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It is now final, the Alibata contest ends on February 15 with no more 3rd checkpoint. The announcement was confirmed by SEOPh founder himself and he announced right in a forum that the contest ends on 15th and that there will be no more checkpoint #3.

The SEOPh founder apologized after having the contestants suffer disbelief of a sudden change in the 2nd checkpoint of the contest. Rumors had it in different views but at last, the true culprit is out in the sky.

T'was monetary reasons according to the major organizer and sponsor SEOPh. YOu can try and read from the actual announcement. Rumors and raw conclusions were drawn and started to spread due to an announcement here about the contest checkpoint which was again moved from the original date listed to another. There were many comments that I don't know if I am going to smile or frown because in the first place, I didn't pursue the SEO and promotion of my entry. But when I heard about the clamors of other contest entry owners I started to make a little comment of my own because I cannot let pass something that caught my attention.

At least this time all will be quiet and no more preempted conclusions on what was going on. Thanks for shedding some light on the contest and at least we can all sleep well and without anymore hanging cobwebs in our minds tonight.


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