Fire Prevention Month

So this is the month that starts the signal of many fire prevention schemes both from cause oriented groups and the government. This is also the start of feeling the summer heat beating the skin to the max. I hope this time of the year we can lessen out the statistics of fire occurrence in our country. To avoid this, please read some of the tips that i have gathered from other sources in the web and i have them all listed below for that purpose.

Since we all know that in order for fire to start, there should be the presence of heat, fuel and oxygen altogether. without any of the three present as factor, fire cannot start at all. Therefore, in order to prevent fire and lessen its occurrence, we should avoid getting the three factors to be present altogether. Since one of the most fire prone part of your house is the kitchen where you can find all three materials needed to ignite fire is present which is fuel, combustible materials, and heat. This becomes one of the most common places where fires can possibly start mostly. This is a good place to start our fire prevention tips therefore.

Tips For Fire Prevention:

  1. Keep matches and combustible materials out of reach of small children.
  2. Gas tank controls should have extra protection to be out of reach and access of children.
  3. Check and be sure to turn off gas tank regulators after cooking process and covering it with a rag also helps lessen the risks of gas leaks to quickly spread out.
  4. Since most houses have circuit breakers located on kitchens, be sure to have a regular monthly preventive maintenance by a qualified service electrician to avoid loose connections on the terminal logs of your circuit breakers and avoid sparks from electrical wirings to cause fire.
  5. Always ready out some water filled container bin near your kitchen for swift and active response to possible sparks of fire.
  6. Check out gas leaks on your gas tank hose. To do this, use soap bubbles and spread them in possible suspected areas of leaks in the hose and regulator areas and if you feel that the texture were no longer advisable for use, immediately replace it.
  7. Avoid leaving high wattage consumption electrical appliances from over usage and always be alert when you use them. They emit high levels of heat and might easily cause fire.
  8. Never leave the kitchen when you are cooking because this is one of the high stats of cause of fire.
  9. Never put candles, oiled or gas lamps near curtains and place them in a secure area where the possibility of knocking them down is smallest. Be sure to put them down before goiung to bed.
  10. Eliminate fire hazzards by regularly disposing paper waste and flammable materials and maintaining good housekeeping.
  11. Never keep inside the house premises any flammable liquids like paint, alcohol, gasoline, kerosene and other painting materials.
  12. Avoid putting additional electrical loads like lamps, and other electrical appliances that could cause overloads without first consulting a qualified service electrician.
  13. Never leave lighted cigarettes anywhere else except in a safe and secured place only like a glass ash tray or thick metal ash trays and avoid putting them near fans that could cause it to fall on flammable materials.
  14. Keep a first aid kit handy
  15. The most important tip of all is to keep a record of the fire department telephone number near the telephone where you can make a quick call anytime.


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