Latent semantic indexing, a term rarely discussed, a topic never opened. Although most of the SEO personalities today, doesn't know much about the latent semantic indexing and its effects in SEO and keyword optimization (also known as the semantic analysis in terms of SEO technique use) many have wondered and tried to see if this theory analysis is actually being used by Google in their indexing standards.

Today, Google as per observations that i noticed, is constantly changing their algorithms in their engine. To what reason, no one really knows and that is the reason why i am talking about it as a theory that Google is possibly using this method of indexing (latent semantic indexing) for providing the search results that they are displaying in their SERPs. Another thing i noticed while observing the algorithms that Google is displaying is that the leading engine is actually making it hard for link building efforts and SEO, therefore turning everything into the hard life for most webmasters this year. Before, i used to use my blogs with building up links to clients vying for my link building services through having them on my home page's blogroll and it only took about 2-3 days for the engines to crawl the links and have then put on their engine results for their "link:domain" query. But while doing it this time, i noticed that Google is making it even harder for link building efforts to hail on building up links using the old and new blogger accounts and wordpress accounts that i have. It is now under countdown for 4 consecutive days and still no result for the links that i have put on my blogroll even up to this time. Question is, could this be the time for the major search engines to turn the tide for spam link building and irrelevant link building and conserve on the thrash links being systematically achieved through link building by many SEO and SEO personalities? Could be possible and who knows...

As of this very moment, I still haven't seen any change to the links that i built up for 4 sites that i am taking care of for the clients i have in link building. I'll just play wait and see for the moment and see if something comes up with this new latent semantic indexing experiment.

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