wonders of the world campaign and the main purpose of this post is to let people of the Philippines know about the ongoing voting system to allow our entries to become part of the new 7 wonders of the world and help improve the tourism industry in the country.

The four entries are listed below for Filipinos from around the world to vote:

The Tubbataha Reef
Mayon volcano
The Chocolate Hills
Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park

you can vote for your favorite entry here if you are from Asia.

Pharmacy technician is one of the best medical industry related careers that give high payout compared to other medical careers available today. Gaining interest from students who are looking forward to get a good job in the medical industry, I would suggest to put this course in your list of medical careers to take if are planning it this year. There can be many positive advantages that you can get with this career and so allow me to name some of them below as we go along below.

First, a medical career like pharmacy tech is a short term course only which gives the student the advantage in getting a job earlier than he/she expects compared to other career. The sooner you graduate from such a course the sooner you can get a job and the sooner you will earn back your investment in your studies. Second, a medical career that is highly in-demand can give you a higher possibility of getting a competitive pharmacy technician salary especially if you graduate with flying colors. You won't have to go looking for a high paying job anymore.

Of course there are other popular medical careers that you can put your interest in but since a pharmacy technician salary is relatively high in the industry because of the demand, you can be given a better chance here so why not take the opportunity now? You can try and visit for more information about this medical career and more.

Remote DBA

SEO competitions are very common these days and one the best and firsts this year is the SEOcontest2008 which has just finished last April 1. The winner is sphere and there are lots or rumors and buzz regarding the contest. These rumors came from 2 parties, the winning and the loosing party.

Of course, the winning party is celebrating this time since their wind but the thing is that the loosing party which is the majority, have said this and said that regarding such theories and buzz on what had them loose the contest and what had them help their entries to the contest gain leverage at the top page.

One of the most interesting theories so far that I have heard regarding the finished contest is that the upsurge of too much link traffic may affect an entry, much more, in a contest entry where the competition is very stiff. Well, these theories were really not proven but they all have the possibility to take effect for an entry. I guess for me, the card is truly a two sided face and this further proves that there really is nobody who can truly point SEOs about the holy grail be it in contests or in SEO or optimizing for a search engine.

Although of course, in all standards of search engines there have to be one but what it is will remain the biggest secret and to some the biggest lie of all time when we are talking about SEO. Each of the search engines have their own phase and their own set of standards and that is for sure. Who knows? Well, no one. All that's there is are all hoax and unproven facts and figures. There is though only one way to the top be it in a contest or in a competition for a specific niche..."Authority links" and bu authority links I mean that links should only come from legitimate and related sources. no more no less. This has been the same all over the web since the first Google was introduced by SErgei Brin and Lawrence Page where nobody seem to be reading from anymore these days.

Have you ever tried Blogger in Draft? Well maybe its about time since this blogger in draft was released that you get to try how the new feature works for you. Find out now how it is to get the feel of this 2 new and cool features in Blogger so that the next time they decide to take it to the list of new features for your Blogspot, you already know how it is.

The new features by the way are announced here and you can see how it looks like when you log on to the new blogger in draft using your account. So what are you waiting for, try it out now and see the difference for yourself. When you are logged in to your blogger draft, you will immediately know it because there is a blue blogger logo somewhere in the top left corner of the page. That is the indication that you are indeed in the new blogger draft.

Xray Technician Schools

Xray technician schools that offer medical career courses are really so easy to find but mostly, you have to visit them one by one just to see their curriculum offers. This is very important for those who are willing to take a related medical career like x-ray technician. If you have to visit all the schools just to see what they have to offer for interested parties, it would take up so much time and effort. But why waste so much time doing this when you can actually do it right in the comfort of your home in your computer.

You can go online and maybe you will find just the right place where there are important details that you will need if you are interested to take up x ray technician course. This is the very essense of this post. To let people who are interested to pursue in this medical career know that they can do this without even having to visit the schools that offer this course. We hope to make everything easy and effortless for all of you just like the purpose of medical career where you can find just the right information you need regarding a career in x-ray technician.

