The Comment Effects for SEO

I learned something today but it is not yet confirmed although I know that I have a point on the effects of comments in different forms for SEO advantage and down the drain ranking. For one, if you make your comment on your own page, Google knows about it.

Now, how does Google know about it? Simple, it's what my bro calls as the Link Footprint. Google as we all know records all the visits a computer makes and it knows whether those links were visited too often to identify that page which you visit using your computer to be yours.

That is how Google establishes what bro calls as Link Footprints. Now if you don't know much how to handle this, chances are you could be penalized for linking through comments. We also know that comments have its say over SEO efforts. For those who don't understand yet, then it's all up to you to get back to this blog for more updates.


Hi, Up to now I was thinking just by building links and visiting the pages, Google will start to give importance to that particular page. than how the same task is accomplished doesn't matter. But Now I knew that even the Google keeps watch on from where this site is searched and whether the link building is done not as link farm in order to increase only Back links.

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The modern days SEO has changed completely from SEO which was done earlier. It was possible to achieve high ranking for any keyword by adopting one or another way but now the search engine has made it more difficult to trace it and so now all seo has to work hard looking to the factors of better end user experience.

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