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Beware of Towing Hold UP

Tonight, I was able to watch about an interesting video clip about how the Philippine towing service works and should work according to the MMDA system of towing. There was this towing service that has a very unique towing service system that people have been ailing to expose the illegal way of towing in the Philippines, particularly in Quezon City.

The gimmick of this towing service is that when they see a truck or any vehicle in the middle of the street, they will approach at once the vehicle and a towing worker will automatically set himself in the driver's seat and without the permission of the driver and MMDA, the truck will be towed back to the MMDA towing center.

According to the MMDA, their system of towing the vehicle is illegal as the system should be this way. A vehicle may not be towed if the engine of the vehicle is running and can still run, the driver should be first called with the use of a car buzzer 5 times, if the driver is still not around the vehicle, the towing service again will make a second 5 beep to catch the attention of the vehicle's drive and if still, the driver will not show up, the vehicle will still not be towed unless a call is made to the MMDA office allowing the tow service to take the vehicle. This should be the right process of towing.

Another wrong system of the towing service is that after a vehicle is towed, it should be the sole responsibility of the vehicle owner to only talk to the MMDA (Metro Manila Development Authority) service personnel about matters regarding the towing charges and no one is else is authorized to do otherwise. Another wrong way of treating the towed vehicle owner is that the actual fees charged are in the due restriction of the towing service. It should be the other way around which is that only the MMDA has the right to make and set towing fees which amounts to a standard of only about Php 1,200. 00 only and no more no less regardless of the distance that the towing traveled.

More or less, this is how it all works when it comes to towing and towing system and service of the MMDA.


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