Visit their website to find out more about their offer regarding this medical career to be able to save time, effort and money in going straight to these schools. They have all sorts of information there where you can even take a look at a complete listing of the different schools that offer x-ray technician course and what's best is you can do it in just a matter of minutes without so much effort and so much money and time to spend.

My Chemical Romance's Frank Iero Review

My Chemical Romance (MCR) Update: Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance is probably the most popular European punk/rock band today. As I see it's as if their all over the stages in concerts and in radios in many countries. This by far is the most proper description that I can simplify for My Chemical Romance (MCR) and this helped a lot also the rock band's lead guitarist, Frank Iero to become the most popular among the members of the band.
First My Chemical Romance Exposure

I've actually first seen and heard their cuts from a friend back in 2005 when a friend at work brought a My Chemical Romance pirated CD and had it spin in the DVD player that we have at work. Now, it seems that MCR has really gone so far from the band that I came to know since 2005.
Frank Iero Bio

Frank Iero is also known in his childhood days as Frank Anthony Iero Jr. was born October 31, 1981 in Belleville New Jersey. Frank Iero just got married with Jamia Nestor - Iero just last March 9, 2008. Pretty new news for the rock band's most popular member and most sought after by the girls and guys (?), according to their lead vocalist, Gerard Way.

Frank Iero has his own publishing company responsible for his clothing line products and record label and the publishing company is named Skeleton Crew.

Sam Casuncad - SEO Flea

I call myself as the SEO flea because of the nature to which the life that I live in right now. Here, there and everywhere is what I'd like to describe it because I am actually a graduate in electronics and has had the chance to manage my own small business of electronics repair shop at the young age of 23.

A businessman as you may please allow myself to be called. In early times in school (T.U.P.) I was college student council governor, popular by the name Sam in our local college department and was able to talk straight with the school president for student matters.

At the young age of 23, I also learned to manage and take matters regarding business management in my own hands with a colleague in school, a friend and classmate in the major subject and a co-scholar who used to roam the school with flying colors of being one of the lucky scholars by Coca Cola Foundation Philippines. His name is Patricio Montemayor. Handling us then was Ms. Rotie M. Taguibao, an executive at Coca Cola Foundation Philippines.

As Sam Casuncad, I worked as a stock clerk at Wendy's Hamburgers in SM North EDSA Carpark for about 8 months until I decided to study again and continue electronics while working. After that I was in to a hotel work at Manila Prince Hotel as a regular employee for 8 consecutive years until 2001.

Managing my own electronics shop with a partner from 1998 up to 2004 while working in the hotel was the greatest feeling for me. Gave me a lot of leverage in terms of financial aspects and spent every cent with my family, a daughter and a wife. Ana (my wife) and I married in 1994.

I was unemployed for 3 years after the hotel work in 2001 but managed my own small business again on small retail community store and was very successful for some time but the community where we put up the small business with was not so good so I left and then after doing a little internet took an application for a job. then it was still a pre paid card that I use to access the web and is also the time I found a job at the amusement.

This is where I spent 4 years of my life with happiness because I always love being with a lot of people. Today, I just resigned from the amusement and I did not regret doing so because I believe that I can earn much more than what I am earning from this job and have the same or even more happiness in my smile doing it and I was not wrong. I love my work in the web and I love writing so much so this is actually 2 birds in one stone, writing and earning.

I (Sam Casuncad) had another chance at going full time on the internet business and this is something that I know will give me another chance to look younger than ever at 38. SEO is the life that I choose this time and this is what it is going to be my whole life as I expect to be here for so many years. I can see this because I have learned to love it so much from the art of implementing web techniques up to every single experience that I can see possible for me to add up to my growing knowledge.

I started since 2004 with this job since I got the amusement job but never got too serious with it. This time.... only to find out that this is where I belong right now. I've always loved writing so much and I will never loose my passion for it as long as I live my life.

I am also grateful that I learned this all because of my brother Jonathan and this is the life of an SEO flea, not yet too late but just starting to get even more exciting and enjoyable having so much time for my family and myself which I didn't at the amusement because of so much hard work and expectations.

