While everybody seems to be busy with registering .com domains for their business and personal domain preferences and in registering with different domain hosting service providers available in the web these days, i am looking for things to enlighten myself with the matter trying to see if there seems to be any difference between these dot domains and other related factors that might just have more positive effects in terms of ROI for any online business. I never noticed or took in to consideration that these domain specific terms really could could give great advantages that most webmasters have disregarded. Most would never bother to see and notice at the same time that these plain and simple domain differences and preferences have numerous devastating effects, especially in the business that you have in the online world.

Trying to see some of the advantages and disadvantages that these domains offer, i have tried to do a little research on the their characteristics and their natural and organic effects versus human preferences in clicking for the domains in their numbers of searches and of their personal choice. When it comes to rankings and chances at appearing in the SERPs of the different search engines, webmasters have to be as sensitive at domains and human clicking behaviors by visually looking into these domains and trying to presume to be one of the regular internet surfers and visitors of the web. For example, type in any search query and when you see .com domains and .info or .org domains, doesn't it strike you in a way that you would rather prefer to click on the domain in your desktop with a .org or .info rather than the .com ones? Try and answer this simple question as an intellectual visitor. This way, one can simply notice that effortlessly, these dot domains have great effects in terms of marketing value and ROI in every online business that anyone is planning to establish in the web.

dot com Domains:

"Despite the fact that more than 64 percent of Internet users coming from non-English-speaking countries and Asian speakers comprise 33 percent of the online population, only 11 percent of .com or .net registrations come from Asia, argued the Hong Kong-based DotAsia." according to earthwebnews

Since the dot com domain is the most commonly used domain in the internet these days, therefore, it makes the dot com domain to also be the most preferred domain to use in the domain registrations for both business and personal uses of webmasters and online business owners. This fact serves as the point of determining that since the majority of internet surfers are used to typing out and appending the .com domain to most search box query, then this makes it more of a target for most domain seekers who would want to register an online business name in domain and hosting service providers and in seeking for effective ways of marketing a business by starting in domain registration and hosting of a .com domain. Disregarding the fact that .com domains are the most frequently used domains and also the most rhetorically appearing in the web these days, making most .com domains to be one of the least to click into when a query of websites appear in the SERPs as compared to.edu or .org or .info or .biz or .net by an intellectual internet surfer population.

This fact is of course in basis to the fact that most searches would yield results that display .com domains rather than .org or .biz and other more prestigious domains to look at by an educated internet surfer. The .com domain therefore as for my own opinion, is the type of domain that i would consider as somewhat some of the domains to avoid in my educational queries as an intellectual internet visitor and as an online business marketer in registering my own domain at the same time.

.org and .info Domains:

Try for example this query in your IE browser >>>-- "dot com domain characteristics" ---<<< where many .org domains can be found. And when you type in most any search queries, don;t you notice where the .org, .info, .edu are placed on rankings? Isn't it true that most search engine crawlers and bots also give priority to those types of appended domains? See for example this spammer and black hatter's site
and look for the fake links that he has provided through those auto generated backlinks in the comments section. Those are plain and simple .info and the other links are .org links that search engine crawlers and bots sees as an important page? Would you believe that this plain and simple blog with only a few backlinks used to rank #4 in the Google SERPs for its target keywords with up to 9 million competing pages? Yes it used to, back when it was not yet discovered by Google. But now? it's nowhere to be found in its original placement in the Google SERPs first page.

This is just to show the fact that most search engines do prefer as priority listing specially if the age of the site is a factor, the .info, .org or .edu or .biz or .net rather that the .com. Black hats have found a way to manipulate the search results by using these crawler popular domains in their continued roaming around the web and in the internet population.

Of course there are certain rules to using these dot appended domains as your URL but the most important thing in this article is that it is actually for the webmasters to realize that there is enormous amount of potential traffic in considering the these factors that i have stated above. I may not have provided so much details in this post but let me make you realize that the most important thing to consider in choosing your domains before having them registered for hosting and application is also the most left alone and disregarded and unnoticed yet so very reachable and simple.

.biz Domains:

Try checking these references out for some help and details in choosing your .biz domains and other preferences. These.biz domains are by the way what we call as TLD or Top-Level Domain intended for businesses and this serves as a distinguishing factor for most ineternet surfers in order to not confuse them into going or clicking for the right or wrong informations they are looking for. According to wiki, .biz is a phonetic spelling of the first syllable of "business." This .biz also acts as an alternative for the domain that is already available in the .com top-level domain with the administering party as http://www.neulevel.biz/. While .biz domains are for distinguishing business sites, the .info on the other hand is for the informative sites while ICANN is the managing sector with regards to assignment of domains and IP adresses in the web with the implementation of certain policies to follow in the registration of these assigned domains.

One way link is considered as the best form of link that any website should have if only to target popularity, ranking and traffic to any site you are maintaining. One way link building can be achieved in so many ways but the most important of all is its plus factor and positive advantage when it comes to SEO friendly terms with the different search engines. Another factor that contributes to the positivity of one way link building is that you can choose which sites you wanted to link to and in return you will be the one to choose the best sites you want to have a link with. This way, you can be able to avoid "link farms" that contribute to either loosing page rank or not gain any rank at all.

Link Farms:

Link farms are sites that are considered as "free-for-all" sites to link to. Linking to these so called link farms may make you loose the importance of your site instead of gaining one because it is easy to get recognized by search engines these days. Since there is no particular topic importance and concentration of links to only related sites pointing to yours, then the tendency of search engines is to see these link farms sole purpose to be to artificially increase the number of links (link popularity) pointing to your site. Since there is no value at all to consider with these types of links for the search engine users or surfers, then chances are your site will be deemed as useless to visitors. Of course these are hard for search engines to detect at a certain period of time but chances are in the long run, you will have to suffer for that and you might as well avoid it no sooner than outright.

One Way Links:

Whereas, one way links are bound to stay for the longest time possible, you should try avoiding link farms as much as possible. One way links also gives you the advantage of choosing which quality sites you would want and choose to be relative to your site and link to. More so, getting linked by other sites means that your content is worth the time for the other site's visitors in terms of juiciness and importance and that they can benefit from it. On the other hand, reciprocal links are as much easy to drop at any time if they feel that your link will no longer serve their purpose and strategy in their business and improvement of their business model.

Reciprocal Links:

Reciprocal links are links that are much more easier to remove at any time for the other party whenever they feel that it no longer fits their business model and needs. This therefore makes it even not as much of a sought after link building tactic to use for your website.

How do You Other Sites to Link to Yours?

Providing a good and juicy content helps keep your visitors and keep them on your page as long as they find interesting what you have to offer them. The technique is to able to burst amounts of informations that you know your target visitors may find interesting and worth a stay for their reading. Content is still king in these terms.

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