When can you or do you really classify yourself as the best SEO (in the world)? This simple question can generate a big debate, I know but did you know for a trivia that there is an arrogant, self-centered, (pretending to be the best) SEO in A*******a? I will not name names and I will not name places or anything in this blog because I do not want to commit the same mistake as what the guy did in making fun of a Filipino who commented with wrong grammar in his blog whom he also called as a stupid SEO strategy.

Now, how can he say that? Is he the best SEO there is to say how a comment can be labeled so liek what he just did? Who is this ******* guy to say that a person in a filipino link builder can't write when he himself does not even know how to understand a simple friendly comment seeking for a legit link? Nah! it's no use, below is the comment (which was not published) that I put in this guys blog and it reads like this... Please click to enlarge.

I actually put a comment on his blog and got back to it seeing that he did not have the guts to publish my comment in there. I should have known earlier. Although he did post a sorry note in his (now ugly) blog. It seems he cannot do anything when he ruined his chance to make friends with fellow bloggers and SEO too.

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