Using Niche Blogs in a SEO Contest

This short post is dedicated to giving a tip for those who are joining SEO contest using their niche blogs. If you haven't any experience and you intend to do this, I would like to warn you that this will destroy your blogs overall characteristics and if you are receiving a lot of visitors to it, there is also a big chance that you will loose them all in no time. The reason for this is what you can find below so please read more.

As you promote your blog that used to be niche blog, the promotion that you will make destroys the overall arrangement and importance of your blog. If you have built it for 2 or 3 or how ever many years it took you to place your posts where it should belong. Don't be surprised that you will loose it all in no time. Promoting your niche blog for a contest where there is a target keyword will totally change it's original strength from a niche blog into another blog that tackles more on the SEO contest keyword that you are right now targeting because of the contest.

I hope with this short post I made will make you realize what you are up to when you join a contest. I also hope that it will not have to make you join a SEO contest just to find out. I have been to as much as 4 SEO contests and I should know. It took me 4 years to develop a blog only to loose its strong rankings and visitors in just a few days of wrong decision.


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