Sam Casuncad on SEO and Spamming

Sam Casuncad on Search Engine Spamming

How do you really define "spamming"? Is there a context to this "one vague word"? Is there really such a thing as spamming or is this just used to judge people and label them as one. Getting back in the early days, where the race to the top of the search engines is by way of spamming them and gaining the top of the charts would you really still rely on doing so? These are just few of the questions that i would like to clarify for the benefit of clearing things out, specially the cobwebs in my mind these past few days. If in the early days, spamming is a way by which you could gain the prestige of your website/s being on top of the SERPs, today, spamming has become the culprit to many negative labels to many webmasters and i guess it included me this time. Yes!!! I (Sam Casuncad)have spammed just to gain positive results and i do not in any circumstance deny and regret doing so, specially if it has taught me the biggest lesson in my SEO career. And now my question is if there is a single SEO here or anywhere in the world who hasn't spammed at all. I bet most would deny because of its reputation as a word these days. Luckily, i started to believe a saying from a friend and a brother that "You don't become an SEO until you have spammed". This might sound wrong to most and maybe many would even criticize this post someday

Sam Casuncad - Spamming for a Newbie in SEO

Although not only newbie SEO like me would sometimes resort to spamming the search engines, spamming is still spamming for me but there is a big difference between the ways to spam using black hat high tech tactics and the ways to spam using honest promotion. Nevertheless they both fall on the same case which is "SPAMMING". The only difference between them is that, spamming way of a newbie is much more appearing an honest spamming and deserves at least a second look before being judged. Although of course it is still a way not to be followed by any as I would suggest upon learning that there are people who would seem to love bringing others down rather than teach them how to do it better so as not to spam. There is of course another difference between teaching a lesson to spammers and putting them down. If you put down an aspiring newbie SEO like me (Sam Casuncad) and if you teach me a lesson the hard way by giving my name a label you see fits me, I do not blame you. I just got carried away and got over excited about my ways to getting on top the next day and did not really intend to spam as much as other professional spammer would. But is it enough to destroy an aspiring newbie SEO knowing that he did use an honest way to do so unlike those black hat spammers we have encountered almost every single second in our blogging life?

This is just my way to explain myself on the latest case of spamming i (Sam Casuncad) have been involved lately and no more. I am really sorry for it but I do not regret doing so because it has taught me the biggest and most important lesson in my SEO search for answers to questions. Unluckily, I have been put down by some people and I do not blame them because of the nature of my mistake. A mistake is a mistake and however I try to explain myself would i guess do no justice to what I have done. No sorry would take things back also for me. This is just to clear things out with how I feel for some people in the SEO community who would prefer taking down others rather than teaching them a lesson the better way to avoid spamming. If my (Sam Casuncad) mistake made me unprofessional as an SEO, my question is how will you consider labelling yourself then by saying these words below?

  • Isn't that amazing - it must have been delayed a little to coincide with the release of Vista ;)

    The stupid thing is there are so many ways for a professional SEO to build up their links just blogging with useful professional advise, they shouldn't need to spam links to ruin their reputation.

    ("The problem is now that anyone who looks up the guys name in Google will most likely find this post in the first page of results."

    Maybe I should also tag it slightly more so I have a few more potential landing pages.)

"Now, does the word in bold letters make you the more of a professional SEO and the better one?" Just a question though...Who ever you are, i do not intend to make others see that you are at fault here, "NO YOU ARE NOT AT FAULT". I am the one who made the mistake and i should suffer for it but I only wish my mistake would have been not enough to destroy my (Sam Casuncad) reputation as a newbie in SEO and coming from a professional such as you. You yourself have been on my shoes and I believe you also started as a newbie and you must know how it feels for me having been labeled as UNPROFESSIONAL SEO. I admit, I am no professional and i don't know how to use professional ways to spam. Nevertheless, I would like to thank you for teaching me a lesson. This post has no relation to the feeling of getting even with what you did to my name permanently and if you seem to enjoy doing it, then I have no right to question you about it. This is all about how I feel and I know I deserve this one as a little respect from other professionals in the SEO community and from myself. For now, I’ll take this as a challenge.


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