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Now who's who at the Pinoy Money Talk Contest? will it be Jezlau - the UFO blogger, shannon - the blogista, landia, compu world, Garry or me. Well I guess I had nothing to do with this one as I have seen so many entries to date but I am still doing a little experiment on links and postings. Nobody will give up until the 14th is here or is it 15th. Don't really know because this contest is just another thing for fun for me and for learning.

Since this Pinoy Money Talk contest started (with which I am late to know about) I got hooked on social media networking and trying to figure out how this affects websites in terms of manipulating rankings in the SERPs. This could be another thing of the past and I am looking forward to learn how to do it like Benj Arriola did in the last SEO World championship which he won in the end dubbed as global warming awareness.

I just wish this Pinoy Money Talk contest will make me more of a better SEO if not a good link builder by ways know to a few that involves nothing of black nature.


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