Advertisers are clogging up Sponsored Reviews these days from the need to advertise their site and possibly take a bunch of pay per post advantages to their business. Some would even resort to thinking that by just merely placing an Ad campaign to the popular PPP site, they get their share of the quality and targeted traffic that they need to have.

Yes, a few of the advertisers are those who are only looking for exposure and pose as legitimate advertisers by actually posting an ad to let others see their website/business but never really intends to take reviews bound for their business.

Not thinking that this is something that is very artificial although quality traffic. Artificial because like me, most of the time, when publishers browse for posting opportunities, they usually look to the opportunities in a different way. In a way where they can earn a little money from PPP. This is something really nice to see from the vantage point of a blogger be it just an average or the problogger type.

Although this is just a small contest to furnish a blog with, the Pinoy Money Talk SEO blogging contest had given me a lot of fun to think with and see what's up on the hill. This is one of the most enjoyable learning experiences that I have ever been to since I got involved with blogging and SEO.

I actually had an entry but can't seem to find the right formula for this one because there seems no way to reach the top this very minute. I had seen so many great words about the Pinoy MOney Talk SEO Blogging Contest like here in Wordpress Pinoy Money Talk where some of my entries can be found. There are also some Pinoy Money Talk photos I have seen lately on a conference.

Well,I guess that just about rounds up the contest as there are only 4 days left.

I read an article today about a Q&A with Matt Cutts, the famous Google Engineer who to some might just be what an SEO personality might be categorized with. he discusses such techie stuff in his blog, the Gadgets Google and SEO.

Matt Cutts is the ideal guy to ask what in and what' not with Google but I doubt it if he will answer everything for you. In fact even if I remember visiting his Gadgets , Google and SEO blog a very long time ago but tonight, this post made me come once again to his blog only to relinquish the old days where he used to discuss topics I really don't get from much on Gadgets and Google. It has been that long but the ideal point of view with respect to his personal still lingers in my mind with him being the authority to see regarding Google and what's the latest. Otherwise, he wouldn't be called as the Google Engineer.

Well, let's get to the topic. This is about Matt Cutts with a Q&A according to Betsy Schiffma at Wired.Com. His job as the Google Engineer is to make the search results free if not an empty stomach for these unwanted spams which to my memory is as big as the 2GB memory that my pentium 3 has. Not big enough eh...Well here in the Philippines that is almost as big as the universe in the early times and at least I can use this one with my blogging stints each night after arriving from work.

So here goes, everyone seems dying to see him for some Q&A on Google and Google Bombs and one of the lucky people to get what they wanted from Matt Cutts is Betsy Schiffman, the author of the blog which came close to discussing everything there is about Matt including a topic on him being labeled as the "Porn Cookie Guy" ( my... I thought this was just a legend until now).

One of the best featured questins however had him answer a long tail effort to the trail as "
Does SEO (search-engine optimization) work?" - Wired News. The answer was compared to a resume and this was probably the most interesting answer that I ever heard about SEO.

Please read more of the article here...

Whether we like it or not, the male sex organ has been the focus of some people who are looking for something extra aside from their own original parts of the body these days. This led to the increase in investment including here in the Philippines that deal with male enhancement products and cosmetic surgery fo most women on the other hand.

I was amazed at how this has only improved by the years and has actually become a necessity with some of the male species on earth believing that there must be more to life. Allow me to discuss it without any hesitation but please guide your children about it and may this serve as an education instead of something else. The male penis is one of the most sensitive part on a male's body and this could be the most treasured also. With the extended availability of e-mails in the internet today, you would not wonder why one time you may receive one that tackles about penis extenders or penis enlargement products. All I can say to you is that you must also satisfy your curiosity once in your life and allow something else to understand that is for some a little bit different. After all, It's sometimes better to understand them than have nothing to say in case a discussion arises with co- adults who understand what it is all about without malice.

In line to this fact, I received today a lot of e-mails, usually in my Google Mail encouraging me to try this and try that and so this concern led me to feature one here in this blog as I actually found this interesting to discuss even if it is odd to some and intriguing to many.

