A pc is Burning!

It made me laugh at an article posted about a certain fire caused by a desktop, laptop, or a pc. The critics were arguing through posting comments and made multiple posts just to satisfy their bursting emotions about the topic.

I made a comment also attempting to stop the arguing scene because it is senseless to argue about a topic without the proper or even the basic knowledge and facts taken into consideration in doing so.

I had the greatest time of my life posting the comment i had in mind as if i were the mediator and the true authority when in fact what i posted i believe is the most basic and they also know it but failed to bring it up because they let emotions topple the dictations of their instincts.

I could have said to them, hey guys, make some sense, use your hypothalamus, just to end the arguing atmosphere. Anyway i really enjoyed it, and maybe tommorow they will come to their senses and think it over and say, what have i done or maybe thanks a lot Sam, you really made our day.

If i were a policeman, i'd take them and make them convicts of the blogging community. If they were face to face, they would have killed each other using their words. What a site it would have been.

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