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My Chemical Romance's Frank Iero Review

My Chemical Romance (MCR) Update: Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance is probably the most popular European punk/rock band today. As I see it's as if their all over the stages in concerts and in radios in many countries. This by far is the most proper description that I can simplify for My Chemical Romance (MCR) and this helped a lot also the rock band's lead guitarist, Frank Iero to become the most popular among the members of the band.
First My Chemical Romance Exposure

I've actually first seen and heard their cuts from a friend back in 2005 when a friend at work brought a My Chemical Romance pirated CD and had it spin in the DVD player that we have at work. Now, it seems that MCR has really gone so far from the band that I came to know since 2005.
Frank Iero Bio

Frank Iero is also known in his childhood days as Frank Anthony Iero Jr. was born October 31, 1981 in Belleville New Jersey. Frank Iero just got married with Jamia Nestor - Iero just last March 9, 2008. Pretty new news for the rock band's most popular member and most sought after by the girls and guys (?), according to their lead vocalist, Gerard Way.

Frank Iero has his own publishing company responsible for his clothing line products and record label and the publishing company is named Skeleton Crew.


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