The Pinoy Money Talk seems going out of hand this time of the month as the checkpoint nears end. It seems that there is nothing I can do to kick this entry of mine along with the top 10 on the Google SERPs for the keyword Pinoy Money Talk and all contenders only have 1 week left to end the end.

I'm just glad that I was able to move my entry to the top 20 this time because I would like to know the powers of each of my blogs in ranking for a contest and now that I know. I can never take for granted the next time that another contest will be launched for the SEO blogging like the previous Marhgil Macuha where my entry ended up in top 10 with the keyword itself.

Today (with regards to the Pinoy Money Talk Contest) seems the last resort for me to see if indeed there are going to be some effect if only little to a pointless and clueless post such as this one.
The most important fact is that I enjoyed this Pinoy Money Talk race to the top of the Google SERPs and this will go to the records of experiences that I am keeping up in my "baul". This is where secrets are supposed to go until the time comes to unearth it and put it to use for some good reason. Well I must say congratulations to the top entries from shannon, garry, jehzlau, eli, pinoy compu world and the others. There is 1 more week left for the contest but I cannot see good reasons why one of them will not win this one. Congratulations! Till we meet again in the next Pinoy SEO blogging contest.

The Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus has begun. The launching of the search / audition for the top 30 contenders for the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus has began and Big Brother himself intends to give each of the 30 top contenders their own dream key but does not allow them to tell it to their teen housemates.

What the dream key is all about only Big Brother knows and this being the case, there is no stopping the launching of the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus this coming March 2008.

Simultaneously launched is the nationwide auditions for the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus all over the country ages 16 to 19 from the different provinces in Luzon Visayas and Mindanao in Dumaguete, Davao, Cebu, Lucena. Palawan, Pampangga, Cagayan De Oro, Paranaque, Naga and more.

In line to this audition, another audition is simultaneously held in different countries open to Pinoy teens from around the world in Italy, Dubai and Spain and probably more countries where there are Pinoy teens. This is going to be one of the hottest editions of the said popular TV program in the Philippines this coming summer and this hopes to topple the other editions of all time.

Watch an excerpt of the video auditions here...

Have you seen how Google AdSense looks like inside a YouTube video screen? Well, I guess this is your chance to see one and even if this is not the first time that I have come face to face with this look, I must admit that I was amazed at how Google could come up with such an amazing marketing strategy.

The Google AdSense in YouTube looks really cool. See the image below for a clearer view of it.

What a great way to earn from your Google AdSense with just a few tweaks in your favorite YouTube video.

Now who's who at the Pinoy Money Talk Contest? will it be Jezlau - the UFO blogger, shannon - the blogista, landia, compu world, Garry or me. Well I guess I had nothing to do with this one as I have seen so many entries to date but I am still doing a little experiment on links and postings. Nobody will give up until the 14th is here or is it 15th. Don't really know because this contest is just another thing for fun for me and for learning.

Since this Pinoy Money Talk contest started (with which I am late to know about) I got hooked on social media networking and trying to figure out how this affects websites in terms of manipulating rankings in the SERPs. This could be another thing of the past and I am looking forward to learn how to do it like Benj Arriola did in the last SEO World championship which he won in the end dubbed as global warming awareness.

I just wish this Pinoy Money Talk contest will make me more of a better SEO if not a good link builder by ways know to a few that involves nothing of black nature.

Ed commented I think the other day on me winning the contest he launched for giving his blog a name and this is my first as I am not really that much of a blogger myself and more on SEO stuff.

Although this is just a small contest, I admit it was really fun and I hope he does another one for me to win it again. I thought that Ed is going to announce the winner in his blog but I was surprised when I visited the other day not finding about the announcement on me winning the contest. It's OK, just some thought.

Even if this is the case, I'm thankful to Ed Arevalo for giving me the chance to be part of his blog - Music Picks (the new name) by a music lover...blogger (tag line). For this I am giving him a link love from my home page on another blog as a permanent link. Thank you ED! Will e-mail you on what prize I will choose for the grab after this post.

Yes! It's initially out in the market, the biggest merger in the world wide web called as the Yicrosoft Merger. Watch while Google starts to tremble from this merger that hopes to soon materialize.

