The Autobiography of an SEO Flea will soon be interviewing a lot of people in the SEO arena in the Philippines for more interesting posts and as what this blog is originally targeting. It is a long ago dream to be able to feature here some of the best in the SEO business and it would make me a proud SEO blogger to do just that and have a dream come true soon so those of you who are out there waiting for the go signal, you might want to go check this blog every once in a while just to see if I have done this deed.

I hope that I will not let this pass until next year when I see myself to be one of the busiest SEO blogger in the Philippines. I also hope to get in touch with some of the greatest in the this business and have them promote their services using this blog. See you soon who ever you will be - the first blood target for getting featured here at the Autobiography of an SEO Flea.


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