Our team is after only the top spot of the Busby SEO Challenge 2008 contest. This is the only place we are aiming for and this is what we will get when the time arrives. The world's best SEOs are what we intend to surprise in our effort as newbies to topple the best in the SEO industry.

We are a team and we are together on this challenge but no one has seen everything that we can do yet. There is more to us and there will be more from us in the coming of the burst of quality links that will be bound our entry. Our main entry is very strong that it withstood the test of literally doing nothing for it in the past week but this time it will be a slow phase but sure click for the search engines to feed on.

We will be notifying the participants that we intend to take this seriously and we want only to be there where the best belongs and nothing else.


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