I have heard so many myths about black hats and one got my curiosity ranging from the ordinary to the extreme. I found out that there's been a discussion about the black hat and a white hat in the net so i decided to go looking for it. Upon finding about the actual topic of discussion on the boards, i decided that i would go for the juice and not for the lesson. Lessons from a white hat or a black hat does not necessarily mean changing for the terms but getting the actual picture's details and getting them to be part of your learning. It does not necessarily mean that you can become either a black hat or a white hat after all the storms that you have had in your SEO life.

As one black hat quotes-" Man will always beat machine because there will always be someone smarter than the one that built the machine in the first place." and i believe that this is true in all aspects and angles we look in to.and because man built machines, wherever there is one, there is also a loophole in it ready and waiting for the big man of the hour. He who has the power to do and tweak everything that his playful mind would work in to his advantage always has the power and the fun in his hands.

On the other hand, there was what this one white hat quote that " true that black hats do give the search engines those algorithms that we white hats and black hats alike happen to undergo and yield in and at times fear to affect our online businesses but it still has to do a more devastating effect on white hats because they do not have the technologies to cope up with those changes." Now where does that certain quote leave us all? If one would just analyze things and take a closer look at the picture, it's as simple as this, which ever side we choose to be in, we all get the kicks and the share of the pie. But is it just enough to see the picture that way? Would you be content at just seeing things as it is? Well it's all up to you of course. Me, i always got content at going and riding along where the tide takes me, but now, everything has changed, I found out that it is sometimes necessary to do things the easy way because we humans have that within us, the tendency to go look for things to doing things the easy way to ease up on the burden. This is where technology comes in and this is also where great inventions and innovations have come to our world.

Take this other quote from a SEO, " I hope it does get harder to cheat the search engines because that will sort the wheat from the chaff and leave me more room to take a bigger market share." Isn't it true from anybody's point of view that the harder it is to cheat the search engines, the bigger the market share any white hat SEO has? Or is it the other way around? But getting the juice from the quote itself, i have seen so many times and was made to believe that it is always true that in the long run, it is always the white hat that wins until the inevitable happens that a black hat takes over the SERPs that one white hat has been inkling and working hard for to get his sites to rank high on. Where would that leave white hats and where would that take black hats. Since there is no end to all this, i would say that whatever i need to know i would take the challenge from now on.

It's all about having fun after all without having to blame anybody else for your fate and the resulting outcome of your actions. The greatest part of the juice in the picture is that you get to learn every aspect of the whole juice and not just limit yourself by looking at the picture not the art itself. Black hat or white hat, it's the art that counts that certain pictures or masterpiece has which nobody else sees but the beholder. It has always been that way which goes on and on and is responsible for all the great learnings and inventions in the world. Experimenting, motivation, innovation and finding ways to outsmart machines with the use of great technologies, that for me is fun and most of all achievement.

Search engines are getting worse for everybody these days and it is tiring and boring just to watch our fruits of labor go to waste and our sites get sandboxed, dropped or get outdated and outrunned by the technologies that those authorities implement. This thought makes those black hats thank that they are not trying to do things the hard way.


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