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3GB community is a growing social media site that offers its members the latest trends in social media and getting to know more about people from all walks of life. 3GB community currently in its network statistics about 700 members and is fast growing because of the great features that it offers to members. such features would include meeting new and old friends via invitation and search, photo uploading, album creation, group creation and joining, blogging, member - to - member chat, MP3's and its latest feature, the 3GB shoutcast.

With this new feature, the 3GB shoutcast, you may be able to become your dream DJ or be the listener of your own music trip. This new feature is the newest so far and expect that there will be more unique ones to come in the next few months as the development goes in a continued process aimed at providing members the most inviting and enjoyable experience ever from a social media site. With 3GB, the adventure has just begun and the excitement is still in the process of development as other unique and entertaining features are still yet to be developed with the fast technology offer of the internet.

Getting your blog noticed by literally potential other bloggers in the community is also one of the best opportunities that 3GB offers to its members as the newest blog entries get featured in the front page whenever you make a new post. Also awaiting the new members is the front page appearance as you sign up to become a new member so this is another advantage that you can take as a new opportunity. Be featured in the front page and become more popular than you ever imagined by simply logging in everyday and staying in front over others who are a little bit inactive than you. This means that as you let yourself to be more active than other members you also give your profile a boost as one of the most popular members. This means extra exposure and extra opportunity to get socially popular and noticed by others to be able to gain more friends and more contacts from all over the world.

So what are you waiting for, sign up now and be one of the first members to get all the possible advantages that http://www.3gb.biz is offering to its members and social mates.

Not only in Asia but also in Europe, nursing course is a popular career to take. To be able to earn big in this business, you must first know that you are to qualify for standards and have passed the annual nursing board exams. This will help you become a CNA or certified nursing assistant.

Achieving this however will not only help you get a better and higher paying job but also let the medical industry where you are to work that you have finished properly, a CNA training and has passed its standards. This also qualifies you to become a professional in the business as it will enable to get a related job easily.

If you are interested to earn more than what you can think of, you probably wonder where to go to. Well, I have just the right answer to your question because there is a place where you can learn everything about CNA training and CNA schools and be able to be one of the first people to take advantage of getting high compensation because of the nature of work of a CNA (certified nursing assistant) which as we all know is based on a job that offers more overtime all the time.

If you are out to know about such CNA programs, trainings and schools, then you can also know about those kinds of information if you visit them at medical-career-training.com. for particulars.

The Philippines have a total of 4 entries to the new 7 wonders of the world campaign and the main purpose of this post is to let people of the Philippines know about the ongoing voting system to allow our entries to become part of the new 7 wonders of the world and help improve the tourism industry in the country.

The four entries are listed below for Filipinos from around the world to vote:

The Tubbataha Reef
Mayon volcano
The Chocolate Hills
Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park

you can vote for your favorite entry here if you are from Asia.

Pharmacy technician is one of the best medical industry related careers that give high payout compared to other medical careers available today. Gaining interest from students who are looking forward to get a good job in the medical industry, I would suggest to put this course in your list of medical careers to take if are planning it this year. There can be many positive advantages that you can get with this career and so allow me to name some of them below as we go along below.

First, a medical career like pharmacy tech is a short term course only which gives the student the advantage in getting a job earlier than he/she expects compared to other career. The sooner you graduate from such a course the sooner you can get a job and the sooner you will earn back your investment in your studies. Second, a medical career that is highly in-demand can give you a higher possibility of getting a competitive pharmacy technician salary especially if you graduate with flying colors. You won't have to go looking for a high paying job anymore.

Of course there are other popular medical careers that you can put your interest in but since a pharmacy technician salary is relatively high in the industry because of the demand, you can be given a better chance here so why not take the opportunity now? You can try and visit medical-career-training.com for more information about this medical career and more.

Remote DBA

SEO competitions are very common these days and one the best and firsts this year is the SEOcontest2008 which has just finished last April 1. The winner is sphere and there are lots or rumors and buzz regarding the contest. These rumors came from 2 parties, the winning and the loosing party.

Of course, the winning party is celebrating this time since their wind but the thing is that the loosing party which is the majority, have said this and said that regarding such theories and buzz on what had them loose the contest and what had them help their entries to the contest gain leverage at the top page.

One of the most interesting theories so far that I have heard regarding the finished contest is that the upsurge of too much link traffic may affect an entry, much more, in a contest entry where the competition is very stiff. Well, these theories were really not proven but they all have the possibility to take effect for an entry. I guess for me, the card is truly a two sided face and this further proves that there really is nobody who can truly point SEOs about the holy grail be it in contests or in SEO or optimizing for a search engine.

Although of course, in all standards of search engines there have to be one but what it is will remain the biggest secret and to some the biggest lie of all time when we are talking about SEO. Each of the search engines have their own phase and their own set of standards and that is for sure. Who knows? Well, no one. All that's there is are all hoax and unproven facts and figures. There is though only one way to the top be it in a contest or in a competition for a specific niche..."Authority links" and bu authority links I mean that links should only come from legitimate and related sources. no more no less. This has been the same all over the web since the first Google was introduced by SErgei Brin and Lawrence Page where nobody seem to be reading from anymore these days.

Have you ever tried Blogger in Draft? Well maybe its about time since this blogger in draft was released that you get to try how the new feature works for you. Find out now how it is to get the feel of this 2 new and cool features in Blogger so that the next time they decide to take it to the list of new features for your Blogspot, you already know how it is.

The new features by the way are announced here and you can see how it looks like when you log on to the new blogger in draft using your account. So what are you waiting for, try it out now and see the difference for yourself. When you are logged in to your blogger draft, you will immediately know it because there is a blue blogger logo somewhere in the top left corner of the page. That is the indication that you are indeed in the new blogger draft.

Xray Technician Schools

Xray technician schools that offer medical career courses are really so easy to find but mostly, you have to visit them one by one just to see their curriculum offers. This is very important for those who are willing to take a related medical career like x-ray technician. If you have to visit all the schools just to see what they have to offer for interested parties, it would take up so much time and effort. But why waste so much time doing this when you can actually do it right in the comfort of your home in your computer.

You can go online and maybe you will find just the right place where there are important details that you will need if you are interested to take up x ray technician course. This is the very essense of this post. To let people who are interested to pursue in this medical career know that they can do this without even having to visit the schools that offer this course. We hope to make everything easy and effortless for all of you just like the purpose of medical career training.com where you can find just the right information you need regarding a career in x-ray technician.

Visit their website to find out more about their offer regarding this medical career to be able to save time, effort and money in going straight to these schools. They have all sorts of information there where you can even take a look at a complete listing of the different schools that offer x-ray technician course and what's best is you can do it in just a matter of minutes without so much effort and so much money and time to spend.

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