Rumors of Google Eying on Twitter

A couple of weeks ago, rumors had it all that Google is seeking to buy Twitter. Reports all around the tech blogging industry had it that Google is on talks with the multi million dollar buy to acquire the bird shout site out but I doubt that it will ever happen for the simple reason that Twitter is far too business like profitable for the founders and operators of the humongous membership clogged social networking site.

Twitter has become very powerful and I bet that even the right price will not equal the need to sell the site. Twitter has grown because of the belief by business owners and local groups and organizations can mingle and twittlee dee in there. Can they really? In true essence? Could be yes for some while no for others but for me, I have used it once back when it was not yet the facebook traffic that it is before. Now, I don't anymore.

Anyway, these are just all rumors and neither Twitter or Google confirmed the ongoing talks to merge the social networking service of the bird with the biggest and most powerful search engine of today - Google. Not sure about this but since we all know that all that Google wants to buy is what they get so if this rumor is true, I bet that they'd go all the way to get it.


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