With the biggest merging of the two titans in the search engineland, this is a true shock to the webmasters and will probably bring about newer ventures in SEO and search engine marketing for many people in the lookout for this new hype.

Watch out for this hype - Yicrosoft Directory, as it will bring about a new era in search engine marketing.

The Pinoy Money Talk Fun SEO Blogging Contest

Pinoy Money Talk... is this another blog or another make money online strategy? NO! this is all about a contest, small contest that is, in relation to their upcoming 3rd Year Anniversary.

Pinoy Money Talk blog is offering a $ 75.00 USD as prize of the contest to the blog who will make it to the top of Google SERPs by March 14, 9:00 pm. This is near so I guess I have to work really extra hard on this one in terms of link building.

Pinoy Money Talk blog positioning contest is yet another fun contest to join as the pinoy blogosphere is continuing to increase blogging awareness for people who love to write their ideas and make blogs another venue for making money online.

When Pinoy Money, Talks, friends in the blogging community are always abrupt and quick with their blogging techniques. I may be too late but let me see if this will give another exposure to the Pinoy blogging community.

Pinoy Money Talk and Contest is going to be more fun than I thought as I just joined while others have their blogs already indexed by the big G. Let's see now who's got the trust of big G. Meet you all in the top of the SERPs guys!

Pinoy Money Talk Blogging Contest, here I go.

Social media abuse is getting more pronounced these days as there were many account holders ( this includes me) are using them to get traffic and gain advantage over rankings of competing sites. This could be another era for many webmasters to face in the near future of how Google will handle this excessive content population of these social media services.

Some of the most popular sites that offer services takes any account holders to the zenith of the SERPS if they use social media wisely and with the right timing or time frame. I heard and actually used this and experienced the same change in rankings in some of my niche websites. After implementing the use of social media websites to put more relevance to a niche website, immediately after a few more hours, my site/s are already there on top of the SERPs and belonging to the elite top 5. This is something really amazing because I have been observing the movement of the rankings and my site never got toppled for almost 2 weeks now and this is really something good for me.

Social media sites from my own belief since they all give what I call as artificial traffic, I rendered them all useless in both SEO and earning by traffic drive but when this experience got in to me, I immediately widthrew my opinion regarding these social media sites. They indeed work for us all towards a positive result in both SEO matters and earning. Rankings are traffic driven, therefore, it is necessary to now about how to do it and I'm glad that I got what I need and learned what must be.

Mark Jimenez Got Dugg

Mark Jimenez is a great and a helpful person, contrary to what most people would know about him, he is the type that would sell his own watch just to be able to have something to give to the poor. he personally proved this with the launching of his Hulog ng Langit Foundation that has literally helped so many people, particularly the poor ones.

With the Hulog ng Langit Foundation, Mark Jimenez, a.k.a. Mario Crespo, initiated a historical event in sponsoring the grandest and most attended baptismal ceremony in the Philippines and in the Philippine History.

Having done this with all his heart, Mark Jimenez indeed captured the heart of the majority poor in the suburbs and all the while vanishing in the city, he is out of town and busy giving help in any form he can. This is truly the type of person that Mark Jimenez is inside.

Today, I took the urgency to take a look at what's happening at the SERPs of Google in the keywords seocontest2008 and I was not surprised to see an entry from another friend on the #2 spot in the first page with the said keyword.

I would not elaborate more of the details of the contest as I am not among the participants there but my curiosity led me to take a look and see what's happening. A friend named G is on the #2 spot today with the keyword and I am not surprised as I took the liberty to make a comment in his blog entry saying that I will be posting a review of his site today,

I hope he stays there for long and see where this leads another great Filipino to soon win this global prestigious contest. I'm sure if guys here wins the contest, whoever the winner will be, will also bag with him an eternal trophy that hopefully will get him/her the numerous clients waiting to be lit under the search engine lists with a service and use of SEO revolutionary ways.

This guy, G is really a top contender upon learning that he has an entry. BTW, he also beat many of us in a small contest here in the Philippines and is declared the winner after a month or so of doing promotions and SEO. He even shared his secrets to us on winning him the contest. He is such a great guy and I really wrote this one with all my heart and support to him and all other entries from the Philippines. Good luck, G!

