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I read an article today about a Q&A with Matt Cutts, the famous Google Engineer who to some might just be what an SEO personality might be categorized with. he discusses such techie stuff in his blog, the Gadgets Google and SEO.

Matt Cutts is the ideal guy to ask what in and what' not with Google but I doubt it if he will answer everything for you. In fact even if I remember visiting his Gadgets , Google and SEO blog a very long time ago but tonight, this post made me come once again to his blog only to relinquish the old days where he used to discuss topics I really don't get from much on Gadgets and Google. It has been that long but the ideal point of view with respect to his personal still lingers in my mind with him being the authority to see regarding Google and what's the latest. Otherwise, he wouldn't be called as the Google Engineer.

Well, let's get to the topic. This is about Matt Cutts with a Q&A according to Betsy Schiffma at Wired.Com. His job as the Google Engineer is to make the search results free if not an empty stomach for these unwanted spams which to my memory is as big as the 2GB memory that my pentium 3 has. Not big enough eh...Well here in the Philippines that is almost as big as the universe in the early times and at least I can use this one with my blogging stints each night after arriving from work.

So here goes, everyone seems dying to see him for some Q&A on Google and Google Bombs and one of the lucky people to get what they wanted from Matt Cutts is Betsy Schiffman, the author of the blog which came close to discussing everything there is about Matt including a topic on him being labeled as the "Porn Cookie Guy" ( my... I thought this was just a legend until now).

One of the best featured questins however had him answer a long tail effort to the trail as "
Does SEO (search-engine optimization) work?" - Wired News. The answer was compared to a resume and this was probably the most interesting answer that I ever heard about SEO.

Please read more of the article here...


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