The Nursing Board Exam Result 2009 was already released by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). The NLE percentage turnout was not as good based on the number of new registered nurses who passed the said examination. Oath-taking follows all who were included in the complete list of nurse board passers for 2009.

My cousin was one of those who made it in this year's (2009) nursing licensure exam result and the family is glad to add her up to the lineup of family professionals. Congratulations to all who passed and goodluck!

Boys Over FlowersNot sure about where I can find Boys Over Flowers episodes out there but when I found one, I immediately hurried to this blog to post this short puff. My little girl likes BOF Korean drama a lot so I decided to post this up to let her know.

I wanted her to read this post tomorrow morning when she wakes up and so it would be a little bit of a different surprise for her that I finally found where she can watch Boys Over Flowers YouTube episodes.

I won't be asking for anything from here in me finding what she wanted but a kiss on the cheek will always do. Opps I just said it here and so she can read from this post what I wanted her to do. Hello sweetie!

It's finally out and even me being a SEO did not escape the love of my life in showbiz in the person of Anne Curtis. It is rumored earlier that Anne is dating a new guy in her life and he is a non-showbiz person.

Although very few would believe that this is the case, it is finally out and true that she is indeed dating and the guy's name is Erwan Heussaff according to a video in YouTube I saw today (please view it below)

If Anne Curtis is dating Erwan Heussaff, I would like to congratulate the guy for making her like him. Anne is such a fragile beautiful girl to me and to many other guys out there and I must admit we all fee a little envious about learning that she is up and running today by dating Erwan.

I was surprised today that after a few months without looking at an old account in Google Analytics where I still keep some blogspots and a major SEO Outsourcing blog I have that it now receives a decent traffic from the United States. Although this is the case, I was even more surprised to find out that I have more traffic from the Philippines than from outside the country.

This may be just some false alarm that traffic has been increasing from the local scene but for me this could be an indication that local companies could be making a move to invest in promotion and marketing using SEO locally and trying to look for outsourced venue such as where I am working for as freelance link builder and SEO from whch is SEM-Pros.Com.

Well, another analytics account that I am handling was again surprisingly receiving quite a decent traffic from local Philippines IP addresses as well as I can see from the geo map that the traffic is indeed coming from here where I live and work.

I work maybe more than 12 hours in front of my computer and I cannot say that this is just false alarm because I know if traffic is fake or legit. I say that the internet industry in the Philippines has truly developed and we are going to boost this industry in a year or two both with local marketing targets as well as local SEO Outsourcing.

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