Ed Arevalo recently launched a blogging contest where in order to join, you must post a blog reviewing his Music blog and in the review you should be giving a new name and tagline to his which he wanted to give a new one.

Ed I am really fond of giving people names and this is something new for me. While visiting other blogs and seeing their posts, I came across again on your blog and this time I thought of another name and another tagline for you.

Here goes (title):
Music VLog (where V also means video and V is in a strike through so the title may also be Music Log)

"Music lover...Music Blogger" (haha. I got this from your own words, Ed)

Now you got an all music tagline and Title, Ed. This should rank you higher in the serps for your Blog about music.

It is now final, the Alibata contest ends on February 15 with no more 3rd checkpoint. The announcement was confirmed by SEOPh founder himself and he announced right in a forum that the contest ends on 15th and that there will be no more checkpoint #3.

The SEOPh founder apologized after having the contestants suffer disbelief of a sudden change in the 2nd checkpoint of the contest. Rumors had it in different views but at last, the true culprit is out in the sky.

T'was monetary reasons according to the major organizer and sponsor SEOPh. YOu can try and read from the actual announcement. Rumors and raw conclusions were drawn and started to spread due to an announcement here about the contest checkpoint which was again moved from the original date listed to another. There were many comments that I don't know if I am going to smile or frown because in the first place, I didn't pursue the SEO and promotion of my entry. But when I heard about the clamors of other contest entry owners I started to make a little comment of my own because I cannot let pass something that caught my attention.

At least this time all will be quiet and no more preempted conclusions on what was going on. Thanks for shedding some light on the contest and at least we can all sleep well and without anymore hanging cobwebs in our minds tonight.

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Very rare does a person so inclined in blogging picks music as the topic to blog and brag about even if they are abundantly available in the internet these days. But this guy, a self proclaimed music fanatic decided to make a little twist to his blogging life by turning his music picks into reality with the use of his reviews and rants and life living as a music lover. Changing his blog from a self titled blog into his interest which is way beyond just all about himself but more on music.

Ed Arevalo once chose to be one of the ordinary bloggers bragging about his laminated likes in life and concerns in his deepest admirations suddenly decided to run and turn his blogging tide into music picks. The name.....Music Matters hit the rail but as what every blogger needs - identity, he decided to make a change upon finding out that he is not alone in his niche as a blogger with the name already in use. Ed decided to change and he must have been tired of naming himself and his blog so what he did is to launch a mini blogging contest dubbed as "Name This Blog" contest. The contest started last January 27 and ends on Feb 17 while the contest winners will be announced on Feb 24, probably to give a little time for deciding for a final blow.

I don't really know anything about this guy, Ed Arevalo but since this blog is all about people and matters about blogging and bloggers, I decided to take a note of what's going on in other people's minds. Also this blog hopes to introduce me to the blogging community and gain more friends in the blogosphere here in the Philippines.

Ed, this is my entry to your contest and I give your blog the name, "Music Picks" and the tagline: "Let Music Picks be your Food for the Soul".

This is probably the second time that I offered a thought of giving a name to people and blogs and if this doesn't win me, I'm still glad to be a part of Ed's blog.

Feeding the Body Mind and Spirit the Right Way

I asked so many people along the way in this life of mine and all that I get from them is the answer that all they need isn’t money, nor wealth but 'tis health and a happily comfortable life with a balance way of living from food, fitness and facts about the body mind spirit thing. Some of them even said that what goes in your body will be seen in your body. Therefore they say that we all should treat our body right so that it will give us what we need in return for a happy and comfortable living.

Self Improvement and Respect

Everything else as what most people say starts with your self. If you know how to treat yourself the right way and respect what your body, mind and spirit needs, then by all means go ahead and you will surely live your life the way that it should be - happy, healthy and comfortable. It's actually all that we need anyway when we look deeper into our purpose in life. A few self improvement programs may help you with this matter.

