Wordpress Changes their Interface

I must admit that I like the new interface of Wordpress if I am to speak about the appearance but when we talk about usability, I'd rather prefer the old interface for the sole reason that it is a little bit harder for users to see and seek for the right buttons to click to be able to make changes to a blog.

If this case will continue, many users I'm sure will have a hard time getting the feel of the said new interface. It's like some promotional item or token that Wordpress is looking for its users to appreciate. The moment I saw the new one I already saw what difference it will bring to users of the said CMS and blogging interface. I'd like to see what happens next with this new interface as it could also be that users were not just used to the totally new interface.



was only a few days ago that I wrote about the first WordPress 2.7 Release Candidate and now WordPress 2.7 has been officially released. It appears the WordPress team is now publicly giving the releases their own code name, with this


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I like the new version WordPress appealing to the eye and as usual easy to use modify and customize most of out custormers have requested the upgrade so will be rolling out to everone who requests in shortly

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