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Sam Casuncad - SEO Flea

I call myself as the SEO flea because of the nature to which the life that I live in right now. Here, there and everywhere is what I'd like to describe it because I am actually a graduate in electronics and has had the chance to manage my own small business of electronics repair shop at the young age of 23.

A businessman as you may please allow myself to be called. In early times in school (T.U.P.) I was college student council governor, popular by the name Sam in our local college department and was able to talk straight with the school president for student matters.

At the young age of 23, I also learned to manage and take matters regarding business management in my own hands with a colleague in school, a friend and classmate in the major subject and a co-scholar who used to roam the school with flying colors of being one of the lucky scholars by Coca Cola Foundation Philippines. His name is Patricio Montemayor. Handling us then was Ms. Rotie M. Taguibao, an executive at Coca Cola Foundation Philippines.

As Sam Casuncad, I worked as a stock clerk at Wendy's Hamburgers in SM North EDSA Carpark for about 8 months until I decided to study again and continue electronics while working. After that I was in to a hotel work at Manila Prince Hotel as a regular employee for 8 consecutive years until 2001.

Managing my own electronics shop with a partner from 1998 up to 2004 while working in the hotel was the greatest feeling for me. Gave me a lot of leverage in terms of financial aspects and spent every cent with my family, a daughter and a wife. Ana (my wife) and I married in 1994.

I was unemployed for 3 years after the hotel work in 2001 but managed my own small business again on small retail community store and was very successful for some time but the community where we put up the small business with was not so good so I left and then after doing a little internet took an application for a job. then it was still a pre paid card that I use to access the web and is also the time I found a job at the amusement.

This is where I spent 4 years of my life with happiness because I always love being with a lot of people. Today, I just resigned from the amusement and I did not regret doing so because I believe that I can earn much more than what I am earning from this job and have the same or even more happiness in my smile doing it and I was not wrong. I love my work in the web and I love writing so much so this is actually 2 birds in one stone, writing and earning.

I (Sam Casuncad) had another chance at going full time on the internet business and this is something that I know will give me another chance to look younger than ever at 38. SEO is the life that I choose this time and this is what it is going to be my whole life as I expect to be here for so many years. I can see this because I have learned to love it so much from the art of implementing web techniques up to every single experience that I can see possible for me to add up to my growing knowledge.

I started since 2004 with this job since I got the amusement job but never got too serious with it. This time.... only to find out that this is where I belong right now. I've always loved writing so much and I will never loose my passion for it as long as I live my life.

I am also grateful that I learned this all because of my brother Jonathan and this is the life of an SEO flea, not yet too late but just starting to get even more exciting and enjoyable having so much time for my family and myself which I didn't at the amusement because of so much hard work and expectations.


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