3GB Social Community

3GB community is a growing social media site that offers its members the latest trends in social media and getting to know more about people from all walks of life. 3GB community currently in its network statistics about 700 members and is fast growing because of the great features that it offers to members. such features would include meeting new and old friends via invitation and search, photo uploading, album creation, group creation and joining, blogging, member - to - member chat, MP3's and its latest feature, the 3GB shoutcast.

With this new feature, the 3GB shoutcast, you may be able to become your dream DJ or be the listener of your own music trip. This new feature is the newest so far and expect that there will be more unique ones to come in the next few months as the development goes in a continued process aimed at providing members the most inviting and enjoyable experience ever from a social media site. With 3GB, the adventure has just begun and the excitement is still in the process of development as other unique and entertaining features are still yet to be developed with the fast technology offer of the internet.

Getting your blog noticed by literally potential other bloggers in the community is also one of the best opportunities that 3GB offers to its members as the newest blog entries get featured in the front page whenever you make a new post. Also awaiting the new members is the front page appearance as you sign up to become a new member so this is another advantage that you can take as a new opportunity. Be featured in the front page and become more popular than you ever imagined by simply logging in everyday and staying in front over others who are a little bit inactive than you. This means that as you let yourself to be more active than other members you also give your profile a boost as one of the most popular members. This means extra exposure and extra opportunity to get socially popular and noticed by others to be able to gain more friends and more contacts from all over the world.

So what are you waiting for, sign up now and be one of the first members to get all the possible advantages that http://www.3gb.biz is offering to its members and social mates.


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