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It's On My Tv is on the Top Spot

Today, I took the urgency to take a look at what's happening at the SERPs of Google in the keywords seocontest2008 and I was not surprised to see an entry from another friend on the #2 spot in the first page with the said keyword.

I would not elaborate more of the details of the contest as I am not among the participants there but my curiosity led me to take a look and see what's happening. A friend named G is on the #2 spot today with the keyword and I am not surprised as I took the liberty to make a comment in his blog entry saying that I will be posting a review of his site today,

I hope he stays there for long and see where this leads another great Filipino to soon win this global prestigious contest. I'm sure if guys here wins the contest, whoever the winner will be, will also bag with him an eternal trophy that hopefully will get him/her the numerous clients waiting to be lit under the search engine lists with a service and use of SEO revolutionary ways.

This guy, G is really a top contender upon learning that he has an entry. BTW, he also beat many of us in a small contest here in the Philippines and is declared the winner after a month or so of doing promotions and SEO. He even shared his secrets to us on winning him the contest. He is such a great guy and I really wrote this one with all my heart and support to him and all other entries from the Philippines. Good luck, G!


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