Personal Development Programs

Getting in to programs that help your personal development be on the way to prosperity not in terms of money but in terms of your positive life and living standards which in turn what makes us live a happy life is the best gift you can give yourself. All our lives we have always thought of people around us when all the while, what should be is that we make ourselves become prosperous in all areas so that we can overflow and give in return is the best thing to do. Wouldn't be always be better if we have something to give all the time? This is what personal development is all about. Give your body the strength only to be able to help others in need. Eat the right food and have a regular fitness program. It makes you feel great and alive.

For more of the most important facts about the body, mind and spirit and living happily and comfortable programs and information please visit the

Beware of Towing Hold UP

Tonight, I was able to watch about an interesting video clip about how the Philippine towing service works and should work according to the MMDA system of towing. There was this towing service that has a very unique towing service system that people have been ailing to expose the illegal way of towing in the Philippines, particularly in Quezon City.

The gimmick of this towing service is that when they see a truck or any vehicle in the middle of the street, they will approach at once the vehicle and a towing worker will automatically set himself in the driver's seat and without the permission of the driver and MMDA, the truck will be towed back to the MMDA towing center.

According to the MMDA, their system of towing the vehicle is illegal as the system should be this way. A vehicle may not be towed if the engine of the vehicle is running and can still run, the driver should be first called with the use of a car buzzer 5 times, if the driver is still not around the vehicle, the towing service again will make a second 5 beep to catch the attention of the vehicle's drive and if still, the driver will not show up, the vehicle will still not be towed unless a call is made to the MMDA office allowing the tow service to take the vehicle. This should be the right process of towing.

Another wrong system of the towing service is that after a vehicle is towed, it should be the sole responsibility of the vehicle owner to only talk to the MMDA (Metro Manila Development Authority) service personnel about matters regarding the towing charges and no one is else is authorized to do otherwise. Another wrong way of treating the towed vehicle owner is that the actual fees charged are in the due restriction of the towing service. It should be the other way around which is that only the MMDA has the right to make and set towing fees which amounts to a standard of only about Php 1,200. 00 only and no more no less regardless of the distance that the towing traveled.

More or less, this is how it all works when it comes to towing and towing system and service of the MMDA.

Computer based training technology has helped literally millions all over the world in terms of computer literacy and knowledge dissemination. It also helped the business industry to cope up with the need to literate the professionals that they employ not only with paper works and office matters but also knowledge on some basic data entry computer based training programs such as excel training.

Another important part of educating the business population is to help them learn via online education about leadership skills and be able to get a PMP training or project management training to be able to get a professional certification. This way, the business sector learns the latest trends in business and at the same time get involved in the online popularity of learning these basic computer technology teachings and get to apply them when they get in the industry.

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A few weeks ago, I was able to interview a black belter. An workmate from Laguna branch of the industry that I am working with and it turned out to be something very interesting and I should really avoid naming her here in this blog but I would like to specially mention that I really enjoyed reading from the concerns that she gave with my interview.

NO! It didn't last a minute but a few days. It must have taken her a few long hours thinking of the answers to the interview which I only sent through e-mail in wordpad. The interview might not be a person to person one but I surely did enjoy it. Looking at people's minds is a game I will never run out of passion with. I must admit that I really love reading people's minds and it amuses me to find out certain things about them when I talk or meet them in person or in the web.

It really is a very good feeling to know that you can really read people's minds even if it's just a little bit of the part of their thinking habits. I also love seeing through inside of them in a way I make on my own. Well, whichever way it is that I do just to see through them is no longer important because to me what's important is that I can find a way to see through them and knowing that they also knew me, makes the feeling even more amplified and very good. Sometimes it makes me think that it is the fountain of youth that this gift I have is put to use and is properly utilized.

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I have actually read so many money making schemes today and some of them may not be as effective as they were before when Google did not yet impose penalties to websites and blogs that are in to selling links and PR to others. I need not name them all but to this day, they are all but a bunch of link selling schemes that became some sort of an underground movement since Google implemented the PR slap to those caught in the act taking part in selling links.

