google business map
We all know how Google have always intended to make search a very happy and easy experience to all users of the Google browser (search). In addition to this, Google at some point in time in my search today with a competition ranking for a certain keyword, I noticed and thought how useful these Google Business Map which we all find at the top of the search.

Now, didn't it ever occur to you that these types of extra convenience for the users will always be an additional great service to them. But for what I have noticed and thought of as a Google AdSense publisher and not the common user that these types of extra addition in the top of the search results do destroy our earnings as an AdSense Publisher? Just asking anyway.

It does it by taking away from our hard work to reach the top of the results pages only to find that there is a Google Business Map that is over our webpage. That my friend is not a good sign for AdSense publishers like what you and me are most of.

Just take a good look at the image above and maybe it will help you come to your senses how these types of business maps can totally take away your earnings even when you are on top of the search results.


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