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Advertisers are clogging up Sponsored Reviews these days from the need to advertise their site and possibly take a bunch of pay per post advantages to their business. Some would even resort to thinking that by just merely placing an Ad campaign to the popular PPP site, they get their share of the quality and targeted traffic that they need to have.

Yes, a few of the advertisers are those who are only looking for exposure and pose as legitimate advertisers by actually posting an ad to let others see their website/business but never really intends to take reviews bound for their business.

Not thinking that this is something that is very artificial although quality traffic. Artificial because like me, most of the time, when publishers browse for posting opportunities, they usually look to the opportunities in a different way. In a way where they can earn a little money from PPP. This is something really nice to see from the vantage point of a blogger be it just an average or the problogger type.


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