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Ed commented I think the other day on me winning the contest he launched for giving his blog a name and this is my first as I am not really that much of a blogger myself and more on SEO stuff.

Although this is just a small contest, I admit it was really fun and I hope he does another one for me to win it again. I thought that Ed is going to announce the winner in his blog but I was surprised when I visited the other day not finding about the announcement on me winning the contest. It's OK, just some thought.

Even if this is the case, I'm thankful to Ed Arevalo for giving me the chance to be part of his blog - Music Picks (the new name) by a music lover...blogger (tag line). For this I am giving him a link love from my home page on another blog as a permanent link. Thank you ED! Will e-mail you on what prize I will choose for the grab after this post.


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