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Mark Jimenez Got Dugg

Mark Jimenez is a great and a helpful person, contrary to what most people would know about him, he is the type that would sell his own watch just to be able to have something to give to the poor. he personally proved this with the launching of his Hulog ng Langit Foundation that has literally helped so many people, particularly the poor ones.

With the Hulog ng Langit Foundation, Mark Jimenez, a.k.a. Mario Crespo, initiated a historical event in sponsoring the grandest and most attended baptismal ceremony in the Philippines and in the Philippine History.

Having done this with all his heart, Mark Jimenez indeed captured the heart of the majority poor in the suburbs and all the while vanishing in the city, he is out of town and busy giving help in any form he can. This is truly the type of person that Mark Jimenez is inside.


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