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The Pinoy Money Talk Contest

The Pinoy Money Talk seems going out of hand this time of the month as the checkpoint nears end. It seems that there is nothing I can do to kick this entry of mine along with the top 10 on the Google SERPs for the keyword Pinoy Money Talk and all contenders only have 1 week left to end the end.

I'm just glad that I was able to move my entry to the top 20 this time because I would like to know the powers of each of my blogs in ranking for a contest and now that I know. I can never take for granted the next time that another contest will be launched for the SEO blogging like the previous Marhgil Macuha where my entry ended up in top 10 with the keyword itself.

Today (with regards to the Pinoy Money Talk Contest) seems the last resort for me to see if indeed there are going to be some effect if only little to a pointless and clueless post such as this one.
The most important fact is that I enjoyed this Pinoy Money Talk race to the top of the Google SERPs and this will go to the records of experiences that I am keeping up in my "baul". This is where secrets are supposed to go until the time comes to unearth it and put it to use for some good reason. Well I must say congratulations to the top entries from shannon, garry, jehzlau, eli, pinoy compu world and the others. There is 1 more week left for the contest but I cannot see good reasons why one of them will not win this one. Congratulations! Till we meet again in the next Pinoy SEO blogging contest.


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