Anyway, there are other money making efforts that you can delve yourself into if you are still interested to go with the tide. There are those blog machines if I may call them who offers blog review service and you can actually get paid by blogging only for the topic of your choice. If you are a person who loves to write and loves blogging, here is your chance to earn from that love of writing and this can actually make you earn at least a hundred $ each month depending upon your frequency of accepting jobs.

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Scratch Card - A Great Way to Win Prizes

Fundraising ideas such as those that I learned about today are some of the very interesting venues that I have been in to this day. There are also much too many to mention about these fund raising ideas that I can think of but this one is something that really caught my attention and interest. Scratch Card is a great and if I may think about it a very interesting way to have some fund raising ideas that can clearly make you look a second time around and wonder how it could generate a certain amount of money to be able to finance a fund raising campaign or something worth of attention.

Other Names for such Fund Raising Ideas

A Scratch card may also be called as magnet card from which the prices are actually hidden from the eye of the bearer and is located right at the center of the magnet. It may also be called as an instant win game and some people even just go crazy over playing them because they can be a pretty easy way to win instantly as a game. This is also the same reason why some people call such fund raising ideas as customer rewards or instant win game.

Uses for the Scratch Card

I heard there are some companies that use the scratch card as a way to give incentives to their employees. This is their way to show off gratitude of service to some outstanding employees out there to serve the company with all their heart and concern. Some interesting use of the scratch cards or magnet cars is by giving them away as a form of customer rewards system that are given to regularly patronizing customers who make a regular purchase of either a service or a product. This is another way to show gratitude to people who give your business the earnings needed to survive in the arena of competition. I have also seen this scheme in some big and small products as a form of incentive to buying customers in many groceries. This is also an interesting and effective as a fund raising idea for some public service associations out there who are looking forward to pool some extra cash for use in serving the public.

Advantage of Using Scratch Card as a Fund Raising Idea

Using scratch card as among all available fund raising ideas is best because it is a quicker way to raise funds and you may be able to use the generated funds as early as you need them. All that the patrons need is to devote a few seconds and the instant game is over. This enables the sponsors of such fund raising ideas to make the markup funds needed from the fund raising scheme to be able to finance any public project. Scratch cards are also interesting and easy to use for your fundraising ideas and schemes and won't take so much time of the patrons so there is no doubt that even the busiest people will take advantage of your efforts and at the same time they know that they may be able to help people for such a small amount that they need to pay for it. Scratch cards are also a cheap way to generate quick funds.

The Google Update is Out

The Google PR update is finally out! Nobody really expected to have the update to happen sooner as last year, it took a few more months than the usual. Google must have known that people and webmasters are no longer doing things against their way and they have already devised some sort of a program that will give them the advantage on knowing who is who is not doing paid link buying and paid exchange linking. Google is focusing on what they are looking forward to do and make happen.

Google Penalized Blogs that Have Paid Blog Reviews

I really do not know much about this but a friend told me in the forums that his blog that has paid blog review posts or contents are all penalized by Google and now have PR 0. This could be one of the ways to let us all bloggers know that Google knows and will know if our blogs are in to paid posting. This can be just an assumption and not necessarily an absolute truth because I also have a blog that I applied to a Paid Blog Posting scheme and instead of getting penalized, it got an increase in its PR from PR 2 to PR 3.

In line to the things that are all happening these days and as what Google have been campaigning for in the past few months, I would like to suggest people who may be able to read this that there is something that Google have been doing and letting the blogging industry that blogging can be fun and interesting but that they will not tolerate paid linking.

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Interesting Online Slots Gaming Center

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Choosing the Slot to Win You $

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Who would have thought that computer games can actually help save the world from the threat of global warming? Yes! there are computer games that caught my interest today because they teach kids t about global warming and this actually helps them get a glance of how it is what it does to the world. It is called global warning computer games. A very interesting integration by genius minds in computer games from

Helping to save the world from global warming, this computer games downloading center provides a few unique computer games for kids and adult alike. They have varieties of games interests in different categories but the most interesting is that some games that you can download and play there are considered kid-friendly and user-friendly as they actually help to save the world from global warming. The game is called Global Warming. It teaches you how to properly take good care of the environment and this is probably the first and the greatest environmental game for kids.

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