And now, the end is near for the second SEOPhilippines SEO contest. Tonight, the winners will be announced at the Metro Phi Resto Bar in Ortigas, Meralco Avenue. I was hoping that MSN would try and consider lifting the sandboxing of the site of a good friend. Sure, MSN did their part in the sandboxing of some entry sites for the Ituloy AngSulong contest proper but is it not enough that they have just implemented it right on time for the awards night where we were hoping for the win.

The site that i am talking about is the that used to rank in MSN's engine even days before the contest is bound to end. Just right in time for the last minute of the contest. I would like to thank Lakeside Technologies also for giving a chance those SEO struggling to be some of the best in the SEO umbrella to join and experience joining and taking part on the many link building tactics used and implemented in the contest. It's a pleasure to be one part of it all.

I have also learned so much about it although i did not really join in because that time i was busy with my own life trying to take part in the success of many clients handed over to me
by a prestigious SEM company here in the Philippines. Also that i am busy working out and learning AdSense and html at the same time.

So the most awaited Philippine SEO contest is nearing its end. Conquistadors have numbered from the latest to the oldest styles and techniques to do in their quest for emerging the best of the best in the industry. Somewhere along the way, i never really imagined that some of the neophytes and veterans of the black hatter and spammer legion have gone up from the brink of the underground to the pool of the contest in the open.

I will not, nor is there a need to pinpoint people that have joined in the contest to win using the black hat ways and spammers techniques. You know yourselves and we all deserve our own share of the pie as i have mentioned in my previous posts about a black hatter and a spammer conversation going on in the web. As Marc Macalua mentioned in the announcement of the contest start that all domains are in meaning all are welcome. Black or white, spammer or not, SEOs or SEO wanna be's everybody is in as long as they pass the initial needs to get in. The most important thing we all learn in this matter is to go beyond our ordinary thinking and be able to achieve meaningful milestones somewhere in our SEO life in the world wide web.

This is just a point of view and not a criticism of some sort for anybody and there is no need to magnify things so as just to make things more clearer in the beholder's eye. Whatever art any contestant is implementing in this most prestigious so far of all contests held here in the Philippines for the boost of the Philippine SEO and SEM community he will later on be held liable for himself. I heard one complaining that his site got banned by its host because of no reason or something he doesn't know of. This is bull****!!! No one ever gets banned by anyone specially by a host server unless he did something wrong these days. I don't know what's the cause and i am not interested in it anyway. One thing is for sure, he knows what he did wrong to get the pits for his site that used to rank so well in the SERPs and in the contest of Ituloy Angsulong keyword.

Well well, you just didn't do it right and you know pretty well who you are. I suggest that the next time you use your black hatter and spammer ways, you ought to first consider things and be more careful about it and be sensitive to your time frame. Although it is true that time is always of an essence you should be careful, really careful about it because if it is the most important consideration of both white hats and most black hatters and spammers too, it is also the most dreaded and should be sensitively handled and manipulated to reach your goal. The essence of using technologies that have helped many and have earned big bucks for most black hatters and spammers and white hats alike, is to be able to carefully implement them in a manner that you could first achieve your goal and get something out of your labor before the mangoes get dried and the fishes rot.

What could be worse than feeling helpless while wanting to do more for your site and finding out that you cannot and does not have any access at all to your account anymore. It's sad seeing your efforts go to waste and this should be the best lesson to learn in this situation. This is bliss to most, happiness to some and worst to any of us under the SEO umbrella. This is just some tip and not to be taken seriously for the sake of harmony and code of ethics by natural considerations of fellow SEO be it a black hatter, spammer, white hat or no hat.

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