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The Marcelito Pomoy life story is said to be a choice for the Maalaala Mo Kaya episode. Marcelito was already interviewed as to who his personal choice will be if ever that his life story will be featured as one of the MMK episodes in ABS-CBN weekend program. Marcelito replied that he wanted either Vhong Navarro or Jhong Hilario to play the role for him.

On the other hand, Jhong Hilario expressed his interest to do the role and said it would be a pleasure to do the role or Marcelito in MMK. Jhong, in an interview with E-Live even said that he should actually be practicing his craft of singing like a woman and gave a sampler singing Narito Ako in the voice of a woman.

Here is our copy of the official Protege audition schedule. Please note that the different requirements have been included for the benefit of those who would like to join the said new reality tv show of GMA-7. Protege is a singing competition reality show.

There will be an new upcoming reality tv show in GMA 7 titled, Protégé: The Battle For The Big Break. This aims to scoop fresh talents who can sing and perform well on stage live. The reality singing competition is a GMA 7 Kapuso Network show.

There will be 10 music icons who will groom from among the contestants their own bet in the competition to be the next singing superstar.

This means that it will be a battle not just for the participants but also for the 10 mentors in their pride and professional careet on how good they are at molding their bet into stardom.

The contestants as well as the mentors will be judged along the way while the competition is going on so be sure to watch this exciting new show that will puke one of the best in the singing industry soon. Watch Protege.

The same prizes will be at stake for both parties so they will surely give their best. Ogie Alcasid will be the official host while Dingdong Dantes will be the Gala host and Jennylyn Mercado will be the Reality Strands host.

We all know who amongst the celebrities did watch the game of the Philippine Azkals but little do we know that that very same day when the do or die game was played by the Philippine football team in Rizal Stadium, Angel Locsin watched the game. Yes, she was seen and caught on cam watching the game to support Phil Younghusband and the rest of the team.

Last night was the big night for all grand finalists of PGT season 2 as the grand champion will be determined by the number of votes and the judges will announce it. Marcelito Po Moy (Po Muy) won the Pilipinas Got Talent grand finals in the end as the number of votes rose up for this man with the singing voice of a woman.

Pilipinas Got Talent season 2 grand finals is exciting and after the show, instantly, Marcelito turns out to be a millionaire with cash prizes and other amenities including a contract that was based on his talent and a possibility to follow the footsteps of Jovit Baldivino who was the first grand winner to PGT season 1.

It was revealed in an episode in The Buzz today June 26, 2011 that Robin Padilla and Mariel Rodriguez will be flying to the Vatican City regarding the issue of their wedding. According to the interview, Robin has confirmed that he and Mariel will be on a wedding right in the Vatican City.

Mariel on the other hand is excited about the surprise.

Are out of your budget or simply can't afford to study college. Well, there is actually a solution to that if you will just take time to go to the TESDA main office in Taguig and for sure, you will be able to find the right scholarship offer for your course of interest. They have short courses that will enable you to increase your skills in a field you like. Choices abound in the website too so if you want to visit TESDA website, go here -

On the other hand, you can also try to connect with this TESDA Courses Facebook Page for updates of new training offers, scholarship and more this school year, 2011 or even for next year's 2012 available short courses to take. Good luck in your search.

Today I found a new Posterous page that discusses about TESDA courses offered in the Philippines. This resource is good for those who are looking to study more without needing to go to college. A reqauirement though is to be at least a high school graduate.

You can also find TESDA accredited schools and training centers that cater to different short term courses or crash courses with corresponding proper TESDA certificate of professionalism on the particular course. This certificate is duly recognized by the Philippine government and in some cases, they are also recognized abroad.

You may find jobs abroad but before the actual process, you'll first have to find a place where you can find a listing. If in case for example you are interested to find Canada POEA vacancies, I would like to suggest not to go anywhere else but in the POEA. They have a large listing for new and updated job offers for many countries aside from those you can find to be offered in Canada.

Dole is another good resource to find great and interesting jobs abroad that are aside from legitimate, they usually come from duly licensed and accredited agencies offering different job hiring that you can apply for. Prepare your comprehensice resume if you are to embark on a process of employment.

Here is Rolling In The Deep lyrics by Adele. Currently found on the top of Billboard hot 100 song list as of May 16, 2011 not sure if this song will last in there. Anyway, you can now watch ling In The Deep official music video taken from Vevo Adel YouTube.Com.

We came and we finally arrived today in Villa Krizelna Resort in Bulacan, San Rafael. T'was a very nice experience being here. The owner, Ms Tess Ampo is such a nice person to have accommodated us in a grand manner. The resort was fun and full of nice view and attraction for the kids especially. Cottages are everywhere, a sign that people love going because of the aura of being close to nature with lots and I mean lots of fruit-bearing trees inside.

She toured me inside to show me what amenities the resort had and I must say not just from a point of view of a blogger but from a customer who is just looking for summer fun in a natural venue. Fun to the max. If you are looking for a resort in Bulacan, Villa Krizelna is definitely worth visiting. This place won't disappoint you, promise.

You can read more information about this resort or see their contact details on their facebook page here -

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